Selling Your Products in Hong Kong via E-Commerce with Damien Bos

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Selling Your Products via Hong Kong E-Commerce – Global From Asia episode 102!

Things are drying up nicely here in the South of China, had a massive typhoon the other week that was like permanent rain day and night. Sun is out and life is good. Though Google Now does keep warning me that the air pollution is at the danger levels. Guess it is the trade off for the nicer weather.

I’m excited for the webinar on optimizing your Hong Kong company – will give some tips and tricks for those who have a limited company here and are trying to figure out how to best organize and prepare for yearly filing and just overall business in general – that is Thursday Oct 22 – 9pm Hong Kong time, for those who want to get more info and the other timezones and register at Global From Asia .com / hkwebinar

k, now for this week’s show – we have Damien Bos on sharing about his experience building and exiting an e-commerce flash sales site for the Hong Kong market – let’s listen in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Damien Bos

  • Getting To Asia

  • Hong Kong E-Commerce in 2015

  • Online vs Offline

  • About Your Business

  • Getting Started

  • Dealing with English & Chinese

  • Merchant Accounts in HK

  • Getting Customers

  • Challenges You Faced

  • Tips For Getting Started

  • About Your book

  • Contacting Damien

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 33:14

Appreciate that one Damien – glad to see there are more people sharing about business in Asia. Looking forward to more cooperation and getting you on again in the future.

We’ve got a bunch of interviews already recorded and I am just trying to figure out the order to put them in! E-commerce fulfillment from HK, startup scene between the Western world and Asia.

Also – this podcast is now every other week – that is because we have Global From Asia TV alternating. So if you want to watch some talking head videos of me – check it out. I’m collecting feedback from people and getting better at video – 3 episodes deep there, and a few more in the queue. Video is a lot more complex, but reaching new people and I love connecting.

As always, any feedback on the show, topic ideas, etc – please shoot them over mike @ globalfromasia

And if you like the show – please support it with an iTunes review, we podcasters are always begging listeners for this one but it does help (supposedly) in the rankings and for us to get more awesome listeners like yourselves

So be as the next couple weeks and talk soon, peace

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