[Followup] Running a Chinese Import/Export Company Outside China with Rico Ngoma

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In today’s show, we have Rico Ngoma back with us if anyone remembers, he was here with us in way back episode 246 and he talked about running his sourcing business outside of China. So today he shares his insights, how he did it, his strategy – sort of a follow up how he did the transition. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Rico

    Rico was on the GFA podcast a few times, he’s the host of the Made in China podcast, and also CEO of Source Find Asia. He talks with us on how he has progressed to running his sourcing company that is headquartered in Guangzhou, remotely, from Manila, Philippines

  • Since our last Podcast about Your Plan

    He was talking about 1 year ago about the plan to move out of China. He spent 1 month in Manila before recording, and then a few after.

  • Spending time out of China - made him realize he couldn’t go back

    After spending a few months in Manila last year, he explains how he just can’t make the permanent move back to China.

  • Incentivizing his General Manager

    He shares how he has his manager, who was his first hire – and now she is running things in Guangzhou.

  • Financial Tools Used

    What he is using now for making payments and operating

  • Management tools Used For the Team

    What systems and flows he is using to automate and streamline his company

  • Future Plans - Philippines, then where?

    Congrats on making it work remotely! What are the plans going forward, for Philippines and other places

  • How people can reach out

    How can people find you and your business Rico?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Rico Ngoma’s VIP Page
√ Goremit (one of GFA’s long term sponsors – read the GFA review here)
√ Neat HK (a GFA long term sponsor – read the GFA review here)
√ Rico’s Website + Podcast – Source Find Asia
Rico’s youtube channel
Rico’s video interview w/ Mike
√ The last podcast w/ Rico about his plans to run the sourcing remote GFA Podcast episode 246
√ The 2 podcasts w/ Steve Marsh – GFA Podcast episode 24 and GFA Podcast episode 117

Episode Length 44:13

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