President Trump and China, Asia Business: Questions Asked

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Well, the election is finally over and Donald Trump is the next US president. I have been getting overwhelmed with questions and reading tons of social media – both English social media and Chinese social media. Plus hearing perspectives from my wife on this has been fascinating. Today I’ll just spark some thoughts on what this can mean for people … Read More

Difference Between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper

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All too often we can’t wait to get our Hong Kong limited open. You’ve been enjoying the Global From Asia podcast and blogs here on the site. Now you are looking into what are the ongoing costs. This post will explain the difference between accounting and bookkeeping. Read on to learn more.

Differences in Corporate Tax vs Personal Tax for International Entrepreneurs

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Quite a few people want to have a deeper understanding of how taxes work. This is especially true when doing international business. I am not a tax lawyer and my tips and opinions should be verified with your tax professional before implementing.
Read on to learn more about differences between corporate taxes and personal taxes and understand more about international business tax.

Ok, done with the disclosure. Read on to learn more about differences between corporate taxes and personal taxes.