Updates to Hong Kong Investment Visa Approval Process with Stephen Barnes

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Thank you everyone for tuning in to another Global From Asia, a shout out to 4 amazing people who shared last week’s Hong Kong warehousing and fulfillment post – Casey Lau (who was on episode 3 on Hong Kong startup scene and StartupsHK.com), Victor Leal from Importarama.com who I met when he was here for Canton fair from Brazil giving me some of his research for the logistics show,
and Michael Eagleton from FABAPC brands in Shenzhen, who shared it a couple times this week on his linkedin and I’m so appreciative – and Chi-Wai Li who is a regular listener and founder of getfit.hk,who also left a voicemail for us

So that is a new thing I just added to the blog on globalfromasia.com/voicemail/ – you can record a quick message and I’ll work it into future episodes – can be questions, comments, followups – and I know people like to hear more about other listeners experience, I’m also so happy to hear from you

And thanks everyone for the positive support again on the last show – I will try to get more Hong Kong logistics and warehousing and fulfillment companies to interview in future episodes – it is such a complex process and many are hesitant to share on a podcast

Ok, and now for this week’s show – we have Steve Barnes back with us – I got an email alert from him a week or so ago about some big updates in the Hong Kong investment visa approval process and so I thought it would be a good chance to get him on the show. We went through the basics of it on episode4 – so listen there if you want that – but today we talk about some of the current challenges as the approval process for getting an investment visa here is tightening.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Brief introduction of Stephen Barnes and his Hong Kong Visa Service company
  • On the show with us in episode 4 – thanks for coming back!
  • Investment Visa, what it is and who its for.
  • So I got your email update about your alert it’s getting harder to get a Hong Kong investment visa, can you explain?
  • So then basically, you need more money to get it?
  • Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and out of Hong Kong, thought process of considering a Hong Kong visa
  • Comparing an Investment visa to an Employment visa to a Student visa, and a Tourist visa. Putting it all together, which one is for who, and why.
  • Those Hong Kong companies in Mainland China (Like me) or in Southeast Asia or other countries, how they are treated
  • Diving Deeper into the Investment visa for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses
  • How about those business people who have a Hong Kong investment visa already? Are they also subject to stricter rules?
  • How about Hong Kong “guanxi” or connections who can write letters?
  • Newbie tip for a Foreigner in USA or Europe looking to make the move to Hong Kong to startup.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 26:08

Thanks Stephen he also video taped it on the show and it will be on his youtube channel – I will post that on the show notes here at globalfromasia.com/episode42 – I’m so happy to have Steve in the Hong Kong business community – he shares his knowledge so openly.

He mentioned the 1 year MBA programs in Hong Kong as a good way to start getting yourself into Hong Kong business, I think that is a good topic for a future show and I will start to look for some people to interview for that.

Next week we will have a topic about how to get recruited to work in Hong Kong and Asia, while in your home country in the west with Justin Leung from Ambition Hong Kong – so see you next week!

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