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Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast episode 275 and as the Summit draws closer I am always at the edge of my seat because of the chaos and the preparation – last minute insanity. We got a really good group and it’s going to be the hardcore people like today’s guest, Will Tjernlund – an expert in Amazon. He talks about leveraging humans to get keywords and concepts and ideas. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Will Tjernlund

    For those who don’t know Will.

  • Preparing for Cross Border Summit 2019

    Great to have you back Will, what will you be speaking about this time?

  • Why you are not as active in community + why you choose to come to CBS2019?

    Great you are able to come to the summit, but you’re not as active as you used to be in events?

  • Gathering human data for Amazon listings

    MTurk and insights on why

  • Insights on the Surveys Will has done

    What is working and what isn’t.

  • Trends in Amazon - trade war, politics, Taxes

    How is Amazon now for sellers

  • Old brand vs Amazon brands vs “scrappy” brands

    Will tells us who has the advantage now

  • How people can find you online

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 35:27

Thank you so much Will for sharing your insights and you can catch more of him at the Cross Border Summit in Guangzhou, China on Oct 22-23, 2019.

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Episode 275 of Global From Asia podcast and it’s almost Summit time and I’m heading into the trade show insanity. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight-up actionable advice. And now your host Michael Michelini.

[00:00:28] Thank you everyone for downloading and listening to the podcast and you know, it’s always I am on the edge of my seat as our annual conference Cross Border Summit gets closer. Losing a little bit of sleep, as you know last minute insanity as always but I guess afterwards most event organizers I talked to we always are so excited for the next one.

[00:00:52] But right now there’s, it’s just a really chaotic especially with today’s, you know, trade shows, situations at Hong Kong and everything, but we got a really good group and it’s gonna be the hardcore people like like today’s guests Will Tjernlund. Friend of mine now and expert. This guy is like the genius of Amazon, is like a human machine and I talked about a machine but he’s talking about humans.

[00:01:17] He talks about leveraging humans to get keywords and Concepts and ideas. He’s got an amazing presentation. He submitted already for the Cross Border Summit. We’re reviewing it, Mark Ramos our partner in Guangzhou for the Cross Border Summit. Thanks so much Mark for your help is. Really doing a great job going through all the different presentations and looking to do our interview and re-interview doing the best job to deliver value to those attending up and also reaching out to a lot of the attendees and talking to everybody as it gets closer.

[00:01:49] So. This will be the last podcast until the summit starts. This will be published on October 15th. And the week after, our today’s guest is actually pretty interesting. We’ve course got some recorded interviews already, will be going on while this Summit is happening. So I am really excited to bring Will on.

[00:02:09] He got up bright and early 6:00 a.m. In Minnesota. I was 7 p.m. in Thailand I believe time zones are just crazy. We’re just all hopping all over the place he’s been in Europe and North America and now heading over to China for the event, so without further ado let’s bring on Will. In case you haven’t heard we have our Cross Border Summit next week.

[00:02:33] Mastermind tickets are sold out. We might still have some general entry. Usually we sell out a few days before but if you’re going thank you so much really? It is one of the best ways to support the podcast. I know a lot of you can’t make it out to China or Asia and no hard feelings. But of course if you can and there’s any option for

[00:02:52] You we deliver as much value as possible. I mean, of course through tangible things like the venue and the food we’re also going to have my book launch of E-commerce Gladiator. I will be there signing it for those that come, Wendy my wife just print out a bunch and we have so many other amazing course of twenty four twenty five speakers and just amazing value and connections.

[00:03:15] And as always it’s just time to level up your business, level up your connections. Hope to see you there Think next year will be somewhere else.  All right. Thank you for waiting in our Global From Asia podcast. It’s getting two weeks till Cross Border Summit and we have one of our special guests Will Tjernlund. It’s also been quite a while since you got on the show.

