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Welcome to our first ever LIVE talk show!  


Have a few guests coming on, and will talk about the news in this very newsletter – learn how to tune in (we have a few options) and other details here at


We have closed out of early bird for next month’s cross border business trip, doing Chinese e-commerce HK via Hong Kong – check it out at


‘It’s not going to get easier’…

HSBC boss warns even stricter regulations loom for new accounts 

Via Boyd Jones


And this Chinese business owner knows it isn’t going to get easier….

Mainland guy tried to bribe the girl processing his bank account opening

at HSBC with a bottle of perfume!

“He wanted to make the application easier because the employee asked for

more documents, a procedure that he recalled was simpler when he first

opened an account with the bank in 2012.”

Via Doug Pierce


Big banks embracing the coworking movement?

Or Cutting costs?

HSBC moves 300 staff into WeWork hot-desking site in Causeway Bay

Banking giant denies move is to cut costs. Experts work out shift save HK$23,000 annually per person

Via Chris Moore


How Apple—and the Rest of Silicon Valley—Avoids the Tax Man | WIRED

Via Andre Martin


Drone maker DJI lands in bustling Hong Kong

theglobeandmail. com/report-on-business/video/video-drone-maker-dji-lands-in-bustling-hong-kong/article32049968/ (link broken)


A change in the air? Hong Kong privacy tsar says data protection should not halt innovation and that includes drones

Via Andre Martin


Will you pass or fail out of China?

On November 1st – China will start grading foreigners – are you a grade A, B, or C? Hope I pass this test….

Via Chris Moore


On the blog

We had a different kind of podcast this week. Joseph Ng, a HK CPA for decades, shares his story on how he got into the business and what he has seen change in the industry, and HK, over the years.


Doing Fintech or thinking about it – you should consider HK as it is growing like crazy.




Video of the week

Over the weekend, on Saturday, had an action packed day for the Enter China community – and my favorite highlight was Nick’s talk about success not being at all about luck:

Via Andre Martin

Via Andre Martin


Via Chris Moore


Reflections from my first Live Radio Broadcast

Well, that was exciting. It was last night, but I am still feeling energized the morning after. Hard to focus on other things – so I will type it out to get it out of my head and onto paper.

I underestimated how complicated it would be! Well, the idea started over the weekend, as I know more and more trends are going to live. First it was just going to be talking on it – but then I thought it would be kind of boring to have one person – so why not get a guest or two. Then that turned into a few.

The idea originally was to have each one come on for about 5 to 10 minutes each and share – but then it was decided (thanks Andre!) to have all of us there at the same time.

My wife got me to go on Weibo Live (wow, people still use Weibo!?) and then it turned into 3 different live streaming channels – at the same time.

My China phone for Weibo Live
My HK phone for Facebook Live
My Laptop for Huzza Live

This was taking quite a bit of internet – we have 3 different internet lines – but some devices couldn’t connect to some, and issues with others. So the internet was on and off.

Then I realized Facebook Live only lets you hold it portrait – not landscape. So then the tripod we had to hold the camera could not be used. Chris Moore stepped it up with ice tongs and rubber bands to hold it upright.

Some issues with the microphone – and getting everyone seated – but after about 9 minutes we had everything set up.

20 or so people were tuning in live on Facebook
Weibo seemed like 155 or so people.
Huzza – Honestly I couldn’t get it to connect. Either their system or the internet connection or my laptop – it kept sticking.

Most of the people watching are my friends – and they were patient to wait for us and get through this setting up period.

Then – we used my weekly newsletter format as the agenda – and covered the news discussed things like

Hong Kong Banking – a few stories here, as it is such a hot topic
Shenzhen vs Guangzhou vs Hong Kong
Grading of Foreigners in China

I was trying to keep up with comments – mainly looking at Facebook live comments as Huzza was on the laptop far away, and Weibo was on a tripod far away too.

But it was FUN! Most people enjoyed it -asked questions. Russell Smith tuned in from Dali, and was talking to a few other people who tuned in about why he is living there. A few other side conversations too.

I will try to keep these up – a little bit nerve racking – but it keeps us on the edge of our seat.

Future Show Outline

The next couple weeks- this is the line up for October :

Thursday Oct 6, 2016 – from Shenyang, China. I’ll try to get some of Wendy’s family to come on the show and share.
Thursday Oct 13, 2016 – From Bangkok, Thailand. I’ll be at DCBKK conference and hope to get some fun guests to share as well
Thursday Oct 20, 2016 – Hong Kong – back in the studio office here.
Thursday Oct 27, 2016 – Hong Kong – 80% sure will be from Hong Kong office.

Still plan to do these for 30 minutes each. Deciding if we can do all 3 channels at the same time. Huzza is more for dialing people in, so I may just do Facebook and Weibo to be honest.

For those who watched this one – what did you think? I thank you for your patience, and value your feedback.

Feedback and Improvements

Some of the feedback:

Microphone buzzing – I am not sure why it did that – but after unplugging and plugging back in it worked ok
More Microphones for others – Well – these Live streaming require you to do it from a mobile phone (I believe) – and that really limits the equipment you can use. I use a clip on mic and don’t think you can have multiple inputs to a mobile phone. Will investigate.
Get into the content faster – Yes, I know, it took 9 minutes of preparation to get the show started. It was technical difficulties – especially the Facebook live not letting us use landscape view and having to make a new tied down system to do it.

Please keep the feedback going – and for all the latest on this go to

For each show – we will make the URL with the show number: is this one – than add 02 for second, and so on.

Let’s keep pushing and rock this!

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