Plowing Through Between Western and Chinese Holiday Seasons – GFAE024

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This time of year is always the same, come back from New year and rush to get your orders in for Chinese new year.

Well orders should be in but make sure you get the manufacturer to finish on time and get the logistics out the door.

Today we have Roland on the call and discuss how we are plowing through

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Making 4 orders

    Even with long lead time of Moka pot

  • Getting things in Time for Chinese new year

  • Smaller bundles

  • Various payment methods

    Wires, Hong Kong, sendwyre,

  • Roller coaster of entrepreneurs

    The key is to just keep it up

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 12:20

Just keep pushing hard. We are going to make this get to the next level and thank you listeners for bearing through this startup phase with us. Yet at the same time it shows us how much time it really takes to get started with Amazon FBA – or at least with Private Label.

Sure, we could have done this a lot faster with drop ship (well, tough to do dropship with Amazon), or retail arbitrage, or wholesale from USA – but this is our positioning. Global From Asia – we’re in Asia. I can take a quick flight to these factories, and we are doing it.

I’m excited for upcoming episodes where we will start to dig more into the marketing and sales and distribution side. So hang in there with us!

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Podcast Transcription

Welcome to the Global from Asia Ecommerce Gladiator Series where you can follow along the progress of setting up a Cross Border Ecommerce business from start to finish. Hear insights of real product research, Amazon FBA, China manufacturing, branding, marketing, and all the blood, sweat, and tears of building a global business from Asia. Now let’s tune in.

Mike : So we’re back, e-commerce gladiator episode 24 on Friday. We are thinking to do this every other Friday or maybe not so pressure to do it every week. The team is busy at work. And depending on frequency that we need to update you guys. We’re thinking to do this every other Friday but that is depending also on launch call that we wanna do for the products that might be next week with Zach but I got to confirm first. But this one is a short one. I got cut off in the middle of my internet here in the Philippines. I’m here to visit the team. I had the workshop. But Roland and I were discussing what’s happening and some updates and then after the call gets cut off, I continue to talk by myself ‘coz the internet just wouldn’t let me get him back on the line. And I still want to get this updates. We missed last Friday’s update. It’s actually been my fault the internet has been cutting off, my batteries cut while I’m doing this. So thank you everybody for tuning in and also we get some great input from listeners as always, please give a comment. Thank you and let’s tune in to Roland and our update. E-commerce Gladiator episode 24 for the show notes.

Enjoying the Global From Asia podcast. Wanna meet with other listeners, podcast guests, and business experts? Then you’re in luck. Every year we have our Annual Cross Border Summit. This year is our Third Annual in Shenzhen, China Cross Border Summit. It’s a 2-day conference. Mark your calendars April 20th and 21st of 2018. It’s a great time to get together and learn about import and export, Amazon FBA, e-commerce importing into China and global business. So we hope to catch you there

Mike : Alright everybody a new update. We took last week off from e-commerce gladiator series updates. But we have Roland with us today to update us. Thanks Roland.

Roland : Hey everyone how’s it going?

Mike : Great yeah I mean I think we’ve been talking like, I think it’s tricky time of the year. You know the holidays, Chinese New Year coming. So, I think everybody we talk to.

Roland : It is tricky especially we had Christmas and New Year’s Eve which is a holiday for us and then Chinese people coming, like their New Year’s eve for them coming out which I had to make sure that even I was on holiday for Christmas time or New Year’s eve, I always had to check email because Chinese people are working and I knew that if I wasn’t replying with them (line breaking). I’m not sure. What was the last update about it, it was about to getting the contract done.

Mike : Yeah we were talking I think it was Lorenzo and I, we were talking about finally getting the orders through and we ended up going back to the original factory even though we thought we’re upset with them or we ended up going back.

Roland : Well I believed we made some progress ever since we made 4 other orders to 4 other factories for other products. Both through our bundles, we have a new product rolling out which is going to be shipped either this week or probably next week. So it’s already up and live on Amazon, it’s not live, it’s an active. But it is already uploaded to Amazon Seller Central. We have our designer working on other designs of new product which should come out hopefully this week and then we can make the RFQ’s Request For Quotations for our either Chinese or US suppliers, we don’t know yet because it’s smaller items that needs to be printed on which is great. Also, we started making some movements in Marketing. Because we realized that the sourcing part and the manufacturing part of the product, it takes a while. Usually at least a month. I feel like with the data as MLQ, so we’re concentrating on the Marketing side right now. We have some expert joining some of our conversations, helping us out which is great. I’m pretty sure that with the ones you have some summary on what we’re doing in Marketing. So you might be able to post it on your blog and all our audience can learn from that. So we actually are going to bring a lot of value.