[00:03:38] So thanks for, thanks for being here Will and how is everything? I know, I’m super excited. I haven’t been to China in a couple of years. I haven’t got to feel the energy and all the inside tips. It seems like whenever I go to one of Mike’s conferences, I’m always learning ten times more than I when I go to kind of one of the more generic conferences more Stateside where it’s just pitching different courses and software the whole time.

[00:04:02] So I know I’m so excited to start with my blade and take some notes and bring bring some of this information back to the U.S. for my team. Awesome dude. That’s really that’s really awesome to hear. Ya mean. You’re saying years. I think it’s been three years for me since the US at Florida. So we’ll see.

[00:04:20] Well. Yeah, I’m really really excited to have you and so it’s also good to ki- to catch up. I mean some of the other speakers and others are excited to meet you too that you know, you haven’t been I don’t know what’s been up. You’ve been like under the radar more. What’s been up with you lately.

[00:04:36] Yeah. It’s. It turns out for the kind of ideal client we want for my consulting firm, which I’ll get into a bit what we do over there, but it tends to be kind of people 40 to 60 years old who run a kind of more old-school manufacturing run a brand own a brand and it tends to not overlap with these kind of like.

[00:05:01] Knowledge gathering information places like the Cross Border Summit where I go there. I learned a bunch about Amazon. But if my potential clients even knew this existed in the first place, I might be out of a job. It’s where they’re going to be learning all the good stuff. So yeah, what we do at Goat Consulting is basically we partner with Brands and manufacturers and run their Amazon accounts for them.

[00:05:24] So a typical company might come to us like say Crocs. And they go. Hey, we got this Big Brand. We do tons of sales throughout the world. But our Amazon account is a total mess. We have multiple different of the same exact pairs all over the marketplace. We got 50 different resellers on every listing. Some of the times the size of the shoe is listed four different times four, four written out, four written out, but with parentheses what’s going on here we’ve spent.

[00:05:56] Tens of millions of dollars on branding and then people go to the world’s largest Online Marketplace and it’s a total mess. And so they basically pay us to go in there fix their catalog optimize it and then run their advertising moving forward. So it’s again when we try to work with someone who is a private labeler or someone who is more kind of.

[00:06:20] Internet Savvy or from the internet generation. They probably already done 85% of the stuff. We’re going to do right off the bat and then the last fifteen percent. It depends on what scale they’re at. But when you’re kind of starting from absolute scratch, he’s have this perfect brand but have no online presence.

[00:06:36] Then you’re kind of a match made in heaven for us. Makes sense, makes sense. Yeah, so so then Minneapolis is so is online like. You’re working online mostly working with the Brands. You visiting them. Yeah, so luckily it’s still online everything. We have a decent amount of clients in Minnesota. We probably have like 30 clients total that we just have on a monthly retainer that were running their account, but.

[00:07:01] We have like probably five or six in Minneapolis and then all over the world from Singapore, Hong Kong. We have businesses from all over that basically just need our help and our bread and butter and why we end up getting a lot of clients. We just show up first in the Google ranking. Not only Google Amazon consultant Amazon Marketplace management Amazon Marketing Help.

[00:07:21] A lot of things were kind of one or two or three and so in general that just builds in a lot of authority and then once we get on the phone and explain to them that like the problems they have are not unique to them, that everyone has the same exact problems, that everyone has basically the potential step so I need to get done and so, um, What I’m gonna be talking about at the Cross Border Summit and kind of what our special saas is.

[00:07:44] What makes us a little different than other agencies out there is that we really try to focus on the human side of things and the computer side of things. So it’s one thing to do a bunch of keyword research learn all different keywords. People are searching trying to figure out which ones you want to go after and how aggressively and kind of figuring out the computer side of things and how the Amazon algorithm works but where we try to focus just as much time and add as much value as we can is on the human side of things now that we have the eyeballs looking at your product now that we have.

