1 on 1 Discussion – Strategies Between A Hong Kong and China Company Structure

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Today’s podcast is just “me”. I had the pleasure to speak at China Mike’s (no not me!) Sourcing meetup in Chiang Mai, Thailand on the topic of setting up and structuring your Hong Kong and Mainland China business. I took the podcast mic and was thinking of you when I recorded – no slides as this is audio only – but I do reference them in the discussion so I hope it still helps. The slides and all the templates will be made available for GFAVIP members – we will link to that GFAVIP forum’s post. If you want to join a free webinar where we discuss this – check the link below

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • About Mike

    During the discussion I share a bit of how I got to Asia and into business

  • Why you should (or shouldn’t) open a company

    What is the thought process of opening a company in the first place.

  • Different formats of a Chinese company

    Discuss a bit about joint ventures, WFOE, and Rep offices.

  • Hiring in China

    Discuss how to hire people in Mainland China

  • Stories of Hires Gone Bad

    Discuss a story of an employee who reported me to the labor department

  • Taking Labor Department Serious

    Sharing about being careful how you hire and fire women – especially when they are approaching pregnancy and some stories.

  • Connecting Hong Kong

    The story of why I opened a HK company instead of just a Chinese company

  • Benefits of Hong Kong

    Why do people do it?

  • Some of the negatives of HK

    The audit and other hassles.

  • Questions from the audience

    We get into Q & A

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 46:06

Thank you so much for listening! This one I hope is appreciated – I keep things real and try to share the story. Maybe some of the things were not too PC (politically correct) and I hope I don’t offend anyone. But to be honest – I used to worry too much about keeping everyone happy. If you try to keep everyone happy – then you will be miserable and no one will be happy. So I am taking a stand on the podcast and going to be a bit more “real” and putting it out there. Hope you enjoy and appreciate that.

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