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We have a cool show for you today. We are going to be talking with Howard Thai, a professor of Amazon who has been a guest on our show a while back and was also a speaker at Cross Border Summits. A lot has been happening in eCommerce and Amazon with the Covid19 pandemic and Howard will be giving his insights of what he is seeing with big sellers and different categories. Let’s tune in to the interview.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Howard

    We had you on the show back in the day, and you were a favorite speaker at the 2019 Cross Border Summit, great to have you back on Howard, can you introduce yourself for listeners?

  • Interesting background and info about the last few months

    You’re in Hong Kong now, we both went through quarantine. Waiting for the border to open up to come back to Shenzhen.

  • The Pandemic and Amazon, the stopping of inbound shipments

    In mid March Amazon stopped receiving inbound shipments for non-essential items. That was quite a shocker, what were you hearing in the Amazon seller world?

  • Amazon sellers in China protesting account bans

    A month or so ago, many seller accounts were shut down due to COVID-19 products.

  • Seem sales has picked back up for most - like never before

    But after that blocking of inbound shipments – sales have seemed to shoot through the roof – on certain categories (from my reports as a shareholder in Alpha Rock Capital) – what are you seeing?

  • But some categories decimated

    If you are selling travel items or outdoor items, those have been crushed. Any stories of brands you see hurting bad?

  • E-commerce in Post Pandemic World

    What do you see in this post COVID-19 world? Friends tell me it has hyper-accelerated e-commerce growth and will be here for the long term. Thoughts?

  • You’re upcoming PPE event - Professor’s Pandemic Event

    And GFA is an official partner of it!

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Episode Length 37:21

Thanks Howard for sharing again for the fun conversation and hopefully listeners were inspired.

If you want to join his online virtual mastermind – do check it out first, time he’s doing that, much better price and a bunch of goodies and bonuses. Thank you everybody for tuning in and listening to our show.

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Show Transcript


[00:00:00] Hello. Hello, blah, blah, blah. That’s Miles, six years old. Welcome to Global From Asia Episode 312 here in Shenyang, China. We’re going to be talking with Howard Thai, Professor of Amazon. Again, talking about the pandemic world, post, you know, e-commerce and post-pandemic. Let’s tune in. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:37] And now your host, Michael Michelini. Myles, do you like Shenyang? Yes. What about Thailand? Yes. Shenzhen? Yes. USA? Yes. Wow. You like everywhere we went. I went rollerblading today. I’ve been taking them rollerblading. And am I a good teacher? Yes, I hope so. And everybody thank you for choosing to download and listen to the show.

[00:01:13] We do appreciate it here at the Global From Asia podcast, 312 shows, plus the E-commerce Gladiator series. And we have a cool show coming up for you, Howard Thai, the Professor of Amazon, we had him on the show a while back and he was also a speaker at Cross Border Summits and he’s in Hong Kong and we went through quarantine, same time.

[00:01:39] And we’ve been keeping in touch quite a bit. A lot’s happening in eCommerce and Amazon with the COVID-19 and the pandemic. And he’s given us some insights of what he sees with big sellers and different categories. And we have some fun conversation to get you some inspiration and let’s tune into the interview.

[00:02:05] Do you enjoy what you’re listening to in the show? You’re maybe looking for some courses or service providers or things to do. We do have a pretty extensive reviews website at We did list up Howard’s event, which we will be talking about in podcast today. Other courses, other programs, if other softwares, a lot of times they do have affiliate links.

[00:02:29] Hi Maggie. Maggie helping out making those websites too. But if you want to check out some cool things in the industry and get some recommendations, and of course, maybe give us a little bit of a commission for that, check it out at All right. Thank you everybody for choosing to listen to another Global From Asia podcast. We have with this Howard Thai, the Professor. you were on the show quite a while ago, like a year or two ago.

[00:02:59] And it was like fun. We were in Starbucks in Huaqiangbei or near Huaqiangbei. That was, that was quite a good time. I still remember that time. It was like, we were at Starbucks. And then we were talking, I think you were interviewing me inside the Starbucks. I think it was for one of your, your, your event, for your event, right?

[00:03:23] It was a podcast, but of course we were going to be at our Cross Border Summit. So a lot of times I interview the upcoming guests and speakers. So you have people like that. We got a lot of good feedback about it. Of course. And we also had a nice hot pot together. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna say the hot pot was pretty good.

[00:03:44] So I think many of them probably already familiar with you, Howard, but they want to give us a quick, a quick overview of the Professor. Let me go back to college. So I graduated college in 2003, computer science in UC San Diego.  I came out and I actually never got any job after college. I actually, someone, I was doing eBay on the side some, some of my old.

[00:04:14] Textbooks, and some of my old software that has a one year in computer science, you get all these free software. So I was like selling those software and I was making pretty good money for, for selling software that it was free, that was given out to us by Microsoft or something like that. So it was really interesting.