[00:08:15] People finding your product. How do we convince them to purchase? And that’s where kind of my topic. I’m going to be talking about depth in China is getting a lot about how to do a human-centric actual surveys and asking people. Hey, which of these pictures do you like the most? What would you call this product?

[00:08:34] What questions do you have about this product? How much would you pay for this product? We had it before where we have the whole first page because for some reason everyone is killing it besides us but we’re on the first page right next to him and we thought it was a price point thing. So we acted it out all the prices to the screen shot of the home page and surveyed a thousand people saying which of these would you choose?

[00:08:55] Just based off of the title, the picture and just kind of what those search results page looks like and really trying to like isolate those individual variables of why are people not making the buying decision? We know we have good traffic. We know there’s a lot of people there but when we look up the sales on, say like jungle scout or viral launch, our piece of the pie is only say 5% of the total first page revenue when it should be 25%. So how do we kind of get into the customers mind and that is something that.

[00:09:24] I get a kick out of in general. I enjoyed that kind of part of the psychology and try to break it down because there is no exact right answer. So it’s an interesting kind of thought experiment and it’s something that tends to not really scale. It’s not something that it’s really easy for you to hire a huge team in like the Philippines or India to break down how like the US

[00:09:44] Buyer thinks of things as he’s scrolling through. It doesn’t really need to be in that individual Marketplace. And so we’ve gotten pretty good in the US Marketplace, but the surveys and we’re kind of looking to and hopefully you can get into the European market places and start serving customers are for some of our European Council to manage.

[00:10:02] Nice, I like it. I like it. So yeah The Human Side, I think I think it’s true. Right so many people think Amazon is an algorithm is like a machine is the A9 and and the rank but it’s just so basically what you’re saying is this is more than just ranking and and the Machine and the keyword they, you know the machine that works.

[00:10:25] The easy obvious that for me to say is if yeah, your conversion rate goes from say 5% to 10% sales double. Yep, and it seems like it’s like, okay. Well what is conversion rate made up of it’s like well how many people went to your page but didn’t end up buying so in normal e-commerce if we had a Shopify store we could do abandoned cart emails.

[00:10:47] We could do pixel retargeting. Yeah, we could do something to capture that customers kind of interest and momentum and try to get them to purchase again. We’re at Amazon. It’s like people are so quick to purchase it right on their phone the swiping quickly buy now kind of thing where we really need to ask very specific questions and like short questions that people want to answer if we try to make them do a thousand questions survey.

[00:11:11] The last 500 answer is going to be worthless because they’re already exhausted and don’t really feel like putting in the mental effort. Sure. But if we pay someone a dollar just say which of these five pictures you like the most they’re probably gonna sit there for at least a couple minutes be like, okay, probably this one.

[00:11:25] Okay, nice and then yeah course. Oh my God, I’m sorry. Well, I was going to say and then it make it Go full circle and everything is that we do a lot of our survey results just through Amazon’s own Mechanical Turk. Yeah. And so then it’s yeah, it’s interesting that you can use Amazon’s own resources to serve customers, to help sell more in Amazon, and I wish they would tailor the Mecha- Mechanical Turk more to that use opposed to the million other uses that people use it for. True.

[00:11:56] I mean it would make sense. Right? I mean to help sellers on their own platform or and it randomizes the customer data enough. We’re like, we can’t just steal the customers from it. We can’t just ask email address. We can’t just ask them their phone number. So we get good insights that are helpful.

[00:12:12] But at the same time we’re not like, oh we surveyed enough customers. We have Amazon data now. We don’t need you anymore. It never could be like that situation since it’s, there’s enough wall around the garden. Okay, so it.  I mean there’s so much there’s so much to talk about and I know you’ll be sharing a lot to some men.

[00:12:31] You’re always so engaged. In between the talks with everybody but with the with this human side, I mean what points, if should somebody start to get into this? You know, I mean, is it something a certain scale is that is there some would just be a lower. This is the apple tree kind of stuff or I think it’s something that you could continually do, say every three to six months.

