Difference Between a Maker and a Future Engineer, in Shenzhen, China with Henk from Trouble Maker

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I got the flu! On meds now so I’m feeling pretty high, will keep today’s intro short – sunday evening after a bus ride back to Shenzhen from a Hong KOng business meeting today. Well, we have the Global From Asia course almost ready to get kicked off, right on the start of chinese new year – if you want to get in on the ground level with us, globalfromasia.com/course i am putting my whole brain into this one on international business and optimization, hope you can give it a look, as it supports this show and our future efforts here.

Ok, this week’s show, Henk from Trouble maker – we had a good conversation at his maker space in Hua Qiang Bei digging into makers vs engineers and a whole lot more – enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Henk, and Troublemaker?

  • Troublemaker

    So how did Troublemaker come to be?

  • Trends

    What trends have you seen in the maker movement here in Shenzhen?

  • Accessibility

    Many listeners are not located in China, do they still have a chance / opportunity?

  • Basic Skills

    What are some basic skills a “maker in training” can learn?

  • Maker v.s. Future Engineer

    Difference between a Maker and a future engineer

  • Overview of HuaQiangBei

    HQB and why you’re there, it’s like a landing page on a website

  • Design Your Own Robot

    Your education and courses. On designing robots, as well as theme based ones on design, structural engineering, electronics engineerings

  • Longgang, dormitories, what?

    New location in Longgang and future incubator.

  • Contacting You and Troublemaker

    How can people reach out

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Troublemaker’s website
√ Henk’s wechat is “protopro”
√ Quora.com
Mike’s blog of huaqiangbei
Global From Asia Course

Episode Length 25:59

Thank you Henk! Make sure you give him a chat on Wechat and say thanks for me as well – would love to hear you enjoyed it.

Alrighty everyone – i am taking a vacation for Chinese New Year – but – don’t worry – next week’s show is ready and it’s a good one, won’t ruin the surprise – episode 158 is over- show notes is, as always, www.globalfromasia.com/maker-vs-engineer/, peace and see you in the year of the cock!

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