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  2. Clement Ly

    The whole merchant account issue in Hong Kong is actually pretty surprising to me. HK is such a business friendly place I’m surprised it’s so far behind in the world of merchant accounts. The main issue that I hear online entrepreneurs having is that they want to control the “checkout flow” of each transaction. Unlike Stripe, many of the merchant options available in HK don’t allow you to keep the visitor on your site for the entire transaction process. Instead customers are redirected to a third party site to complete the transaction. However, in 2015 a few options popped up and I’m positive that in 2016 Stripe will also come to Hong Kong (fingers crossed). Here is a list of other merchant providers that currently work in Hong Kong that allow you to better control the checkout flow on your website: http://www.zerotax.me/best-hong-kong-merchant-account-providers/

    I hope that helps!

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