[00:04:34] That’s where I started. That’s kind of how I got started. Like I started selling books, I started selling like software and then I was thinking about what else can I sell? Awesome. And that’s what, that’s how I got in. Great the same year ‘03. Me too. Yeah, man. So we can talk about so many different things, but I was thinking it might be fun to bring you on today.

[00:04:56] Talk about post pandemic. I know you have a big upcoming event that we can talk about later, but you know, There’s the world is the whole world has changed, but today, you know, Amazon has changed. So I would love to kind of like get some insights, what you’ve been seeing and what we also both went through a quarantine together in different locations.

[00:05:17] And we’ve been in touch quite a bit. But how to start, I mean, what, what, maybe just, quick high level, like what happened? What’s your story with the pandemic? You know, you were, where were you and what would happen? And I think me and you were at the exact same time that we went to get quarantined. You were actually in quarantine in China and that was quarantined in China, but

[00:05:40] Hong Kong, China. It was actually saving time. And I remember we were like, Oh, we’re getting off quarantine at the same day, but you’re like at 6:00 PM and I’m at 12, 12 midnight. So it was like, kinda like interesting. We were like cutting back and forth and showing pictures of how my quarantine was compared to Michael.

[00:06:01] Your quarantine was like luxury. Okay. You had like nice room. My room was like a box in the Hong Kong. I’m talking about. Yeah. So it was a lot different and I thought it was pretty cool that we both were in quarantine. Not that it’s good quarantine, but it was cool that we were together at the same time.

[00:06:18] We were chatting, we’re sharing perspectives. Yeah. And now you’re still, unfortunately I think you’re in Hong Kong. Now the border has been closed and we were both in quarantine even when the border closed. That was, that was nuts. So while, while you were from, I think it was Philippines flying into China, right? So we were doing that at the same day, I believe.

[00:06:45] But the thing is that we were, we knew were in Thailand. I was with Zack and David and stuff like that Zack and Bangkok. And I was, we were told that, Oh shoot, Hong Kong was shutting down. So when we heard that. We’re going to, Oh, shoot. So I’m going to go in, I’m going to fly to Hong Kong and then, you know how we normally do it, where we take a bus or shuttle to Shenzhen right across border and stuff like that.

[00:07:12] But, um, it didn’t work out that way. Where actually, when we flew in from Hong Kong, the border was saying, you cannot. You can’t go to China, you have to do 14 day quarantine. And we’re like, Oh, shoot. I mean, like we’re still in the, in the airport where it’s trying to see what we could get out and go somewhere else.

[00:07:32] But we had to do the 14 days quarantine and then while we were in there, China shipped their border. Yeah. So then we’re there. And if we would have actually just flew into like maybe Shanghai, Beijing, and then, and then flew back into Shenzhen, that would probably be a different case. But, you know, we were, we were used to the Hong Kong border that way.

[00:07:58] So logically we would do that. Right. So that’s how we got stuck in Hong Kong. And right now I’m still in Hong Kong after three months, two and a half, or. Yeah, I think it’s three months already. I have to renew my visa like next week. So I don’t go over my 90 days as an American citizen. I’m hearing all these messages.

[00:08:20] Talking about Zack, he’s got til July for Thailand. He’s wondering what to do. And a lot of friends in China, their visas are expired. They’re in China, but they can’t keep staying or you’re trying to figure out how to stay in China. So it’s just a crazy time, right? I mean, can they, can they renew it, renew their visa or, or something like that, or like extension, but some of them say they can’t get more extension.

[00:08:42] So. Wow. So they’re just trying to figure out what to do, like end of the end of this month. So let’s talk more Amazon e-commerce I know you’re working with some huge, huge, huge accounts and a lot of people, big players in the industry. So I’ve, you know, I’m at, I’m in Alpha Rock and I guess the big news that hit the sellers community was they stopped the inbound shipments that was in like mid March before we started.

[00:09:12] Quarantine journey. And we got, you know, a lot of sellers got in trouble because it’s suddenly, without even any notice, Amazon just stopped seeking nonessential products, item shipment into Amazon, which has passed us now. But I don’t know if you have any stories or insights about what happened with people you know?

[00:09:35] I had, there’s like two sets of people, right there, a set of people where that they are the people that and they’re sellers that I kind of communicated with. There’s like two sets, one that has a lot of inventory inside FBA. And there’s some that ran out or doesn’t have much because of the, there was a

[00:09:57] Let’s just say the Chinese new year that came about in January or February when people came back and said, okay, so now, now China’s back up, I needed to, we needed to actually before China, goes on vacation. We need to get a lot of inventory, six months or whatnot, or a lot. So some of the people that got that done correctly or had a lot of stock on him, they actually did pretty good.

[00:10:24] Because they were selling a lot of it. They didn’t run out as fast, but there was some people that, you know, after the, after the game, after Chinese new year, you know, it’s a lot prolonged Chinese new year. Right. Cause of the viruses and, and then after that people were trying to order their inventory and stuff like that to get into FBA, but then FBA was closed off for a lot of the essential, non essential stuff.

