Amazon Violation Protection & Chinese Seller’s Growth with Cynthia Stine

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Greetings from my aunt in law’s sofa in Shenyang, China. October is off to a busy month as expected – Golden week last week has wrapped up, Monday was a holiday in Hong Kong as well as Columbus day in America – now business if off to a roaring start in 4th quarter.

DCBKK starts this week and I’m heading there as this podcast goes live – tons more events you can check out on a page I made as there are so many to name here.

Today’s show is Cynthia Stine, who Peter Zapf from Global Sources introduced me at the Yangbo group Amazon seller conference in late August. Global Sources has an amazing Smart China Sourcing Summit conference next week – tickets may be sold out – but that is also on our Canton Fair page.

And of course, if you’re in Hong Kong on Oct 21 we have our cross border trip – on selling in Chinese ecommerce via Hong KOng companies – an action packed day of learning and networking.

So back to Cynthia, she is the go to person for Amazon seller prevention and re-instatement – she took a first trip to China and we met up to talk about the evolution of the Amazon violation policies and how Chinese sellers have been growing like crazy on the platform, let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Cynthia

  • Welcome to Shenzhen, China

    How is it?

  • China Sellers

    China is a big source of Power sellers on Amazon

  • How It Started

    How did Amazon start opening things to Chinese sellers?

  • Product Suspension vs Account Suspension

    Difference of product suspension and account suspension

  • Tactics

    Proactive vs Reactive Tactics on Product Suspension

  • Examples of those getting shut down

  • Mike's Friend

    Mike’s example of a friend making a violation by mistake

  • Copyright infringement

  • False Claims

  • Competitors

    Dealing with fierce competitors

  • Tips

    Liability tips for beginners

  • Is bigger better?

  • Having multiple Amazon accounts

    Good or bad?

  • Contact

    Ways to contact Cynthia

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Book – Suspension Prevention
√ Yangbo group

Episode Length 28:41

Thanks Cynthia – that was a fun one – I always prefer to do the podcasts in person when I can. Got some gear invested and loving this podcastin’.

More investments- I am finally updating the Podcast artwork and logo for Global From Asia. Hasn’t changed since day 1 – Damian Ruse made for us. It probably won’t update on this week’s show but keep an eye out for it.

Enjoy the rest of your week – also if you want to see me LIVE streaming, episode 3 of our live talk show will be on Thursday at 9pm – each week – and this one will be from Bangkok, Thailand at the DCBKK event.

Then, last but not least don’t forget our Hong Kong business trip on Friday Oct 21 – a few times for you to pick , thanks Chris Davey for helping get the word out – and others too – let’s meet up!

Peace out.

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