Techcrunch Conference Coming to Shenzhen, China

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This year’s Techcrunch China conference is happening down in the south of China – in Shenzhen city! As more and more globally known brands and events happen here, it is truly amazing what can be done in this 30+ year old city.

It will take place on June 17 to June 20, 2017 (Saturday until Tuesday) at the I-Factory in Shenzhen. There are so many parts of this massive event.

About Techcrunch, Techcrunch China, and Technode

Everyone knows (or should know!) TechCrunch. It is probably the biggest, if not one of the biggest, English tech blogs in the world. I even organized a small meetup with one of their editors when visiting Shenzhen 9999.

Technode is equally as influential and powerful in the China tech scene. Gang Lu is the founder and has always been passionate to cover tech startups in China. I remember his speech at a 10×10 event in Chinaccelerator Shanghai in 2012. He shared about the struggles many Chinese tech firms get in not getting exposure in the overseas market, and the idea of “copying” is actually “micro-innovation” and part of the maturing process of Chinese tech. Seems he is right as China tech does seem to be leading in certain innovations like Wechat and online payment.

In 2015 these 2 English tech news powerhouses came together to make TechCrunch China. And being part of this alliance, they have now hosted 6 conferences in China – mainly in Shanghai and Beijing.

For their next one, it is happening right own here in Shenzhen!

VC Meetup

As this is a conference geared towards startups – those attending are begging to connect with Venture Capitalists. Yet, VCs also want to connect to startups here. So this VC Meetup section of the event is a perfect platform for you to connect with investors in your sector, and meet those from the international scene.

Each VC meetup session will be for ten minutes, and you can give your elevator pitch, or ask about industry news and trends.

Startup Alley

Are you a startup that founded less than 2 years ago and has less than 2 million US dollars in funding? Then the Startup Alley section is perfect for you. This is a stage and platform for you to show off what you are working on. I remember personally how hard it was to get the attention and exposure I needed during my various startup ventures. The Techcrunch China event is massive, and coming to show off your startup and your team is a great way to get the help and spotlight you need.


Interactive events will be happening during the Techcrunch International City event. What startup conference would be complete without an essential hackathon? Meet other entrepreneurs, form teams, and take action. I don’t see much online yet about how the Hackathon will work exactly, but by coming to the event you can rest assured it will be a good chance for you to network, practice your execution skills, and potentially build the next unicorn startup.

Media From Around The World & China

The cool thing about an international event in China is you’ll get media from both sides. It is a good chance to have a ton of Chinese language TV and websites cover your startup. They are so curious to see what international startups are doing, and when on Mainland China’s soil, it is easy for them for find you.

Let’s see how much international press and media come – but knowing the massive brand pull of TechCrunch I am sure it will be an overwhelming amount of coverage. I’m also excited to connect with more media companies and see how I can connect more. If you want media coverage (and who doesn’t?) this is a great chance for you!

Directions to Techcrunch Shenzhen (I-Factory in Nanshan)

As I know a lot of global entrepreneurs and investors will be visiting Shenzhen for the first time, they will need help finding this place. Coming from Hong Kong Airport or downtown? If so – first, I recommend you check out my extensive Hong Kong border guide for plenty of options and ways to get into Shenzhen.

Once in Shenzhen, it’s still tricky to get to various venues – so let’s cover how to get to I-Factory:

Look Forward To Seeing You There!

I’m a little bit proud of Shenzhen to see TechCrunch coming here! And also feels cool as we have done our Cross Border Summit here twice now with the third coming in April 20-21, 2018. So having such a big name international conference coming down recognizes the amazing growth and development Shenzhen has been under.

I hope today’s guide post helps you learn more about Techcrunch China and the conference coming in mid-June! Will I see you here in Shenzhen?

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