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In this episode, Mike shares his insights on the topic of external traffic for your Amazon business, providing tips and strategies on attribution affiliates, paid ads, and real-world examples. This episode is perfect for Amazon sellers who want to build a long-lasting, sustainable business with reliable external traffic sources. Join us as we learn from his extensive experience in the Amazon space.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Mindset

  • Funnel Mapping

  • Attribution

  • Affiliate Strategy

  • Paid Ads Strategy

  • Examples & Case Studies

  • Q & A

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Amazon FBA Chiang Mai Meetup Event
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Big thanks to Mike for sharing his expert insights on external traffic for your Amazon business in this episode of the GFA Podcast. We appreciate his valuable contributions and hope you found his tips and strategies helpful for your Amazon business. Thanks for listening!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Episode 397 of Global from Asia. I’m in Tokyo and super busy. I think some of you remember the podcast with Gary Huang. He put together this amazing event here. I made a video blog as well. Can I go to a fish market for lunch and just wanna record our little intro for today’s show? Let’s tune in. Welcome to the Global from Asia Podcast, where the daunting process of [00:00:30] running an international business is broken down into straight up actionable advice.

And now your host, Michael Michelini. All right. This week’s show, it’s been like a long series of just me on the show. I, I have some Greek guests lined. But I’ve been doing a lot of speaking and this session we’re gonna be talking about external traffic for your Amazon. It was a session I’d spoke at at the Amazon meetup official, Amazon global [00:01:00] selling team dinner event in Chiang Mai in March.

And it was a pretty good session. It was actually an English and in. And Snook is great. She helped interpret, but we’re gonna put English only on today’s, on today’s show, but we are working more on Thai, Japanese, and other international markets here. A lot of exciting things happening. But let’s tune into the show and then after, I’ll show you around the fish market really quick.

Maybe you can meet some of the other [00:01:30] people that came to this conference. Are you looking for. Porter Logistics Company from Asia to the east and the West then look no further. Cross better logistics is a solution for you. From ocean shipping to air freight from factory to three PL warehouse, Amazon, F B A, and Walmart Cross Better Logistics is an experienced service provider.

Free camera sellers and B2B traders on TPS trade [00:02:00] as a G FFA partner level sponsor. Let them know we sent you and they’ll take care of you. Check them out@www.crossbetter.com. Today, I feel like this is like medium, medium level. I, I noticed some new sellers. This is more middle level. It’s about external traffic to your Amazon store.

So evergreen. It’s one of my favorite things. I know interpreting might be hard, [00:02:30] but I’ve tried to build evergreen businesses. So evergreen means it’s long lasting. Like these are evergreen trees, you know, in a forest they last longer than humans, they last a long time. I try to build content businesses, inbound traffic businesses, brands that last a long time, who knows him.

He’s, he’s your boss. If you’re a seller on Amazon, he’s your boss. But I like his quote, you know, Jeff Bezos, c. No [00:03:00] longer ceo, but the founder of Amazon says, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. And I say, that’s not just about your product, but it’s about you as a person.

It’s about your service, the way you treat people, the way your, if you’re a service provider, the way you treat your customers, if you’re a product seller, the way you present your, your product to your customer. So the real test is, if I leave right now, what. What will you say about, about me? What will you say about the product [00:03:30] that I deliver you?

You know, it’s like, this is one of our case studies. Actually. I wrote the book. I’m gonna try to find some ways to give away a book at the end. I’m thinking of some questions. I’ll ask some questions and we’ll give away two for free. But this book I wrote about one of my ex, one of my time selling on Amazon was the cno, the coffee.

So we built this brand and we sold this brand in 2018, I think, or before Covid. [00:04:00] And now this isn’t, that’s Luciano. Or Luciano say hi. What, say, say Hello. Hello. It’s Luciano there and this is our newest brand, one of our brands. I, I brothers. So I’ve done some meetups here and I’ve shown people, so we’re doing gifts for men right now and I’ll share this in my presentation.

