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[…] Asiapay podcast interview on Global From Asia […]

Clement Ly
Clement Ly

The whole merchant account issue in Hong Kong is actually pretty surprising to me. HK is such a business friendly place I’m surprised it’s so far behind in the world of merchant accounts. The main issue that I hear online entrepreneurs having is that they want to control the “checkout flow” of each transaction. Unlike Stripe, many of the merchant options available in HK don’t allow you to keep the visitor on your site for the entire transaction process. Instead customers are redirected to a third party site to complete the transaction. However, in 2015 a few options popped up… Read more »

Michael Michelini

Hi Clement,

thanks for the comment! Yes merchant accounts have been a struggle for HK business owners. I really like your website and the best merchant account post you shared here!

Maybe we can get you on an upcoming podcast for Global From Asia? What do you think?

We also have a merchant account listing page on our site here https://www.globalfromasia.com/merchant-account-comparison/

have a good weekend


[…] – I have interviewed Asiapay (Jo Chan episode 16), and they have an application fee of about 3,000 Hong Kong dollars – so this is a big […]

Mr.Zahid Zaidy

i contacted Asiapay via email to set up new Merchant account but until now none of any person replied my email.