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Dragon Boat festival story – holiday Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in Mainland China, just Tuesday in HK
My Son turned 3
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This week’s show we have Darren Whittaker, talking about amazing ways to manufacture and manage your suppliers in China. He has been through quite a bit and shares some of his experiences and well as tips and tactics on how to best source and manufacture from China.

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Darren

    We met at a Canton Fair in like, what, 2008 or so? Awesome to be in touch after all these years

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    How’d you get started with China sourcing?

    So you’re from New Zealand, and have been buying from Chinese factories for how long now?

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    What are the most common mistakes you see people making

    (probably so many!)

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    Protecting your IP

    What’s your strategy for protecting your product idea, design, brand, etc

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    Monitoring your factory

    You seem to have some unique ways of testing a factory’s loyalty, any insights here?

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    Is that fair to the factory?

    Some factory owners may be listening and thinking that isn’t fair, what would you say to them?

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    What to do if, they are selling to your secret shopper?

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    How often to test the factory’s loyalty?

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    Some examples of, good turnouts

  • Connector.

    Some examples of, exposed!

    (I’m thinking like “MTV boiling points”)

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    Examples of - them finding out it's you

    Has the factory ever figured out your secret shopping trick? IF not, what would you do if they did find out?

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    Having a plan B

    What if they are screwing you, what do you do – do you have a factory on the side? Makes me think of a marriage and having a girl on the side during a rocky relationship haha!

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    What about your services Darren

    Talk more about how you can help listeners and how they can reach you

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    And your GFA market service

    So you have a cool offer up on the new Global From Asia Market – you can help listeners to buy from these factories and see if they’ll sell you their IP products. Very cool, can you explain the service a bit – and we’ll link to it on the show notes.

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Episode Length 32:36

Thanks Darren!

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