Making Move To Hong Kong After A Life Changing Event with Ovey Yeung

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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas – Old Saint Mike here wishing you all a happy holiday. I know everyone is lying on the beach in Thailand who is listening – or freezing their butts off in northern America- well wherever you are – hope you had a good holiday and got lots of presents. It fell on a weekend this year, so not much time off work – though in China it’s a normal work day anyway, but in Hong Kong business is closed Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th.

Well, this show will be online after Christmas, but doing this pre-recording on Christmas Pre-Eve, our plan is a buffet dinner at Venice Hotel in Windows of the World on the 24th and then spend the day at the zoo on Christmas day – Wendy says tickets are half off so gotta take this chance. I’ll get a photo or 2 on the show notes episode155

Alright, and now for this week’s show – Ovey Yeung, a friend I met before she even made the move to Hong Kong – she comes on after spending a couple years in HK building a career and sharing and inspiring others how they can make moves in life. We are always on the move, so I did this while she was applying for a bank account at HSBC, yes, we all love banks! Enjoy

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Ovey

    We met through Shlomo when you first came to Hong Kong.

  • The Way We Met

    Herman (good friend from vancouver Chinatown BIA) > schlomo > mike michelini. I think you found his Startup Noodle blog and then he connected us. So cool, as we have gotten to know each other quite a bit over the years now and you helped host a fireside chat at this past year’s Cross Border Summit too!

  • What You’ve Been Upto

    Care to give us a quick intro of what you’ve been unto in Hong Kong the past couple years – doing some amazing business development at TGN

  • Why did you come to Hong Kong in the first place?

    It was next to china. I wanted to learn Chinese culture but I was afraid to move to china. If I was to do it all over again, china isn’t all that scary and I feel like a lot of foreigners do come together, share what they learn and are a lot more friendlier than hk

  • What attracted you to come back? You’re from Vancouver right?

    Well my first time coming to Hong Kong was the first time moving over. I am from vancouver, what most of the world calls a mini Hong Kong in terms of food and population

  • Finding a Job

    So, when we first connected via Shlomo, you were on a job hunt. How did that process go? You were doing hyper networking as I recall, going to meetups and events and coffee sessions.

  • Recommending Others On Their Job Hunt

    So from that experience, listeners today trying to move from overseas to Hong Kong for a full time job, what would you recommend?

  • Getting settled in to Hong Kong

    So I know you travel quite a bit – maybe you haven’t really had a chance to what I call “settle down” in Hong Kong – but as far as finding an apartment, making friends, etc, how did it go?

  • Doing Business Development

    So you are quite the networker – and I would say are a top notch business development persona. How do you approach this art – or should I say skill – for getting business development going from a company to a network of other companies?

  • What tools do you recommend? CRMs, Linkedin?Offers

    How about tools and tactics – you’re out at networking events in Hong Kong and around China and Asia – are there also tools you’re using?

  • Some major events you recommend in Hong Kong?

    So you’ve been to Rise Conference, we have had Casey on sharing about that massive startup conference in Hong Kong – what do you think of that event? How about other events in Hong Kong and the surrounding area for networking in business and tech?

  • Highlights of Living and Growing a Career or Business in Hong Kong?

    From your perspective, what have been some of your favorite things in Hong Kong ? Living, business, social – let’s hear it!

  • Challenges in Living and Growing in Hong Kong?

    And now, for the more juicy stuff – let’s perk up our ears. What are some drawbacks in HK? Or Asia, or in general since you’ve relocated here?

  • What’s next for you? How can people find you online?

    Thanks Ovey – this has been fun, so what are some things you’re looking to do now, and how can people find you online?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 30:41

Thank you Ovey – I am trying to improve my interview skills – I know people say on my year end survey I gotta dig in a bit more. Well, Ovey was super easy going and we patched in some more of her story with the car accident. She can’t reveal too much as it’s still a legal case….

But that is just it – we gotta make moves in life. For me, each year I think back – and I actively moved to China. It was a scary thing, it was a step by step one too. Just like Ovey, I took a trip here first – well didn’t expect to move here – was just a business trip – but found so much to learn, such chaos, such energy.

What is your plan for 2017? I’d love to hear it, and I want to make big things happen too – I want to engage more with you guys, and I can’t wait to share more shows and blogs and content with you in 2017 – that is what I love to do and thanks for hanging with me all the way to the end of this last show for 2016 – peace

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