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Thanks for having me! I’ll be hanging out in the comments if anyone has any questions.

Shaun Cunningham
Shaun Cunningham

Great podcast guys. We also faced a similar challenge and were having particular issues with finding a payment gateway that integrated with subscription membership management software, like Chargebee. While Stripe would probably still be first choice, we signed up with Braintree. The process was fairly slow and took around a month with a number of emails exchanged. One of the requirements they have for companies is to have both a returns policy and a privacy policy on your website, so it’s worth getting that in place. Funnily enough we’re building a website that uses the Fatcat pricing table too!


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[…] Another example, is Braintree Merchant account. They have a Standard Charter bank and if you also have an account there, you can avoid the $25 USD bank transfer fee for USD remittance. Curious about this, you can listen to David Hehenberger talk about it on episode 86. […]