Running Your China Business From Outside of China with Rico Ngoma

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Welcome back to Global From Asia- our first interview in our re-launch – Global From Asia 2.0 – and I am ready more than ever to make MOVES and get everyone rocking and rolling.

Today we are talking about leaving China. I know, I left China last year. But Rico and I – we are not China haters. Man, I love China – my wife is Chinese and my kids are halfies.

But for many of us- we are not “China for Life” (Ok, Zack Franklin, you’re a China 4 Life guy) – for some who never go to China – who buy off Alibaba or use a sourcing agent like Rico or Insight Quality – or come for the trade shows or a factory visit. For others (heck, even me) we go for some time and then setup operations there and have it run remotely.

And that is what Rico has done / is in the process of doing. And today we talk about that, so let’s tune in. After the show I’ll share my story of coming to China and how long I planned to stay.

Now let’s talk about the Transition to Managing a China Sourcing Operation Remotely

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Rico

    You’ve been on a few times – and I’ve been on your show a few times – Made in China podcast, how are you?

  • Mike’s Time Out Of China

    Been over six months as of the recording, and Rico you’re now transitioning to spending less time in China. But it’s all love – no hate – I miss China in a lot of ways.

  • Unexpected Benefits when leaving China

    Rico found some nice perks while networking once out of China.

  • Grooming a COO, Office Manager

    Rico’s experience in building up a team and a manager.

  • Roles and KPI for this Chinese Manager

    What is her job? (KPI is key performance indicators)

  • Compensation for the China Partner (Is it partner?)

    How are you keeping her interested and invested for the long term?

  • Mike’s Concerns From Previous Guests

    Discussing Steve Marsh’s lawsuit in China with his previous staff. Warning Rico a bit and Rico’s response.

  • Managing Financials - Remotely

    A challenge is money flow – when you’re not in China – how do you deal with it?

  • What Rico is Up to Now - and In Manila, Philippines

    Let’s learn what Rico is up to now.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ Rico’s Business- Source Find Asia (read GFA review here)
Four Hour Work Week book
√ Podcasts Mike was on in Source Find Asia – Made in China podcast
√ Andy Church’s Insight Quality (GFA Review here)
√ Neat HK (GFA Review here)
√ AureliaPay – Now GoRemitHK (GFA Review here)
√ Mike’s book – Destination China
Maneuvering Cross Border Business in China, Hong Kong with Steve Marsh
Outcome from a Chinese Business Lawsuit + Tips For New Entrepreneurs to China with Steve Marsh

Episode Length 57:51

That is a wrap. I mentioned I have interviews already done and wasn’t sure the order. We have some other fun and informative ones coming too – so make sure you subscribe (or re-subscribe) and bring things back better than ever.

And for those who listen to the audio, I’ll be sharing at the end of this mp3 the story of how long I planned to stay in China and what actually happened, enjoy.

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