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China Business Workshop – Chinese Factories

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    I’m new to Asia and Michael provided me with valuable insights and advice about getting my business off the ground.Joshua Steimle, Forbes Hong Kong
    Whether you are new to China or a vet, Mike should be your go-to guy for advice on market entry, connecting with the right people, and figuring out how to make things happen fast!Brandon King, Smart Intern China
    “Ever wished you had a best friend who knew the ins and outs of doing international businesses through HK? Well now you do (sort of). Maybe he isn’t actually your friend but he will at least make you feel like it. Michael’s podcasts are a true no-BS casual conversation about the questions and answers we are all looking for when starting a HK company. And you’ve got a seat at the table. So pull up a chair, listen up, and enjoy feeling more at ease about doing it big in Asia.”Scott Hardman, entrepreneur, USA

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