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It is BACK! An event focused around you and making business deals. We are excited to announce the return of the Cross Border Matchmaker.

New and improved version

Taking The Best From Last Year + Combining With More Matching!

Last year’s CBM 2017 attendees really enjoyed the round tables and the networking at the Cross Border Matchmaker. As we are so deeply infatuated with listening to our attendees feedback – we decided to double down on the matchmaking and the round tables for this next CBM.

What to expect for CBM 2018?

We are hosting it again in the center of cross-border e-commerce- Shenzhen, China. We welcome both local Chinese business e-commerce executives as well as those visiting from overseas.

It is also during the popular Fall Trade Show Season (the fall trade show season was my first trip to China back in 2007, so it always brings back memories!) so we will have amazing visitors from around the world.

Matchmaking with Experts

We are calling this year’s presenters and contributors to the events “Experts” instead of speakers – because the Cross Border Matchmaker is not your typical powerpoint and presentation type event – it is about making matches, making deals, making valuable lifelong cross-border e-commerce relationships.

So of the 30+ experts we will have at the CBM – they will be engaging in two ways:

1 on 1 matchmaking tables – for part of the event we will have the CBM experts each at their own table to match up with attendees of the event. Signup in advance during the registration process so that we can ensure you get matched with the experts you are interested in.

Not sure which experts to connect with?

We can help making matches based on what type of businesses you are looking to meet, what kind of help you are looking for, and other attendees you’d want to sync up with.

Throughout the day we will have booths and tables setup with relevant business offers and factory offers so you can find companies interested to do business with other cross-border ecommerce business executives.

And then the other main feature of the Cross Border Matchmaker:

Round tables

What are round tables?
Basically an extension of the 1 on 1 – except 1 expert to a group of 8 to 12 attendees. We will have a round table (hence the name) for various experts, each with their expertise outlined on the agenda. Pick the topic, expert, and group you would like to join and start a valuable conversation.

The round tables are the higlight of many of our events, and we are excited to bring this to you for multiple sessions. We will rotate the tables so you can have more exposure than just a single expert or round table discussion.

On top of all this is of course our amazing networking and friendly environment. Global From Asia is putting community first, and we want to have quality and professional business owners at the event.

Want even more? For our GFA VIP members and those who opt in for the VIP level ticket we will have a half day mastermind the day before, on Thursday OCt 25. This is based on popular demand from previous attendees who enjoy having a deep and detailed discussion about their business with others. Share your struggles, share your tips, and build long term valuable relationships.

How does all of this sound? For us – we know it will be an action packed, priceless opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Bringing the top of the list experts from both China and overseas – we are serious about helping you grow your business to new heights.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of early bird pricing before it is gone! These events always sell out – so make sure to plan ahead and lock in your spot today!

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