So I like to kind of use an example brand when I share It’s kind of hard to pass it around, but if you wanna look at this, you [00:04:30] can look. Okay, so that was kind of like intro and warm up. So we’re gonna cover a lot today. I keep looking about, we’re about four minutes in, so we still got good time. The mindset funnels.

I was talking earlier, I, I talked to some of you we’re gonna talk about funnels. Attribution affiliates, paid ads and examples and q and a. So it’s a lot. It’s a lot. This is actually a three hour workshop I do, and I’m trying to compact it in 45 minutes, but I’ve done this as a three [00:05:00] hour workshop before.

So mindset. So what is, what is content? Does somebody want to try to answer? This does what is content. Video audio image. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. It’s true. Content is audio, video, text. I guess a little bit of a trick question, but I call it food. You just ate content. No, you didn’t eat content, but you’re eating food for a community.

It’s people, your, your customers, your community, people that [00:05:30] will buy your product or your service. You are feeding your audience content so that they know you and buy from you. And content could be your listing, right? Your product photo, your video, your description, but also it could be blogs, social media, TikTok.

Instagram, Facebook ad. You are feeding content to your audience. John, John and I were talking earlier, we’re working on a Kickstarter and he’s working really hard on [00:06:00] creating more content. Content is the is king. Content is what builds a brand. Content is what you need to constantly feed your audience, your customer, your community.

So this is like a mindset thing. So if you don’t have food, you don’t have a brand. So a lot of people think a brand is putting a logo on a product, like a private label brand is. I took this flask. Right, that you’re maybe passing around [00:06:30] and you put your logo on it. A lot of factories, especially think that’s a brand, I guess you can technically call it a brand, but if you don’t have content and you’re not feeding your audience and you’re not building awareness and relationship with your community, you’re not, in my opinion, a real brand.

This is a lot of text. I tried to make something fancy, but basically the point here is you can look at it in the past. In the past, factories and product companies didn’t do [00:07:00] content. They didn’t really do content. They would outsource to a media company, an advertising company, right? There was a separation of product and manufacturing and media and marketing.

Right, but we’re moving now to this point now where we’re, we’re creating our own social media accounts. We’re we’re paying for content. We’re finding in Kol influencer, you know, we’re, we’re, we are in the middle now, but I think the [00:07:30] future brands will be their own media companies. They’re the merger of e-commerce and media will be together.

You have to do your own media. You have to be a media company. Gary V. Do people know in Thailand? Do people know Gary V I say yes. Well, I think the whole foreigners know, but I got to meet him. Hong Kong. I’m kind of a fanm. But he says that we are all media companies, right? Everybody is a media company now, [00:08:00] right?

We have social media, we have websites, we have channels to communicate directly with our audience. And you know, he had Wine Library TV was one of his first businesses where he had like a YouTube channel and he would, he would You know, sell his wine on his YouTube channel, right? So he was creating content to sell his own wine, right?

So we are all media, and he says that there’s a big [00:08:30] merger between e-commerce and brands and media companies. Do you accept this? That’s the mindset, right? So do you, maybe you don’t agree with me, maybe you think you don’t need to do content, you can just. You know, pay other people, other companies. But if you believe in this, there’s so many things you gotta do.

It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work, right? We all, there’s so much work. You have to create the content, maybe find influencers, do paid ads, do [00:09:00] community, do affiliates, and driving traffic, measuring and, and call to action cta. You, you have a lot of work to do this. It’s not an easy job. So now we’re in second part and we’re kind of on time.

I would do welcome questions. I know people seem quieter or shy, so we need to think of a funnel. Do people know what a funnel is? No, I think there’s some yeses, but we’ll get to it. We’ll get to it. [00:09:30] So I, I kind of call this a funnel in a way. And this is our, our storefront. So you look here. This is amazon.com/excalibur brothers.

