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We have grown quite a bit here at Global From Asia. Listeners and readers are confused on all the things we do – so today we want to kind of use this blog to recap everyone on where we are and what we can offer you.

The world is flat. Location and business are no longer one in the same.

Global From Asia is fulfilling the need for Western entrepreneurs who need access to the same tools and opportunities in business structures as the big conglomerates.

Global From Asia Podcast

Our shining star is our audio podcast, Global From Asia. Starting in October 2013, it set out to give access and information to global entrepreneurs about how to do business in Hong Kong.

It has grown to over 100 episodes, thousands of regular weekly subscribers, and a total of over 200,000 listens! This has created a good base for our brand and trust in the market to grow from.

Full Length Books on Hong Kong + China Business

We have now published 3 books:

Hong Kong Supercharged – the A to Z guide for opening and running your Hong Kong company. Over 200 pages of actionable, step by step advice leaving no step skipped.

Destination China – For your first year moving to China and setting up your venture

China Startup – for those looking to do a tech venture in China, this book covers the real life experiences of one and the tips and tricks to do it on your own.

Video Training Course

Not into books or audio? We offer a full video training course on how to open and operate your Hong Kong company.

Full Service Consulting and Packages

Not interested to learn and just want to go to the experts and have them do it? No problem we are here for you! We offer every service in Hong Kong incorporation and maintenance, from setup to ongoing operations such as secretary and virtual address.

Events & Community

Maybe you just don’t want to feel as alone as many entrepreneurs feel. Join our in-person conferences and network with others just like you:

Cross Border Summit – Annual Conference for global traders and ecommerce professionals.

Live Interviews – Come watch a podcast in the making! We have our office in TST converted into a studio where a small group can watch the interview and be our special studio audience!

About Our Listeners and Clients

Curious to know who is interested in what we’re doing?

We have a predominantly white male, more European than American, demographic in their late 20s to mid 40s. Most have some experience already doing business online such as e-commerce and internet marketing.

Majority of them do not live in Hong Kong, but more are in lower cost of living areas such as Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. They don’t want their nationality or place of business to justify where they need to live their life, and instead choose the best mix of price, convenience, and overall lifestyle.

This is a growing market often called “digital nomad”. Many would say it is also “lifestyle business” or sparked from the book by Tim Ferriss called “The Four Hour Work Week”.

Opportunity + Partnership Opportunities

We are a growing brand and agency here in Hong Kong. We have our team based around the world, from here in Hong Kong to China, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, USA, and Ukraine!

But we need more capital to grow smoothly and effectively. Listeners, attendees, and clients are growing faster than we can keep up, and operations is overheated.

We are looking to make our first full-time hire locally in Hong Kong to assist with the local company setup and maintenance work. They can also help with local business development such as finding guest for the podcast, and speakers for the event.

We Are Open For Proposals

Get in early on the growth of Global From Asia! We want to build long term relationships and will always support and remember those who came on board in the early days.

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