[00:12:59] Okay, the market is going to change everything to change you’re going to have more questions and I guarantee you some of these questions. I’m going to come like ask my presentation theoretically and then be able to solve through it are questions that people are going to have in the audience where it’s like, okay, I have four listings all of them do well, but the third one stinks and they’re all on the same exact parent-child what’s going on here, you know.

[00:13:19] And those kind of questions where you could just sit there and just ask questions over and over again you go. Okay, we keep getting these types of answers about it. Okay. Now we should add this not like this shade of pink or what’s going on here and we got a really deep diving into that and with Mechanical Turk we can get we like to spend a little bit more and try to segment the people down to like if we’re gonna be selling a baby product.

[00:13:41] We want to have it probably females from age 25 to 40. And we want to cut it down to the very first question we’re going to ask you is have you had a baby in the last five years and if anyone says no there was like disregard their results just pay for extra results have but then because it’s like you’re not that relevant to us, but we can still for like I say a 10 question survey.

[00:14:05] We can still somewhere between like 25 cents to like a dollar 25 per response. Okay, and so if we can sit there and. Um, especially beginners launch a listing soon spend an extra 700 bucks and just survey. Thousand customers asking them what price point they think is the best. It seems like With The Lean Startup method you should almost do this before you can get a sample the Creator God create like a just like a fake listing page upload your own images into it, you know, write the bullet points as you would and say what are your guys’ thoughts on this is this even relevant to you.

[00:14:37] Would you like this if it showed up here to search results look like this and mine was in here. Would one I 10 people even choose. My years are what I have 20 years or one out of five because then at least we know we’re onto something opposed to going in there saying hey the viral launch metrics look good.

[00:14:54] Lots of sales, low competition number. Let’s go buy some samples. Let’s ask a couple customers first make sense. Of course. I mean literally just talking to somebody I think that’s most painful thing to see right is sellers kind of spend a ton of time and money. And then get it into Amazon and then start to try to do marketing or sales which is insane.

[00:15:17] So, you know, you said seven so seems like you said 700 it seems like that’s like a good budget for you something and you could spend easily as well as a hundred if you wanted to. And you just was like Hey, I just want a hundred responses. I just want something out there. You don’t have to I don’t know if they have much of a minimum on there might be like 15 bucks or something like that.

[00:15:36] But you can you didn’t serve a a pretty small amount and the survey results come in super fast. If you don’t segment it too much, you might get them in like 48 hours and then you’re like, yeah, you’re looking good then all of a sudden pretty quickly and.  Also that information you have if you are connected enough you want to do it as much as you want to.

[00:15:57] Is valuable to other people too? If you run a survey and you say hey, it turns out this product is not that great. Not that many people like this product there couldn’t be like better content like a blog post. We I was about to Source this baby product. And here’s why all the moms hated it. And you just break down Thing by thing and be like here’s where I got it’s a bullet buy, spend 600 bucks on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

[00:16:23] And so I think that even when you get negative results and still a pretty good learning experience where when you get like negative results looking up stats and like jungle scout or viral launch it’s not that much of a learning experience doesn’t really stick with you as much you know, it just like, oh, yeah, like strollers are saturated on to the next thing.

[00:16:39] True true that is true. You get much more insights, or you can go to that seller on Amazon and the warn them I guess Yeah, a hundred bucks for if you want it and. And then we just did a just kind of a macro. I think there’s like a hundred and sixty Pages worth of questions to a bunch of Amazon buyers.

[00:17:05] We surveyed like 2,000 of them and we found are all sorts of things where like 50% of Amazon shoppers that we surveyed didn’t even know advertising exist without us. And so they think everything’s an organic listing it is no there’s a bunch of things that we ask like that we’re we’re like Okay. So this may not help us that much specifically on one Amazon account or another but it’s on our website you guys want for free all the results.

