That Anxious Time When It Is Almost There

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So we are pushing through, Roland is bouncing back and forth between China and Europe like a ping pong ball it seems – he is here in China and we got to meetup while he was in Shenzhen. Seeing the photos of the moka pot and the photographer sending various versions is getting us on the edge of our seats!

Let’s dive into the show!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Roland - how you feeling?

    Tired man? Oh, to be young like you 😉 I’m an old man now, lol

  • The calm before the storm

    We had a fun conversation in your hotel – nice view of Hua Qiang Bei by the way, that we are so close to getting to a new level of sales here. It is seriously like 9 months since we started this moka pot journey and it is our biggest product. I know listeners and friends have seriously been asking me when it will be ready.

  • I’m excited for the PPC of a bigger value product

    Our problem has been we are selling 10 to 15 dollar items and doing PPC on them. Sure, I am happy Meir gave us the tip to make a smaller kit while we wait for this freaking moka pot (else we would still be waiting to sell!) but man, this is hard to spend advertising on a ten dollar item. Basically I’d say it is for our team to get experience on PPC and the whole process down. Once we get higher value items in there we can have more of an advertising budget.

  • Getting the Content Machine Rolling for Sisitano

    Social media, blog posts, eBooks, email auto-responder

  • Programming the membership system.

    Phil messing with APIs and experimenting with a more effective way to have customers who want to optin for their Sisitano membership to look up their Amazon order more easily.

  • Selling out on the Micro Greens Kit

    This kind of surprised us – we are now rushing to re-stock it.

  • Trying to avoid having item out of stock

    That is no-go, no-no for Amazon right?

  • Shipping Seeds to Amazon / USA

    Danny and the crew in Vietnam are warning us we may have US customs or Amazon warehouse issues receiving the goods.

  • Product growth

    So we are working on adding even more products. Looking at doing smaller items just to try more products faster.

  • Thinking About Christmas Already

    Got to get things rolling and find the products that are hot (or not) so we can double down on the good ones and cut the bad ones.

  • What Is on the agenda for 2 weeks from now

    What are our goals for mid June? The moka pot better be there and ready to sell. 🙂

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Episode Length 34:35

And there you have it – Roland keeping a positive and cool headed approach to dealing with the seemingly normal emergencies of doing product sourcing. From moka pot tops to shipping seeds from Vietnam to America there seems to always be some emergency to deal with.

But yes – we need to stay calm and cool. Remember that this is entrepreneurship, and you are the boss. You control your destiny, and it if was easy everyone would do it.

Thank you all for listening and giving feedback – we are pushing ahead and making things happen,

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