If you go to amazon dan com.com, I’m sorry, Chinese now slash Excalibur Brothers, you will see this page. This is our storefront homepage. I’m driving traffic here. I’m not driving traffic [00:10:00] here. Okay, this is my listing. Right. So I’m driving traffic to my storefront, which then drives to actually a full dedicated product page for the flask, right?

And then to my listing, that’s my Amazon funnel, which we’ll be talking about today. I, [00:10:30] it looks scary, but it’s basically saying is you are sending traffic from, I call it affiliate or any kind of site, right? Webs, your website, your Facebook, your, whichever to your Amazon. It says listings, but you’re trying to drive traffic to a website to the listing.

Another way is instead of doing it directly to the listing, because I know some people like Eric have had listing problems. If you send it to your storefront, [00:11:00] you have a little bit more control of the experience your visitor has cuz it’s more your ip, your brand. So I send traffic from these channels to the storefront rather than to the listing.

Again, I’m driving from storefront to listing. So this is kind of one of my core things I’m talking about today. So I, I know some people said they don’t have a storefront. I would even more basic is [00:11:30] you need a brand. I, I, I don’t have that in my content today. That’s why I said I’m kind of medium level, maybe even advanced, but I feel like this is medium level.

You, I strongly recommend you need to get brand registry to do this. You need brand registry. But I, I do brands. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t just sell generic. I only do brand. I think that’s what Amazon wants. You could ask them yourself. But I’m driving from my store soon to my listing, and I really believe that increases my rank and my traffic and, we’ll, we’ll [00:12:00] talk about that.

It’s an external traffic funnel, so we’re gonna go into the external part, but that’s the internal part. And somebody, I was talking at the tables and he, he says he doesn’t, he wants to know external traffic, but also internal traffic. And I would say that’s internal traffic. Your storefront to your listing.

Right. It’s, it’s, it’s like double work cuz you gotta make another page, you know? But so here is more funnel. So this is the [00:12:30] top right, top of funnel. Do people, I’m trying to gauge how much people know. Top of funnel, middle bottom. So this is where they learn about you, they trust you, they buy from you.

Learn, know you, trust you. Bye. So maybe blog TikTok, maybe Amazon Post. Even Amazon Post is internal [00:13:00] thesis. People just see your photo, see your product, learn about you, and then this is where I send them to the store. Storefront storefront, storefront not to listing. I want them to only see my product. I don’t want them to see my competitor product.

Your listing is not yours. It’s Amazon’s. They put your competitor all over your listing, your, you don’t [00:13:30] want them to see your competitor, so your store is only your product. They also cannot easily de take off your storefront page, your listing. You could maybe have a problem on your listing. So you want to control the storefront once they’re ready to buy it.

Just listing to buy. So they already want your product, not your competitor. They’re not looking at your competitor’s [00:14:00] ad they already want to buy. They buy. This is the.

At your storefront, do you link only to your Amazon listing or do you like present your expertise by showing? I have a blog because that the disadvantage, the advantage might be that you’re showing your your authority. That I’ve got all this information and this is why this product [00:14:30] is good for you.

On the other hand, it takes him away from Amazon, so, mm. Yeah, so he’s asking about, do you put other information or links besides the product? Actually Snook is in one of these photos and another brand, the Asato one, she, we did a photo shoot and I’m in it, she’s in it. There’s a few people in it on the Asato brand, so we have about page, we have other like authority building, but on the actual product page itself, we just want to send them to [00:15:00] the product.

But it’s, it’s almost like you’re building a Amazon storefront. It’s like an Amazon website. It’s like an eBay store back in eBay days. I would build the eBay store and then I would send the store to my LI listing. So you have more control of design, more control of the traffic. It’s also Amazon posts live there.

It’s where you’re driving, you’re driving your traffic. So it’s not just external traffic, it’s internal traffic off Amazon. Cause there’s more ways [00:15:30] internal customers on Amazon can find your content. So I put a lot, a lot of content in my storefront. So this is some, some data you’ll get. Also by having a storefront, you get more data.