[00:17:31] It’s pretty interesting actually seeing it all broken out and answering all these questions because we get stuck in the Amazon bubble way too much. We think people majority people don’t know what enhance brand content is, you know. You like those majority of people don’t really know these kind of things and until we actually like ask the customers and say okay, which of these important to you price recognition of brand or good branding and imagery.

[00:17:55] And it’s like oh, it just seems like it’s price over and over again. But in other categories, it’s not. One last interesting Insight from it was we found that like fifty percent of people said they will never buy an electronic ever on Amazon and like 45 percent of people said they will buy most likely on Amazon are.

[00:18:13] So I was like an interesting kind of dichotomy where it’s like is people probably like you or me who know how to read the review is know how to kind of sit for a little bit more and go I don’t mind buying electronics and Amazon. I’m gonna good deal and like whatever where those people like my parents are like hi.

[00:18:29] I’m not sure about that. I am buying it from a brand. I know when I’m buying it from Best Buy where someone there can help me. I don’t really trust buying some nine hundred dollar laptop an Amazon not no one was there to show up. Sure. Yeah, I mean. I guess it’s still changing over time but there’s still a lot of our parents are a lot of our parents are still going to Walmart or somebody show me a picture of Kmart in Guam.

[00:18:54] There’s this massive Kmart in Guam. So I can’t I heard someone say recently that yeah, very known under the age of 30 wants to take an escalator shop. That was a fair point where it’s like yeah, once you make a park and I got walk and I gotta walk some more go faster. It’s like you’ve already picked out the enthusiasm.

[00:19:13] I have a lot of shopping makes sense. So what let’s maybe go into some more of the macro like the hot like Amazon, you know, even an Amazon so many years. You know, what do you see is in overall like with this with Ania Marketplace, you know happening. Yeah. I’m kind of interested honestly more and more about these are like the u.s.

[00:19:36] Election in this political stuff coming up and how it does affect Amazon because more and more people are getting mad at Amazon for amazonbasics type stuff and thinking that can’t ride for us. People are thinking that the Amazon advertising is antitrust that you have to pay for Amber advertising.

[00:19:51] Now, if you want to be in the first page day one can just do it through just Goodwill. I think that there’s a lot of those specific things that. In general if the political atmosphere was not like it was in the u.s. I would assume that all those are just get extrapolated where there’s going to be ten times as many amazonbasics stuff 10 years from now the advertising just gonna get grow and grow and grow.

[00:20:14] Ten years from now and I just assumed that all of those the sky was limit, but now when I read a new article every day about either a politician or some sort of journal and saying hey, this is unfair and we need to do something about it. I think that they are gonna have to be very strategic about how they grow in a way that it doesn’t ruffle feathers and it does kind of like help the consumer and the worker because they’re kind of in this weird position where.

[00:20:38] People love the services people want to buy as much as possible. But if they like say out loud that people love buying their stuff more than anything than they like a slap on the wrist. And so if you yeah if you found someone who goes I love Amazon everything I get is one hour and two cheapest pricing find anywhere.

[00:20:53] It’s the best company world. It’s like that’s almost like the worst advertisement for Amazon because it just like hits every checkmark of like why every other business can’t compete with them and why they kind of are turning into this kind of this trust and so it’s yeah, it’s a really interesting thing where like I.

[00:21:10] Trying to figure out my head where they’re going to be aggressive and how they’re going to be aggressive or if these can don’t care and say come get us break up AWS and marketing if you want to but we’re going to try to conquer the world one way or another and so that’s the macroscope I keep thinking about.

[00:21:23] I don’t know how much you hear over on your side of the ocean about it. But I’m Liz Warren Bernie everyone’s kind of going after him and like I think it has some Fair points to it. But at the same time it’s like. Everyone’s been doing his targets been selling end caps forever. There’s a reason why there’s no competition in batteries at Target.

