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This week’s show we are talking to an old time friend of mine since moving out to Shenzhen – Rick Tang. A true entrepreneur, been chipping away at his current business since at least 2008. Today he shares with us how he built his business by finding the right technology workers in China, managing the team, cashflow, times he has real estate finance issues, and more ups and downs of the roller coaster of business.

We have a podcast review!

Australia 2017-06-07 5 starts Mummarin
Fabulous for all those NOT living in the US
Michaels podcast is one of the best. He provides a really different perspective than so many of the others that are very American centric and tend to revisit the same stuff. I have heard things on Global from Asia that I have never heard anywhere else and I’ve listened to over 1000 ecommerce and Amazon selling podcasts because of the guests he interviews. I always wish they were longer !!!! 🙂

Also a ton of great events with Techcrunch Disrupt coming to Shenzhen this month (June) and Rise Conference in July! Global From Asia is doing some great meetups during these events- you can check out our events calendar, now let’s tune into this week’s show!

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Rick

  • Connector.

    Various IT Experience

    So you’ve been in IT development quite a few years – care to give us an overview of your various It experience?

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    When I talk to you, I think of GPS!

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    What are some of the big challenges of managing an IT team?

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    Extra Challenges

    Any extra challenges or different challenges of doing it inside China?

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    Foreigners in China doing IT

    I feel like these are the people who enjoy the pain and the struggle – having done it myself so many years – what do you tell foreigners trying to do tech in China?

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    that seems to be a big pain point for development teams – and tips on finding quality staff?

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    Managing developers

    Managing developers, not sure if you have experience working in an overseas or foreign environment – but do you see any key difference in managing Chinese tech developers from overseas/foreigners?

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    With developers such a hot commodity – how do you recommend startups and businesses keep these developers working there long term?

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    Let’s do some “War stories”

    Any challenges you’ve faced dealing with an IT team, in development, team management, supplier or client side struggles?

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    Challenges with IT Team

    Any challenges you’ve faced dealing with an IT team, in development, team management, supplier or client side struggles?

  • Connector.

    Does it get easier over time? I guess like any skill, the more you practice the easier it gets.

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    Ways people can contact you and your firm

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Marshall Taplits
Dylan Blankenship, Juwai
√ Paul, Wufantuan
√ On The Job Training
√ Think Race Partners with Orange
Rick’s website, Think Race
Techcrunch disrupt SZ
Our writeup for upcoming Techcrunch disrupt SZ

Episode Length 30:41

Thanks for that Rick. I am sure people got some massive value from him. Check out his website at Think Race – he is growing fast and expanding globally. Which brings back the point of going “global from asia” as the show is titled.

Claire talks about our beach retreat for CEOs and executives in August here in South China – hope to catch some of you there.

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