Announcement: Launching a Live Talk Show for Global From Asia

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Want to watch live news about Hong Kong and Asia business? With a fun twist, and interactive guests and chat? Look no further.

Been podcasting now for almost three years, and loving it. Was honestly so nervous to put my voice online, then earlier this year started Mike’s blog video blog channel and was nervous about putting my videos online.

Now, time to step it up another notch – Live Video Talk. This Thursday at 9pm Hong Kong time, we will start a live video stream about Hong Kong business news and updates.

What Will We Discuss?

For those of you on our weekly newsletter (if you’re not, subscribe here), you will see it is quick updates on big news happening in HK and Asia business. I love that readers send in articles for us to add, and I will continue to crowdsource these news from people. Also announce new products and updates in various incubator programs, events, and tidbits.

What Is The Format Like?

So this is the first one, and like everything we do here, it will be adapted based on your feedback. Here is our first crack at it:

  • Opening, welcome the live viewers – I will open the show and welcome those who are tuning in live. See where people are coming in from.
  • Copy of Opening, welcome the live viewers – I will open the show and welcome those who are tuning in live. See where people are coming in from.
  • Top News in the headlines – what is the headline news? One or two big updates
  • Segment 1 – this is where I’ll ask someone else to come on to co-host and share a specific news update. Can be recent announcement in their company, or their opinion on trends in a specific industry. Thinking about crowdfunding, manufacturing in China, banking, taxes, and other fun stuff like that!
  • Segment 2 – another co-host coming on for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Segment 3 – optional, depending on the week and the amount of time we have
  • Wrap up, Q&A – get some questions from the live viewers, see what people are thinking. Some fun ending updates and clues for what we will discuss on the next week’s show.

How to Tune in?

This is a work in progress – but you can tune in the following ways:

* Go To our Website Page – we will have this headquartered on our page where you can always hop there and choose the most up to date ways to subscribe and find how to tune in.

* Facebook Live – Deciding if this is done on our facebook page for business – or my personal wall – but I will definitely announce it on my personal wall with a link on how to get it.

* Huzza – Learned this from Social Media Examiner’s morning talk and seems like it covers everything we need. So I have an account there now where you can signup in advance.

* Weibo Live – Wendy, my wife, is working on this one. My weibo is and I’ll have a dedicated mobile phone for this one.

Missing It? We will Record and Share

So while tuning in live will be the most fun, we will record it and share online. I’m thinking to put it on the iTunes feed for the podcast – keep it in the same feed as the interview podcast but start the title with GFATALK001 so subscribers can choose to listen to the talk show or just stick with the interviews.

What Do You Think? Excited?

I am still a bit nervous about this one to be honest. Live is a whole new level -can’t do retakes! This first one I’ll do from my HK office, and a few friends will be there to share the spotlight. Yet I do think this is the future.

The real future will be VR – where you can join me virtually and we can all have a live show in the same “virtual room”. And when that comes, I hope you will join me and the Global From Asia show.

Let’s take this to the next level, your opinions, feedback, and criticism (hopefully constructive) is appreciated.

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    1. Michael Michelini

      wow – thanks Kathrin – I am excited to see you there! Though I am learning I may not be able to do facebook live from a facebook page – so I may need to use my personal – see you in a couple days! 🙂

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