[00:21:44] They’re all Energizer Duracell because they pay to play and no other company can afford to get into the Shelf space, you know, so it’s like everyone’s been doing this kind of shady stuff forever and it’s like there’s lack of competition and double-a Battery Market, but don’t care. So like I wonder exactly how this is all going to pan out.

[00:22:03] But if you had asked me a year and a half ago, I would have said the sky’s the limit now. I wonder kind of it’s like Icarus is flying a little too close to the Sun. Yeah. I mean, I think also trade Wars kind of shaking things up pretty pretty pretty but pretty much. I mean there’s a yeah, I think.

[00:22:23] Even when I said leave a cross-border summit, you know, the lake the whole idea of international Global open borders seems like yeah, like governments and politicians and banks are all slowing down. It’s sellers themselves. But also Amazon is a mark because we’re all just rushing full full steam ahead.

[00:22:43] Right? We’re like optimizing our listings. We’re like figure out how to buy direct as possible, you know, like but it seems like these all these slow guys finally figured out like. Wow, like stores are closing while like, you know, Amazon’s not paint what tax we think should be paid and why like there’s you know, so I think it’s true right all these Regulators, you know, there’s a V8 e in Europe and then people getting shut down all their accounts name is like everybody’s going after big guys, like even GDP gr.

[00:23:17] PD or GDP RTD. Yeah. I referred to. That’s stupid thing. Like I’m just gonna pop up on your website now and for European and yeah, it’s a seem like it’s true. I think it wasn’t a Regulators in the banks and the government’s in the borders things would go much faster and but me that course gives opportunities to who does that give opportunities to I guess I guess that slows down Amazon’s own Brands and Amazon’s own.

[00:23:47] It gives opportunity to all my clients. Yeah, exactly been around forever got kind of screwed by Brick and Mortar buying less and less and now they can sell their stuff on Amazon officially. So we’re in a pretty good position. But yeah, it’s interesting to see how the Spectrum has changed from kind of say like, Five years ago.

[00:24:04] If someone was anti Amazon you assume they’re more on kind of like the liberal side of the spectrum because they don’t think they pay their workers enough and they’re kind of putting mom and pop shops out of business and now it’s turned more into kind of like an anti conservative thing. Where it’s Amazon Washington Post and you don’t want to buy from them because everybody the coastal Elites that’s putting out that just buy stuff from China and try to resell it for cheap and puts American stuff out of business.

[00:24:28] So it’s really kind of interesting to see how both sides have kind of like like the meme have come together with the handshake saying hey, we both don’t like this and then they all go home on Chop on it. And so it’s just weird kind of like closeted silent majority. Yeah, and then I was like last time a journalist coming to the summit.

[00:24:49] I’ll probably have to talk to people like you and they’ve been always talking to me because our like, you know, our blog gets a lot of different keywords. So they’re always asking me what these transporter Traders and the trade Wars and the policies and its really. Yeah, it’s true. I guess helps your class.

[00:25:08] I was a brand more established older brands. That might not have yet gotten so good at Amazon or gotten online.  What do you think about the SLO anything would like the nomads are the smallest? I don’t see small sellers The upstart Hustler sellers, you know, I know it’s hard for might be getting hard.

[00:25:27] You know, they got the factories coming on. They got the old Brands catching up. You got amazonbasics. I mean. Yeah, I think it’s always going to be some room in the market for like the extremely Scrappy individual Nomad just finding gaps in the market ahead of time. Yeah, just make an accessory that much faster than everyone else just like not going through all the inspections just to be like know if you like solar glass.

[00:25:50] Yeah, like solar eclipse classes out there ASAP. And you know, I’m saying like that it is there’s always gonna be some sort of trying to get out there and faster than everyone else and that everyone else would be slow at and then there’s also going to be the people who do copy stuff faster than Amazon basics.