Also as a brand registry, you get more data. So you want to, you want to use these tools. Okay. So again, we don’t, I wish we had more time. I’m trying, I’m trying to give as much as I possibly can, but you’ll see some, some data sources like organic, Amazon, other sources. This, [00:16:00] this is a, this is a tag, so we call it our website Static.

We build ’em on htmo, css, kind of technical, but we just say static. So we’re driving from our website, you know, we’re seeing this sponsored brands, organic traffic. You’re trying to see where this traffic and how many sales. So it’s giving you data. This is a recent screenshot, but you’re collecting this data from Amazon.

To to your storefront to understand where your customers are coming from, how [00:16:30] many you’re buying. You get this by using the storefront, not from the listing. This is from the storefront, Amazon attribution. Do people, anybody use Amazon attribution one? It’s a little bit, there’s not many people that use it.

Amazon attribution. A good, good, good job. It is a little bit more advanced, but it’s another tool so you can track your even from listings, not even storefront, but you can create like short URLs that you can use on Facebook or TikTok or [00:17:00] storefront to see where your traffic is coming from. So it’s another way.

It’s not our tool to measure your funnel. I wanted a whiteboard. I don’t think they had one, but you’re just trying to measure and track where your traffic is coming from. And storefronts attribution are ways to understand your funnel, to map your funnel. And then what we do, this is actually another brand.

Akata has more stuss. This is actually made in what’s that city? Oh, the, the pond. The [00:17:30] pa, we make these in Paal. This is jewelry made in Paal. So we make this very, it looks complicated, but it’s just a tracking, right? So this is a, the different kinds of jewelry of our listings, variations. And the title and the Amazon link.

So this is like we’re just tracking Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, traffic to try to understand what traffic is getting clicks and sales. [00:18:00] Using attribution. So like this is, this is, this is from Amazon, right? This is Amazon. And then the next one we just put it into Google Sheet or Excel so we can track it.

So we can have a list instead of using Amazon. So, But that’s done with funnel. We’re gonna go through some traffic sources, and again, each of these could be like a a, a whole course. So we’re gonna go through one. This is pretty straightforward. [00:18:30] I, I wanna make something that you can learn and do maybe today or tomorrow, and affiliates.

So one way to do affiliates is to go to your advertising, promotions next, and then create a coupon. Where you create a percent off. So see, you’re creating a 15% coupon. You do not show it on your listing. This is showing on the [00:19:00] listing. We, we, we, we don’t show on the listing. I know it might be complicated.

I I’m gonna, you don’t show the listing. And then next. Then you, you can put this, like Eric does a lot of blogs, right? Or his own website. You can give your own coupon code on your own website or to an affiliate that gives them a 15% off code on your listing, and now you can track [00:19:30] how many sales they’re giving you.

So I, I made that, I know it’s, maybe it’s overwhelming. It’s just basically create a coupon code. And that code, you don’t show anyone else except that one person or affiliate and they can say, oh this flask is the best flask. Use my coupon code, Eric, 1 23, and you will get 15% off on Amazon. So you will know as a seller.

Eric, [00:20:00] 1, 2, 3. So I know Eric brought me a customer. Because I saw his coupon was being used. I can use a report from my sales. I can see Eric on his blog, or maybe he’s going around here and asking people to buy my, my Flask, and he’s bringing me customer, and I can know that. Or I can give Shane one. Shane can go around and sell flasks and give a special coupon and I can run the report.

And [00:20:30] I say, good job, Shane. You got me 15 customers. I’ll give you a. Some, I, I want some peanut butter. Actually, he sells peanut butter. I find some peanut butter. But you understand, you’re trying to track, to do marketing, you need to know what is driving clicks in the funnel, right? You’re knowing what’s driving you business.

So this is, I, I try to make, I was thinking about it. I’m like, what’s a specific way I can help today for you to learn what to do right now. So if you want this, give your TikTok person. [00:21:00] Give somebody a coupon, a specific coupon, and then this is pretty easy, right? You create a coupon and give it to them and then you can track their sales.

