5 Biggest Challenges in Importing from China and How to Manage Them with Renaud Anjoran

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Having issues buying from China and want to hear some tips and advice, then today’s podcast is for you!

Welcome everyone to episode 67 of the Global From Asia podcast, been chatting to a few people about their new years resolution for 2015 and things are really exciting. The trick is to keep up the momentum through January and keep going. I was also featured in NJ Biz article about my love for the fast paced work in China I’ll link that up in the show notes

Today’s show is going to be great, we have the popular blogger Renaud Anjoran from QualityInspection.org with us to share his presentation he did at the Global Sources trade show and gets amazing feedback. He has seen it all with Chinese factories, and discusses the top five challenges buyers from Chinese factories face and his ideas on how to fix them. Also if you want the slides you can download them off the show notes at globalfromasia.com/episode67 if you want to read them while you follow along, now let’s listen in!

Get Renaud’s slides now!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Renaud
  • 1 – Rising Prices
  • 2 – Low Quality
  • 3 – Shipment Delays
  • 4 – Violation of IP Rights
  • 5 – Lack of Improvement Over Time
  • Contacting Renaud

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 33:24

Thanks for sharing Renaud, that is extremely valuable information I wish I had been aware of when I first started sourcing from China! Don’t forget you can get the slides from his presentation on globalfromasia.com/episode67 and you should also follow his blog at qualityinspection.org

Get Renaud’s slides now!

I have loads of shows lined up for 2015 – I’m still deciding which ones to prioritize, will hop around between Hong Kong accounting and business structures along with interviews in China business. Seems like the right mix, I know some of you skip either the China side or the Hong Kong side, but I am getting equal interest on both.

I got a cool email from a listener from Mexico , Colin, who offered me a beer for the new year in TST district of HK – I’m taking him up on the offer – and I do want to meet more of you all and do need to organize some more gatherings – may work on something during the trade shows in Spring – stay tuned.

So that is a wrap for this week – peace!

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5 Comments on “5 Biggest Challenges in Importing from China and How to Manage Them with Renaud Anjoran”

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  2. Greg

    Gentlemen – really good information for all including newbies like myself just starting out. Great content and guidelines for doing business with China and other Asian markets.

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