Stuck in China, Legal Battle Results with John Graham Harper

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We had John on earlier in 2019 about his business deal gone bad and being Stuck in China on episode 247 – so definitely listen in to that show if you haven’t already.

He has an update on what happened, what he learned, and most important, what he suggests for others on this week’s show.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce John

    What are you upto these days?

  • Where we last left off on the last episode

    You were raising money on the campaign, how did that go?

  • Next steps after the campaign

    What happened once the campaign was completed? To re-try the case, to go to the old court to cancel the old verdict and get off the black list.

  • Steps to fight this legal issue in Mid April

    What were the main highlights on the appeal. Procedural justice over substantive justice.

  • Time and process

    How long did various steps take, how much to pay and what happens.

  • Where we are now in May 2020

    So what was the update, result / outcome

  • What is it like to be on a black list with your passport

    How is travel

  • Paying the costs

    How does the enforcement department treat this? Payment schedule left.

  • What are your plans with this new verdict

    What is the plan?

  • What you recommend for others doing business in China

    Any tips or recommendations?

  • More clarifications

    From the contract, or what was it that made me lose? What was it?

  • Will you give up on China after this?

    What is your China future?

  • Where people can connect with you.

    His podcast The JG Show on Apple

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 41:54

Thank you John for sharing once again your experience. It has given us closure and I guess it is one of those lessons in China to answer your phone and to keep your address updated. And seems like you are still continuing your China journey even after that horrible experience.

So I hope everybody enjoyed this episode and we have so many more shows to go.

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