Why Does the Rest of the World Hate Americans?

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Perception of the U.S. in Asia would be surprising to most Americans. When Americans advocate human rights, we feel justified in our efforts to improve the world. The rest of the world sees 250 years of slavery of Africans and the systematic genocide of the Native American people and cultures. Americans see progress, but unfortunately, other countries see zero moral authority. From the Chinese point of view, especially, it is the ultimate hypocrisy to have Americans lecture them on human rights.

I think it is important understanding Global Perspectives on how they see Americans. As an American born human being, I grew up with the US culture and US perspective. Living abroad, mostly in China, 10+ years and now in Thailand, I have had a bunch of different perspectives. Today’s guest we will discuss how other parts of the world – and more specifically, China – may see the US culture perspective.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Richard

  • Where have you heard these various perspectives?

    In government, in education, in normal day to day interactions?

  • Give me an example of how this conversation gets started

    A story of some of these cultural insights

  • Similarities of Chinese and Americans

    I’d say there are a lot of similarities – both huge economies and very patriotic.

  • How do you see this trade war going?

  • How Americans can do better in the Chinese business world?

    Is the Trump style of negotiation effective in China?

  • Why China doesn’t listen to everything USA says

    And how some feel it is hypocritical to discuss human rights.

  • Americans welcome to China anymore?

    These are scary times, will Americans be allowed to enter China anymore?

  • Your book -can you share about it

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 56:37

Thank you, Richard for sharing and thank you everybody for listening. That is hopefully some insights for you. So this week it’s been an amazing time and I learned a lot from his book.

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