First Full Month of Amazon FBA Sales Data

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Our first full 30 days are complete – ecommerce gladiator is ALIVE! Cadrian, Roland, and Mike share. Business partner updates, moka pot finally ready and more

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Sourcing updates

    Moka pot is ready for inspection next week

  • Bundles and Kits

    Discussing how to bundle and kit the products together.

  • Quality control check

    Having Ino from Insight Quality going there

  • New products

    The constant game of finding new products

  • Review follow up series

    Adding systems and steps to follow up with AMazon customers to get reviews

  • PPC and Organic Sales

    How much of our sales is paid and how much is organic

  • Business partner

    Jack update and new partners coming on

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Insight Quality
√ Book on Leading Teams by Harvard Business review
Cross Border Summit 2018 April 20-21

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Episode Length 15:30

That is a quick update – so much more to discuss – but it comes down to products and team. Seems everyone agrees those are the two critical parts of this Amazon FBA business – but any business in general.

Ok, back to the arena, back to the grind – cheers!

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