Leverage Email Marketing For Your Amazon Business with Yinon

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Today we are meeting the founder of Quantify Ninja – Yinon! He is a proud member of our GFA Partners program and we are so happy to have him on the GFA TV series today. At our FBA Business, Para Living – we have been using Quantify Ninja – it was recommended by Meir Simhi, our advisor in the business.

Today we have him here at our Cross border Matchmaker event – he came over – first time to China, right? Thanks for your support!

In the video today we want to get to know you and the company a bit more – we will have future videos and we have a full review of your software up on Global From Asia Reviews – so let’s focus on you and your story.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • So you’re from Israel

    how is that startup scene and Amazon FBA scene? I have yet to go but I hear it is huge!

  • How did you get into the space of ecommerce?

    What’s your story of getting into Amazon FBA

  • Any partners? Investors?

    How have you financed it?

  • I hear you’re the developer!

    I’m envious – I know being a developer is more and more important I should have been better – but my son will be a developer. That has helped you with the business for sure right and you’re still in the code now?

  • How do Amazon FBA sellers use your software

    Can you give us a walkthrough of what main features people use. We use it for email followup, but we chatted and you said something about Facebook bot too?

  • We are using the followup feature the most?

    Can you explain how it works?

  • What is the most ideal way?

  • What do you see sellers struggling with the most?

    What are some pain points?

  • What is your long term goal?

    Tell us the future and the strategy of Quantify Ninja?

We are doing a GFA Deal soon!

Episode Length 26:26

People at the Cross Border Matchmaker will get a special deal and we are offering it to the public once this video goes online and you get some rest back in Israel – people can subscribe for this deal alert and others at globalfromasia.com/deals/

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