The Product Is Live on Amazon & More Team Restructuring

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The gladiators of e-commerce. I always respect sellers, and being one for eight years, I am now reliving that feeling as our first Amazon product is finally live on the marketplace. In today’s episode we discuss our mini and short celebration of the product being live, the pressure to have it “launched”, various feedback we have been receiving on the right way to launch. On top of that, more shipments are coming into Amazon, I was just in Vietnam and saw our supplier, and we are looking at even more products. To wrap up, more team re-organization and reflection.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • The product is live!

    Want to share the Amazon listing URL!?

  • Launch strategy Feedback

    What various Amazon FBA experts have been advising

  • The pressure for launching

    We are feeling it, and while we did prepare the site and social upfront, more could have been done.

  • New product line coming soon

    Discuss the Para Living product line coming up soon and Mike’s experience in Vietnam

  • The Ecommerce sellers job - continue to add new products

    We are looking for even more products, have a few more in the pipeline

  • Team restructuring / reorg

    And what we have learned is, the team is everything. Getting the new hires up to speed is a huge task, as well as making sure all the founders on the team are able to get the right roles and responsibilities to ensure all major tasks are covered.

  • Team Title changes

    Sure, title may not matter much in a startup, but we discuss the new names we have now for the partners.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ Our amazon listing

Episode Length 23:39

The ecommerce arena is an ever changing one. The market, the Amazon jungle. And we are continuing to get thing going forward. The key is to take action, positive steps each and every day. Sure, things may not go as expected and we can harp on that, but the key is to focus on what is working, find people to help you where you are weak, and push things to the next level.

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