[00:26:05] So like I know there’s I got classic examples like there’s this Roost laptop stand. Yeah and 70 bucks and then some other guy made like a 20 or $30 version of it. Yeah. There’s no amazonbasics version yet, but there were some Scrappy dude who’s like, I’m pretty sure I can make that for half the price.

[00:26:21] Yeah, and so there’s always gonna be some market for that. But um to get into the market of actually like scaling to like. 10 mil 20 million a year and have a consistent growth overgrowth and not just chasing dollars that is going to be tough. And that’s where honestly I’ve been saying it for a couple years, but I feel like more and more these people are going to start teaming up with them private.

[00:26:41] He’s a private Equity people. There’s like camera last number. I stopped its trillions of dollars in cash on the sidelines right now. Just waiting to be invested in something when private Equity guys. They love the idea that you can kind of forecast sales figure out a standard kind of margin is going to be making and go.

[00:26:58] Okay now do this with 10 products that have one product and if we can just consistently grow this and all the numbers extrapolate out for five years. We can take the money we invested and sell this brand five years from now four hundred million dollars that we only had to put ten millions into and just kind of sit around for five years and that on paper I’ve seen a bunch of people showed up to me and in practice they never actually have like an actual like Amazon operator.

[00:27:26] In there and put some random like MBA guy in there to put some random kind of like operator type person in there. And this is where they would be a perfect higher to get one of these kind of like Nomads that’s kind of sick of scrapping around and looking for something a little bit more serious a little more settled down because like they have the entrepreneurial Spirit.

[00:27:45] They have liquid Scrappy mentality. They actually know how Amazon works. And they just need basically the backing of some Institutional Investor to give them kind of a blank checkbook to scale. Nice. Yeah, so I can’t wait, you know, it’s my favorite part about the summit. You know, I you probably heard of maybe Matt Mike Hartman before he was just on the show.

[00:28:05] I’m going to he’s scaling like crazy on he’s trying to stay ahead of the curve with these new trend accessories. He’s kind of making a system to render images before there, you know. He’s trying to be first to Market on some of these Apple launched kind of the apple day calls it or something. But yeah, I know it’s it’s true and then there’s definitely.

[00:28:27] There’s definitely more more Equity money coming in. Like I’ll catch you up to we meet but I’m I’m a partner in an investment company now for Amazon. Alpharock. I’m gonna ask you about that. I don’t know fair enough you wanted to get into that at all. But yeah, I’ve been following them and like the Virtuos Graphics guys and all that good stuff exciting stuff.

[00:28:45] Yeah, yeah well know about four or five guys from the from the equity. Come are you know, Alpha Rock investment company will be there. So yeah, we’re also trying to do that. We have some Scrappy operators and Hustlers trying to put old money into. Into Amazon, so and I thought of you and I kind of like David.

[00:29:09] I know David too from your company and I was thinking in my head. I was like, yeah, what they need to do is get like scrapping. I was like, oh lightbulb went off. I was like, oh now your company makes that much more sense kind of acquire and packages the services together, too. Whether they’re they’re fine Stand alone companies, but at the same time they all can kind of scratch each other back if they need to to help each other out exactly cool.

[00:29:35] But yeah, this is this is exciting is just a couple weeks away and just me so many more, you know, we always make amazing connections and and you’ll be there for the Mastermind to with some of the the select people that that upgrade for that and. I think you know I know it’s really early for you your you which is this your normal schedule or you always wanted yeah, I’m still I just got back from Friday from a pair of so I’m still jet-lagged here.

[00:30:00] So luckily I woke up at 6 a.m. Sharp and ready to go. All right, perfect. Well, yeah, I think I think you’re a people. I think this is a great catch up and I’m glad we got you on just before the the summit and you’ll be. Yeah, a Paris now you’re in Minneapolis and then you’ll be in in China of course and and October 21st 22nd 23rd the mean two days 22nd 23rd.