So I wanted to do that today to make sure you had at least one very specific thing. And this is one specific thing. Okay. So that was like a, an affiliate marketing way, right? So you could give bloggers, reviewers, TikTok ERs a coupon, and they can say, you can make it anything. You can say like you know, Snook one, [00:21:30] two, you know, 88.

And they can say it on their video on YouTube or put it in their blog. So that’s a, that’s one for like affiliate marketing. This is paid ads. Paid ads, of course, everybody loves paid ads, is very scalable. And more blocks, more channels.

Okay. Who has a website for their, their business? Website. It’s about [00:22:00] half. More than half. Okay. That’s good. Actually, a lot of, I, I, I, I live in China for over, I guess over 10 years. And a lot of Chinese sellers don’t bother with the website. They don’t bother, they don’t think they need a website. So I’m glad a lot of here have it.

And I like to say landing pages are money. Everybody likes money, right? So landing pages are where you can test. Landing pages are where you can see if somebody will, you [00:22:30] know, buy or give you their email or, you know, do something that you hope that they will do. And this is where you’re testing next. And again, like we said before, hidden coupon codes.

And here you have hidden landing pages. I like to do hidden because I like to know h what traffic I can send there. I don’t want any traffic to go there. I want only the [00:23:00] traffic. I want to go there. Go there. So I don’t put it on my homepage. I don’t put it on my menu. It’s a hidden page. Okay. Okay. You don’t want people to see, you can make a copy of it, right?

You can copy your, copy a page and hide it. So here’s, here’s an example, although I, I should have changed this before, but don’t, this is not as good as strategies used to be. I don’t know if [00:23:30] Amazon’s watching. Hopefully not. But you know, back in the day, you do like a really, really low discount. So, 80 percent’s.

Now, this is how we launched our mocha pot. We drove a lot of Facebook ads to a landing page, hidden landing page with a huge discount, right? Mocha pot. You know, everyone in Thailand likes coffee, right? Only $7, normally $35. Get the coupon. You know, limited time. There’s a countdown timer, you know. So this is, this [00:24:00] is, this is like a, a paid advertising landing page strategy where you’re driving Facebook ads, other paid traffic, maybe even free traffic, or maybe email traffic, right?

Affiliate traffic. But you’re making multiple pages, right? You just want to have this, this is not public. This is not on your homepage. Boosting ads, right? So you have a landing page, a paid offer, exclusive offer, coupon code, right? And now you gotta send traffic there. I can’t teach you Facebook ads in 10 [00:24:30] minutes, but next slide.

This is like an ad we had. Okay, so this is a Facebook ad attention. You know, do you want this special offer? We actually put a video, you know, and then we drive it to a landing page and you could use Amazon attribution and you could even do it in Amazon storefronts now. But we would send it to an external landing page with a countdown timer, 24 hours.

Cookie and I, but [00:25:00] basically you’re, you’re sending paid traffic with an exclusive offer. You know, one time chance. Buy this now. Super good price. Send to Amazon, get coupon, get email, get pixel. And I mean, you could copy this or take a photo of this, you know, it’s like promotion, 20 person off comment. If you want one comment friend.

You’re trying to get engagements, you’re trying to draft traffic, you’re trying to get conversion, right? And you’re [00:25:30] testing this versus other landing pages, right? You’re multiple landing pages, campaigns, testing, and this is Facebook, right? But really they’re all the same. I mean, they look different, but they’re all the same.

Every paid traffic is somewhat similar in a it’s funnel. It’s all about the funnel, and I wanted to draw it, but it’s how many people saw it? How many people clicked it? How many people [00:26:00] bought it, or opted, you know? So you’re just looking, which, which one is getting more results, reach, impressions, clicks, sales.

