Losing Your Passport? Losing Residency? Stories of a World Business Traveler with Esther Jacobs

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I’m back on a bus! Recording today’s intro on Sunday evening as I head into Hong Kong for some business meetings on Monday.

Which brings up the next topic – I will be hosting a workshop in CHat conference in Shanghai – Sept 1 – 2 on cross border tactics for your wechat shop. Would be great to see you there and I also have a coupon for 10% off the conference in the show notes.

Ok, this week’s podcast is a fun one – we have Esther Jacobs who I met in Prague during my Europe tour – she is quite the world traveler, speaker, consultant, and author. Even with all her experience – she is having passport issues in her home country of Holland – today she shares her story

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Esther

    Nice to meet you at the DC Prague event, you have quite a cool story – care to first share with listeners a bit about yourself Esther?

  • Citizenship issue

    So you are dealing pretty positively I’d say with this horrible news you shared with me – you – lost your citizenship in your home country of the Netherlands?

  • Law of Residency

    Because you don’t stay there at least 4 months out of a year?

  • What Happens To Properties

    My heart skipped a beat – so your house, bank account, pension – everything….?

  • Taxes

    But you still need to pay taxes in Holland – without rights or representation?

  • Dutch Travelers

    I don’t want to get other listeners in trouble – but I definitely know some Dutch friends who have not stayed in Holland for 4 months every year – for maybe close to a decade – should they be worried?

  • Published Books

    So you have a couple books about this, and speak on the topic – what is the normal reactions people give?

  • Dutch Government

    And you have even presented to the Dutch government on this topic – how do they react?

  • New Passport

    And you are getting a new passport soon – and planning a whole campaign around it – what’s the plan?

  • How To Fix

    Definitely seems like governments are far behind on this online business, digital nomad, movement – any ideas on how to fix this growing problem?

  • Contact Esther

    Thanks so much for sharing Esther – how can people find you online, and get behind in supporting you and this movement.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

China Channel Wechat Confernce in Shanghai– Sept 1 – 2
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My Workshop at this Shanghai conference

Episode Length 21:09

Hope my Dutch friends listening don’t have the same issues! We are still ahead of the curve from the rest of society with our international business structures and global empires – but don’t let that discourage you – just keep on pushing forward.

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