Logistics and E-commerce Conversation Between China and Overseas With Andrew Chan

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Global From Asia episode 151, I’m still recovering from some amazing turkey on Thanksgiving last Thursday with my fellow American buddies! No football or uncles sleeping on the couch like the good old days in USA, but still good times with family. And as I said in our Global From Asia newsletter, I’m really thankful to have you guys – so THANK YOU for listening – and I’m excited for 2017!

So Global From Asia is doing more and more events – Cross Border Summit 2017 – mark the calendar, April 14-15, 2017 in Shenzhen China – crossbordersummit.com

Ok, now this week’s episode we did this at the last cross border trip in Hong Kong and Andrew Chan, co-founder of Aftership and I have a fun conversation about logistics, e-commerce and cultural business differences between the international market and the China market. Kind of a few different topics yet I think you’ll find it stimulating, enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Andrew

  • After Ship Story

    How about the story of After Ship – you were doing e-commerce back in the day and saw an opportunity?

  • Launching

    It was launched in a startup weekend Hong kong if I remember correctly?

  • Clients Shipping

    You guys have been growing, I know last year you moved to a bigger office. Where are most of your clients shipping their goods?

  • Shipment Trends

    Any trends of shipments you’ve noticed over the years in your data?

  • Selling into Mainland China

    And today’s cross border business trip is all about selling into Mainland china via a HK limited – your service supports shipments into China, right?

  • Perspective

    So let’s put some perspective on this – how would it work for someone selling on their own website?

  • Online Integration

    Does it also integrate with online marketplaces? In the West we have Amazon, EBay, Walmart, Jet.

  • Chinese E-commerce Integrations

    And the Chinese e-commerce integrations, how can your system help sellers in the Chinese market.

  • Global Distribution

    The big dream for many e-commerce sellers is to have global distribution – since they are already buying the inventory – why not let them sell around the world, USA, EU, Asia, Mainland China – care to share some scenarios here? There’s logistics, and then there is payment, tracking. Wondering if it is best to have your stock locally in all these markets or have a centralized fulfillment solution.

  • Contact

    Thanks for sharing Andrew – how can people reach out to you and your business?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ postman.com – Under development. Link coming soon

Episode Length 26:31

Thank you Andrew! A lot of fun doing these podcasts in person – not sure if you guys can tell the difference between doing them in person versus my skype call recordings – but I do want to do more in person – and even thinking about doing a 3 or 4 person show with multiple microphones!

That is it for this week’s show – the show notes – as always – is at globalfromasia.com/ episode151

And, if you are planning your April 2017 already, pencil in Aril 14 and 15 for shenzhen, China – crossbordersummit.com and really working hard at making this second annual conference really amazing. Meeting a few heavy hitters already preparing for it.

Take care and let’s maximize the rest of the year 2016!

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