How much you spent. So you’re, you’re testing and testing and testing. This is what marketing is, is is testing. It’s collecting data. It’s measuring a funnel. How is the funnel converting? Is it getting I People see it, people read it, people click it, people give you money, right? You’re just [00:26:30] testing this funnel.

So the goal, right? The goal. What are you trying to do? Getting to sketch your email, get a pixel, buy the product. These are some call to actions, you know, the landing pages, what are you trying to get them to do? And then of course the best is to do all three, right? So if you’re using a landing page, you, we didn’t talk about pixels, but pixels are like tracking and monitoring your ads or, or [00:27:00] monitoring your visitors.

But you try to get their pixel right, so you can see how many visitors, how many pro emails, how many sales. So you wanna try to find a solution that can try to get everything, get the pixel, get the email, get the customer. So we started with Evergreen. We started with Evergreen, and I wanted to end with Bamboo because it’s more Asia.

It’s more Asia, right? Evergreen is more [00:27:30] America. Bamboo is more Asia. So someone told me a long time ago about the bamboo forest. And they say a bamboo forest. I hope I’m right. You might be correct me for a long time. There’s, you don’t see any bamboo. It’s just growing underground and then suddenly they just start popping up.

They’ve been growing underground for so long, building this foundation, building the [00:28:00] network, building the experience. Right. And then suddenly people see you and like, wow, how did this huge bamboo forest come sub suddenly because they were working so hard underground. And this is what I think building a brand, building an evergreen business, building a long-term business is this is a lot of hard work that you don’t see results maybe right away.

You know? I know. Especially Amazon. You gotta make it, you gotta ship it. You gotta hope it gets into [00:28:30] that gets in. You gotta like, Beg people to buy it. You gotta beg people to review it, right? It’s a long time, but it’s, it’s like a bamboo forest and suddenly it just starts popping up and then you start to reap the rewards.

So that’s kind of how I wanted to end today session, and it is time for questions. I don’t know if Snook is doing or a max, but I, I, I hoped I, I mean, they said, Mike, can you do a session for 45 minutes on external traffic [00:29:00] for Amazon? I’m like, I’ll try. So I, I mean, there was a lot there. And I, I hope, I hope I like I said, that, that I’ve done that almost same slide back in a three hour session before.

So I hope that you got something from this. And I, I’m here for questions

in convert, lifting compared so on. Okay, so I think the question is what’s the most what’s the [00:29:30] best channel for sales? Right? What’s the best converting channel? What’s the question? Conversion. What gives the best conversion? You know, I know it’s gonna give you your favorite answer, but it’s, it depends, you know, I think it’s, it depends on your product.

It de you have to test which channel is best. Like, of course Instagram is fashion, it’s models, it’s Luciano sharing his, his his experiences in Bangkok, right? If you’re doing [00:30:00] fashion, you know, it’s, it’s what, where is your customer? And where are they? But if you want conversions, conversions would be more for people ready to buy.

That might be Google Ad words. Google Ads is where people are searching to buy. Usually Facebook is more like they’re friends. They’re, they’re not ready to buy. They’re just branding awareness. [00:30:30] It depends on your product, your price points. Is it, is it a big, big customer, big spend, or is it a small thing?

But of course the best one is paid ads. All these platforms want money from us. Now. Amazon wants ppc, Facebook wants ads. Instagram wants ads. It’s very hard to do free, it’s very hard to do like organic anymore. So I think the best is to get good at paid [00:31:00] advertising on Facebook or Instagram or. Or Google Ads.

But Google Ads might be best for bottom of funnel, where they’re ready to buy, they’re searching by men’s flask, right? And then they convert. So that would probably have a higher conversion. Okay. I hope that helps. But that’s what marketing, marketing is, testing different channels. It’s also don’t do all of these at the same time.

Try one and if it doesn’t work, go to next. If it works, keep going until you [00:31:30] get some, maybe have a worker focus on that channel and then go to another channel. If you do all, it’ll be hard. Pick one by one. So she’s asking, I hope I’m saying her. It’s far. Far, far sending traffic to the storefront page versus a listing page.

