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We are Chopping Down Products & Diving Deep with ASINs.

This is a true behind the scenes episode for the Amazon FBA business. The partners of the company have calls on Sunday night and just a couple days ago I got permission to record it. Marc’s first time to join the partner call as well – and to be honest some things on this one were borderline should be cut out of the show. But we’re doing what we promised – keeping it real – and letting you be a “fly on the wall”.

We discuss Amazon PPC, building a brand vs selling on Amazon, product selection strategy, Q4 thought process and thinking about Chinese new year and new production orders for 2019.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce the Partners

    Go around the partners and introduce each other

  • Relaunched the MicroGreens

  • Liquidating the French Press

  • New 3D Rendering / 3d Modeling for Moka Pot

    Shipment going out from China (from Lorenzo) to Spain

  • Danny McMillan’s Help

    Danny from Seller Sessions podcast gave us a lot of insights

  • 3D Rendering & PhotoShop combined

    Meir said needs both

  • Diving deeper into moka pot

    Focusing on one type of product and doing more variations.

  • Pricing without the Kit

    How we will decide what pricing

  • PPC Growth and Focus

    How to get to the next level

  • How to Build a Brand

    Focusing on selling on Amazon for now?

  • Leveraging Influencers

    How to get traffic from competitors

  • Finding a VA and Video Content

    Strategies, tasks a VA in Philippines can help us with. Unboxing video, stock footage.

  • Amazon Spark

    A way to find influencers

  • Finding A Team Member

    Busy for Q4, didn’t realize it

  • Using a VPN for Seller Central

    To be careful with a US IP address for Amazon FBA

  • Reviewing Financials in Bangkok

  • Firing his Amazon Outsourcing Company

    Too many mixups and mistakes with them.

  • Current Sales

    Sold 90 moka pots in 30 days.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ Quantify Ninja – read the GFA review here
Amazon Spark
Marc Roca
Meir Simhi
Cadrian Chan
Michael Michelini

Episode Length 44:55

It is also great to bring Luisa into the intro and outro of the podcast – she’s new on the team and will be heading up the business development and strategic partners here at Global From Asia.

This is what we are working on – building a community – highlighting great people ad companies – to help people build a global empire from Asia. As my buddy Chris Gormley says – his high school wrestling coach would say – the cream always rises to the top. So here at GFA we are building an ecosystem to let that cream rise to the top.

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