Doing Real Business in Asia Doesn’t Make You A Money Launderer

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With all the recent news about crackdowns on offshore businesses and banking, we wanted to come out and chat a bit.

Our operation does not exist to assist people with hiding overseas, being anonymous, and doing questionable business practice.

We Help People Do Business in Asia

It’s about doing global business. It is about keeping ahead of the curve with the changing times. As Chinese business owners expand around the world – we enable business owners around the world to get the same tools and access.

We have seen the painful banking practices many of our clients have to go through to do business in their home country. Such restrictions hold them back from competing on a global level. Their governments and their banks are not letting them have the same opportunities and chances as other business people around the world.

Make It Easier To Grow in Asia

It’s about taking your business to the next level. It’s about having an Asia trading business and being able to buy from multiple factories, manage cash flow and shipments from your HK headquarter company.

As the “big guys” have had this access for decades, we are working hard at giving these same tools and access to small to medium sized business owners. Entrepreneurs around the world need to stay on top of these changing times!

Does Where You Were Born Mean Who You Are?

Why does being born in one location mean we can only do business in that country? And if we are trying to do business in other countries, we are “bad” people?

As an entrepreneur, it is already so hard to do your own business. The odds are stacked against you from the beginning. I have such tremendous respect for anyone who at least makes an attempt once in their life to start their own venture. Only until you try to do it yourself should you be able to restrict others from doing the same.

And then when you leave your home country – while also being an entrepreneur – that takes tremendous effort!

I’ve met so many amazing entrepreneurs from around the globe, and many have horrible options in their home country for company structure and bank account. So they should just accept that and be at a disadvantage globally? We all know how slow the governments are to change, so a startup entrepreneur is supposed to sit back and wait for the government to make their country more competitive globally?

Doesn’t make sense to me. By definition an entrepreneur has to create change and disruption.

But should they be punished and denied to do business in other countries for it?

The world scares me – with the powerful tools of the internet, social, and mobile we can do such amazing things. But now the governments and banks around the world are working even harder to slow us down and put digital walls up.

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