So I don’t trust Amazon too much to send traffic to my listing because they put more and more ads of my [00:32:00] competitors on the listing. So I’m gonna send money if I’m gonna pay Facebook ads to my listing and they say, don’t buy my his product, buy this other guy’s product on the listing. They say yours, they’re gonna say, this flask is expensive.

Buy hearse, don’t buy mine. And I paid Facebook ads to do that. Okay. That’s what Amazon does now, so they don’t do that yet on your [00:32:30] storefront. So you send it to your storefront. It’s all your property, you can do into anything you want. And then you can even do, I actually didn’t test it yet, but I wanna put coupons on my storefront because actually the flask rinks really, really good.

It’s really good and it’s very competitive. And this is only We launched it in like the summer and it’s like top, top 10 because we’re driving, I think it’s hard to measure exactly, but I think [00:33:00] it’s because we send traffic to the storefront, to the, to the listing. High conversion. Like he says, Amazon wants conversion, they want sales.

So I send sales to my listing, not traffic. So I believe a high converting listing. So that’s why I, I say the front is the middle because maybe they don’t want to buy and they leave, but it doesn’t hurt my conversion on my listing. I’m trying to convince them on my [00:33:30] store, and then they only buy mine on my listing.

They don’t click back. They don’t click. My competitor, they just buy, I mean, I mean the listing, you’re, you’re selling them on your storefront page. So while they see your competitors on your listing, they hopefully have been convinced by your storefront to buy yours more than before. It’s about, we said in warming your traffic.

It’s like you’re building the trust and build relationships so that they, [00:34:00] they don’t want your, it’s like a I’m try, I always think about it like a boyfriend, girlfriend. I want to be your girlfriend, so I don’t want you to see my other boys. I don’t want you to see other boys, but just me. Right? Then later we go outside and you see other boys, but you’re already with me, so then you gotta break up with me.

But you already were with, I think about it like this. So you want to have them be interested in you. So that when they [00:34:30] see other people, they only remember you. It’s, I actually think a lot about relation, it’s about relationships. So you try to convince them to buy only yours. And thank you to our sponsor, our returning sponsor, mercury.com online bank while it’s a real bank, but to a totally online for us.

Our Blimp program participants are going through this as well. Thank you, mercury. Travis is great. Been on our shows, been in our events, we’re gonna have another event where we will have them attending as [00:35:00] well. And if you wanna get a little bonus for you and us, if you sign up and do some special circumstances, you can go to global information.com/berkeley.

I also have a video tutorial that we use, even for the BLI people. Use the same exact video to learn how to use it. Ha. Hope you can check it out totally free. Why not see you there? All right, so hope you enjoyed my session, sharing my external traffic for. And we’re at the fish market. I gotta go find them.

So let’s go see if I can find them and then do a little chit chat. All right, we got [00:35:30] Gary. Great job. Thanks first ever Amazon conference in Tokyo. Woo. Thanks. Thanks for all that support, Mike. Appreciate it. It was a great event. Definitely a lot of. Very cool people from all over the world. Yeah. Yeah.

And then right now we’re actually at the Tai Fish Market right behind us in, in Tokyo. This is like the oldest and the biggest fish market, and we had some good sushi. Did you have something? I have some lunch. Okay. I, I, I, he he t treated me some birthday shots last night, my [00:36:00] first hangover in like a decade.

Mike had a big night last night. Missed I missed. I missed the market. But yeah. Thanks man. It’s really my first time in Tokyo, so thanks for Yeah. Thanks for your hospitality. Yeah. It’s great to see you here, man. Awesome. It’s been awesome. Cheers. Yeah. Cheers, guys. Cheers. Cheers. S to get more info about running an international business, please visit our website@triplew.global from asia.com.

That’s Triple w.global from asia.com. Also, be sure to subscribe to our [00:36:30] iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in

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