[00:30:24] And yeah, Nate will be there your friend our friend. They’ll be Macon’s Berg and it would be a really great line up. So as far as your your firm, how can people find you or your business online? Yeah, if you guys look up Goat Consulting will@goatconsulting as my email. If you are looking to Outsource your Amazon basically management of your account to prevent it from getting suspended gross sales optimize it merchandize it properly and everything in between.

[00:30:55] We’re definitely there to help you out. So, yeah, if you have any questions about that kind of thing or just even the agency to side of the business selling information to instead of. Physical product it’s kind of a different mentality for sure. True. True. Thanks so much Will and good luck in over your one jet lag and then another yeah, right.

[00:31:16] Sounds good. See ya. Thank you so much Alpha Rock Capital. I am a proud Equity partner and Biz Dev dude of Alpha Rock Capital. It is an Acquisitions firm buying Amazon FBA  mostly and some online businesses and other verticals. We are coming to the crossbar Summit. Thank you so much for the support from the other partners and Equity holders and investors of Alpha Rock they support this show too.

[00:31:42] If you’d like to get more information about investing selling your business or maybe even working for us check it out at There is a connect form. We have invested relations Partners there that will reach out to you and see if we can make some deals. It’s exciting opportunity.

[00:32:02] Thank you so much Alpha Rock. Thank you so much Will for sharing. It’s a it’s amazing. I mean he gives amazing value like, you know, I’m a meeting for first time in 2016 and he’s got a crowd of people around him and he’s just answering questions like non-stop. He can answer, throw him anything.

[00:32:19] He’ll answer it. I mean that’s how it is the podcast and definitely for the presentations. Spoken our event in the past and it’s always amazing to have him coming and and hanging out and he’ll be onsite for the VIP Mastermind on the 21st of Monday next week with a great group of people and the two days of the event.

[00:32:39] He’ll be speaking on Wednesday morning second slot. I think it’s always hard to figure out when to put everybody but we have him there and thank you everybody for listening to the show is our podcast and we have show notes and full transcriptions and amazing team. You know Alvin’s editing these we actually are thinking about doing some video podcasts, but audio for now we have the graphics Stephenie, and Mindy’s helping QC, Sheryl’s helping post, Lj’s helping edit and oversee and it’s just an amazing team.

[00:33:12] I’m really so lucky. And of course six years Global From Asia also turns six years old. It will be turning 6 years old on October 22 actually kind of just a coincidence, but during the Cross Border Summit. So I am really excited. I’m not going to do blah, blah, blah today. I’m going to take a, I’ve stressed out honestly.

[00:33:36] I’ve got a pile, a pile of work for the summit. And even though we have a great team April will be there. April’s help heading up our community and Client Services still just so much so much to do so, I’m going to skip, I’m skipping the our blah blah blah. Maybe I ought to bring my kids on one day there. I’m actually thinking about giving my son a Chromebook five and a half years old.

[00:34:00] What do you think? They need a computer but.  Thank you everybody and I’m going to go into the war zone now. So I’m going to go in to meet some amazing people. This is where the action is. You know, it’s pretty quiet here in Thailand right now. Although I’ve been here for some more turbulent times in Thailand.

[00:34:17] I think every entrepreneur around the world has their ups and downs, but I can’t wait to meet all of those, Have you that have decided to spend your time at Cross Border Summit fourth annual 2019 a lot of our different guests on a show and listeners and fans and friends. I almost feel like everybody’s my friend.

[00:34:37] That’s what makes me so stressed because everybody’s my friend and I do bargain.  you know bargaining and drawing a line and. Closing closing doors and stuff like that, but we’re gonna have an amazing event and I’m going to get back to it got talking to Bloomberg right now talking to different media channels South China Morning Post and others and jumpstart magazine and other local ones, and I really appreciate everybody’s help.

[00:35:04] Thank you so much and episode 275 over now. To get more info about running an international business, please visit our website at that’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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