Mike : Yup, we’re gonna have Zach Franklin, he has actually been on the podcast before. But he’s still here in Shenzhen and he’s spoken at some of the Global From Asia events in the past on Facebook and Amazon optimization. So we’re probably get him on the next gladiator updates were he’s been reviewing our launch strategy. He’s done of couple great campaigns in December, he said. So he asked us some questions and I think he’s preparing some strategies for us that we could share with everyone. Also, another update, I know you got excited about it but Fredrick, he’s a listener and a friend. He introduced us to manufacturers in Vietnam of Aquaponics So I had a really good first call with them. They have a good product but they seem to lack experience or even desires seems in e-commerce and B2C.

Mike : Alright. So note to self don’t do interviews when in the Philippines internet on travel. I’ve had a couple of other business calls, during this time in the Philippines. And my friend’s here telling me that the internet especially slow because of the rain. It’s very frustrating how were in 2018 and I lived in places and travel the places that don’t have what I will say is acceptable internet like China and Philippines. I’ve vented about this on our 2 for 1 bonus podcast at the end of last year. But I sometimes feel like it’s governments, companies that are just not prioritizing or not caring about basic things like internet. But I’ll stop there. So as Roland and I were discussing here with the Paraliving Inc FBA business at the e-commerce gladiator series here. We are making moves I mean I think that in a while it’s been frustrating almost 4 months since we started this that it was a little bit slow start. But with team’s getting going, we have great plow happening and we’ve been making payments with the HSBC Hong Kong, Send Wire US. All these different credit cards, Alipay payments. We’ve been getting orders coming through. We get orders received that Insight Quality, up in Yiwu. Lorenzo got some amazing photos made in action at some friend’s coffee shops in Hangzhou. And we’re making things happen. I’ve met various network of freelancers and team members here in the Philippines to get things moving more smoothly. So I think like any good things in life they do take time to get going. But once it get going, it’s a good plow. And a plow state. I try to always do getting the plow state. So we were building systems, we’re getting people know we’re learning as a team whose can do what. So things are happening. Like I said with our previous shows, the mocha pot is way until April. But we’re not letting that get to us, Meir give us some good advice to make a bundle without the pot or even start to think that some of this product can be used without coffee. It could be used for cakes and other goods. So we’re looking into that. We have Zach that can help to call with us on launching on Amazon, also some Facebook ads. And we’re looking at different Amazon ads. So I think a lot of you guys are probably get interested about our launch strategy that will be coming in our future shows. Because goods will gonna be shipped into Amazon. We are getting goods in before Chinese New Year. Like Roland said we are even considering US suppliers for certain products within this coffee niche and then Fredrick I mentioned, introduced us to Aquaponics product manufacturers in Vietnam. So things are great and it was a little bit frustrating and I think a lot of people know we’ve been rushing for Chinese New Year now. We are rushing and I invited anybody to get things going now. I mean the show, cit’s mid January now. And we made it. Of course this mocca pot was a huge nightmare and so it’s like a half a year or more til actually have it into the market. But will have plowing and will be reordering that and keeping our relationship to that factory. Growing that relationship. Growing that market. So basically I think we’re in a pie right now. One thing to know with entrepreneurship or doing any business there’s highs and there’s lows as the roller coaster of life is a roller coaster of doing your own business. And I’m really frustrated with the internet connection and losing Roland. But I’m sitting here alone in our little hotel. Preparing to fly back to China in the show we online when I’m back. But thank you everybody, we’re getting great input from people and we’re going to continue to have special guests coming on and keep you guys updated on the play by play. But we did make it for Chinese New Year and we will be talking more about the fun, juicy launch Marketing paid ads and other things like that. So thanks again everybody. So this is a shorter updates because the internet doesn’t want to work. Hopefully it’s getting upload within the time I leave. So we can edit this for Friday. Thanks for listening everybody. Take care.

Global from Asia Ecommerce Gladiator Series where you can follow along the progress of setting up a Cross Border Ecommerce business from start to finish. Hear insights of real product research, Amazon FBA, China manufacturing, branding, marketing, and all the blood, sweat, and tears of building a global business from Asia.