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Keep an open mind – this is critical to succeed in international business. To see different viewpoints, to see different cultures, get a holistic picture. This is what happens when you travel outside of your home country and keep a different viewpoint that those you grew up with.

Today’s podcast we talk about this transformation, Greg Diehl is on the show to give us some unique viewpoints and things to ponder. I have to say, he had some very bold and interesting items to use as food for thought, and I hope you enjoy this lifestyle focused podcast today!

We Got a review- Max Martin

191 episodes and still going strong — 5 stars
– by max-martin from United Kingdom on Sep 6, 2017
I’ve listened to 191 episodes and they just keep getting better! – each one is an interview and Michellini gets them to open up on their Asian business experience – what works and what didn’t work – so you can avoid their mistakes.
Sometimes in business you’re trying strategies until something works, while the competition circle overhead, and suddenly one chance conversation changes everything – with Global from Asia you’re getting that conversation every week.

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Greg

    Gregory Diehl has been bringing a lot of his knowledge online – plenty of books and resources, let’s learn a bit about him.

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    Your China experience

    Since we’re an Asia podcast – I noticed in your book Travel as Transformation that you spent some time in China – and it wasn’t the most positive -care to share?

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    Currently in Peru, how is that?

    And I follow some of your Facebook updates and you have some local run ins in Peru now.

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    People living in their home country vs travelers

    So I think people often blame Americans for not being open minded to others around the world, but often it is any local who doesn’t get time outside of their home country who is a bit close minded. What do you think?

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    Residency For Traveling Nomads

    So, you’re in the midst of this with various passports and travel documents, how has that process been?

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    What is the Way For Someone who Hasn’t traveled abroad, to get that experience?

    If someone just can’t travel – is there a second best option?

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    Ways to reach Greg

    Thanks for coming on, how can people reach out and get ahold of ya?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Brand Identity Breakthrough
Travel As Transformation
√ Olivier Wagner’s new book – U.S. Taxes For Worldly Americans
√ Greg’s new publishing company – Identity Publications
Serpent Za’s youtube video on some of the pitfalls foreigners fall into in China
√ Uncomfortable Conversation With Gregory podcast
Identity Publications

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Episode Length 37:02

So that is it – keep an open mind! Step out of your comfort zone and be a hero. Do it like your home country is counting on you. Those who venture out of their home countries are representing this culture, and it is our responsibility to be a positive influence in the global community.

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