Some Updates and Future Developments for Global From Asia

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Many people have asked what is the next move for Global From Asia. Approaching 3 years now since we started this podcast, it has gotten quite interesting. We have written a book Hong Kong Supercharged along with a video training program.

There are constant messages from people who learn a lot from the podcasts and we couldn’t be happier!

We have done the HKVIP service for Hong Kong company setup and operations, and gotten to know our audience much more this way.

Hosted a Cross Border Summit event right on the Shenzhen, China border with Hong Kong – excited to make this our main annual event.

After the Cross Border Summit, we opened our new member’s forum. For people at the event as well as others who love the show and blog to connect with each other and share information in a private setting.

Things are interesting.

More shows On Other Parts of Asia

We want to do more shows on Southeast Asia. Talk about company setup and operations in places like Thailand, Philippines, and other markets that are getting more and more talked about.

We named it “Global From Asia” after all – that was always the vision. To see how businesses in Asis are growing around the world.

Citizenship and Residency

Another hot topic that is always talked about from the show is taxes, based on where you are a citizen or a resident.

Pretty complicated stuff that I have just started to learn more about myself. We had Tak Lo on the show talking about E-Estonia / e-residency programs, and just touched on a it a bit. Was fascinating and we will do a whole show on that one soon enough.

Since I have started to do international business, it has always blown my mind: where we are born has such an impact. On how we can live our lives and do our business.

There has to be a better way. There has to be a system in the future for talented and hard working to have an opportunity to build their business – from any location. Why should they have to change citizenship. Why should they have to physically move somewhere.

The internet is an amazing place, and we can learn and connect with people all around the world. We shouldn’t be limited because our mother gave birth in a certain country.

I have been learning this first hand with my children – it is such a hassle dealing with immigration, what place they should get their ID, where they will pay taxes. What is the future in all of this?

Some Potential Upcoming Topics

Are these topics interesting to you? We will be interviewing

* Company setup in Manila, Philippines – how to get your business operating there, what is involved, etc.

* Running an SEO outsourcing company in Cebu – My business partner Josh is in Cebu, Philippines and its been a year now since we kicked it off. How have things been going and what are some of the good, the bad, and the ugly during the process.

* Opening a company in Thailand. Have a friend who has been operating his business in Thailand for years now and gives me an earfull of value every time I am there. He will be a great guest on the show.

* App marketing in India – my friend who goes between Hong Kong and India is a wizard at app marketing in India. Think she would be an amazing guest to talk about how she does marketing in India for her mobile app, and some of the insights on the market there.

* E-estonia residency – how this program works. Get Tak back on the show, or maybe even some one from Estonia themselves!

* Manufacturing in Vietnam – more and more people are designing and manufacturing their product in Vietnam, how is that going? Still in early days? Have a few guests in mind for this one.

* Thailand ecosystem business w/ Amarit

Or is this getting too broad and off topic? So far we have focused on Hong Kong and Mainland China topics. Yet, I think it is fascinating to learn about all these various markets in Asia. Such a massive region and so much to be covered – lets see where it takes us.

This is My Dream, hope you Enjoy it!

I love talking business in China and Asia. I love connecting with awesome people, and helping educate people and bring awareness to the rest of the world. It has taken me years to get the courage to put myself out there online – and now it is time to get things up to the next level!

Video is a whole new beast. I have done some fun video blogs… but I need to get more prepared to make them in the future as I know there is a huge audience out there in Youtube and video watchers.

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