China Sourcing & Manufacturing (3D Printing) Future Predictions in 2025 with Dr. Neale O’Connor

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Back on the move – on the cross border bus from Huanggong border to Jordan station in Kowloon. Had a good afternoon of family and rest time during this hyper active trade show season.

I just don’t know how everyone keeps up here – I’ve met a bunch of you guys and you’re hoping from Global Sources to HKTDC show to Canton Fair. There is a meetup after meetup and guys like Chris Davey will have just done a massive one in Guangzhou yesterday (Monday night) with another next week at McCauleys pub. On Mon May 2nd in the evening during Canton Fair Phase 3 so stop by and say hi to Chris and the gang there.

Now this lead’s me to this week’s show – Dr Neale O’Connor, he is such an upbeat guy and full of energy! He was on with Mike Bellamy’s show, episode 112 before we took a bike ride together – and finally we have him on his own show today to discuss China sourcing in the year 2025,

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Neale

    had a preview of your knowledge sharing on episode 112 and I’m glad to have you on.

  • China 2025

    The China 2025 Initiative – can you share some light on what this is?

  • 1000 Chinese supplier interviews

    so you’ve visited over 1000 Chinese factories, what were your first few like, and when did you start this factory visit frenzy?

  • 15 factories in past few months

    And 15 factories in the past few months – much different probably from the first few, any highlights of the changes – or like total night and day differences?

  • 2025 predictions

    So then for the year 2025 – based on what you’ve seen – we’ll all be buying from chinese factories still?

  • Is 3D printing ready?

    I always wonder about 3D printing and others – where do you see that coming into play, or is it already?

  • F2C, Factory to Consumer

    We’ve talked about F2C, or factory to consumer here on the podcast a bit – is this a real thing, that we should be worried about?

  • Entrepreneurs preparations

    how can entrepreneurs, mainly over in the West, who are listening, best prepare for that is to come?

  • Risk Mitigation

    You specialize in mitigating risk in China, care to share some fun case studies with us?

  • Tips for Risk Mitigation

    What are some quick tips for someone to mitigate risk?

  • China Sourcing Academy

    And you cooperate with Mike Bellamy – a regular guest on the show here – and you’re heading up China Sourcing Academy with him – can you share with us that business and other things you think listeners should know about

  • Contact

    How can people reach out to you and your business?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 33:08

The air conditioning is freezing on this bus – not sure why but if you’ve ever been to Hong Kong you’ll notice they crank up (or down) the air conditioning to bitter cold.

Well, thanks Neale, really a pleasure to have you on. Fascinating talk, and I have been chatting to you after the interview, and you’re still cranking away at supplier interviews, it’s great.

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