[00:10:52] So there’s. So that that’s where we got to two, two sections, two sides of the story of my clients that I have, are actually really big sellers. So I really don’t have too many small clients, I would say like they’re all million plus at least. So a lot of them that have money,

[00:11:18] they usually stop deeper than the normal, normal sellers out there. You know what I mean, I don’t know if you want to give some tips or insights for others. I mean, some people almost, I remember even hearing the strategies to purposely not keep deep inventory in Amazon because it can be more nimble. You can keep stuff in like a third party warehouse in the US or even from China air shipping in some people even have that as a strategy to purposely not feel deep in Amazon, but I guess people that did that got a little bit in a bad spot, if they didn’t have enough stock, when the inbound shipments were frozen.

[00:11:58] Yeah, there is some people that do buy inbound inbound into a three PL or, or not, or what not so that they can diversify their inventory and send some back into Amazon when needed, if there is any like, you know, like kind of save on the store. Which fees and everything like that. But a majority of the big sellers that we deal with, they actually just send all our stuff to Amazon, because most of the time they kind of know how much they sell and how to control that.

[00:12:28] So they have more control. They have the expectation, I guess. Got it. So, but then I think once the whole, once the pandemic came in more into the, into the West, everybody got forced to buy online. And so it’s been a huge, huge boom for the eCommerce industry. Like people have been telling me it’s like a.

[00:12:49] You know, they just accelerated a commerce gross in the Western world from the pandemic. So sellers, most sellers depends of course, on the category, but I don’t know if you want to share some insights with different categories or different, different people, but most, I think you’re doing really well right now, right?

[00:13:05] I mean, it’s like a amazing time. I would say like majority of people right now actually are doing really well in eCommerce or in, almost on itself. The categories that I see a big uptrend is like, mainly like the supplements we call it like a workout equipment or week, like, you know, like a lot of people jumping into mask and.

[00:13:30] Sanitizer and we’ve got like wipes and then we got like vomiters and things like that. You know, those are a lot of the COVID side. Most of my big sellers go all jumping into like covid stuff, you know? Yeah, because more like they’re more adaptable, you know, if you’re thinking about the smaller sellers, they kind of are a little slower and more decisive because of their skill level.

[00:14:00] So for the people that are actually skilled at ranking and be able to have confidence in what they’re doing, they actually jump on to stuff faster. Smaller sellers, so you see a lot of my clients where they’re actually selling like all these, the COVID stuff faster than anyone else. And they’re better than them.

[00:14:21] They’re like making a lot of money off of that. Okay. It just popped in my head. I don’t know if you want to share or know insights about, I saw we checked groups. Some Chinese sellers got kicked off Amazon for selling COVID or PPE stuff, or I don’t know if there was like some protests. I saw videos in Shenzhen at the Amazon office is something that just.

[00:14:44] I remember seeing in my feed. I don’t know if you want to share what that was. So the reason why you see that feed of a lot of Chinese going into the offices of Amazon, I think it was Shanghai and such. They were protesting because there was, mainly a lot of Chinese was selling a lot of COVID stuff. Mask majority of the first batch was the way it was, all masks

[00:15:13] They did. So, but that did really good. Right. But because of this, so, well, a lot of these seller accounts got suspended because of the the velocity limit that all accounts have even big sellers that have like that doing really, really well and stuff. They all have velocity limits that’s for the reason why Amazon does that is so that they can kind of get rid of if they see anything like out of the norm, like for like bad actors, they call it bad sellers that or hidden run, they call it where someone gets a lot of sales and then just run with the money.

[00:15:53] Yeah, things like that, where Apple detects in their algorithm. And if they see something like a very huge uplift in velocity of sales, they’ll kind of suspend the account. So that’s where you see a lot of these big sellers on Amazon in China. Well, mainly Chinese selling the best, big, first wave, right? And it got all their accounts suspended and they’re like going to Amazon and protesting and stuff like that.

[00:16:22] So it was because of that side. Yeah. You know, we’ll try to find a video. I mean, I don’t know if I can find it on my phone, put it in the show notes, but yeah, I remember that seeing that it was. It was crazy to see. There was like 10, 20, 30 sellers. They were dressed up like anti-Amazon shirts and stuff and umbrellas or something.

[00:16:44] I think a black and white. And then they had like white, white banners and stuff like that. They did the same thing recently with the PayPal too, when people lost people’s money.

[00:16:56] I don’t know if he talks to my last, our last interview on the show, but And even it was a lot of PR a lot of, I hate to say it, but it is a lot of times Chinese sellers that get E-bay account and just sell, sell, sell, and never deliver and disappear. Like you called it. I guess you call it the hit and run.

[00:17:11] You know what, there’s a lot of, a lot of. I mean, I almost think that’s why in Taobao it’s you don’t get paid until it’s delivered right in the Chinese e-commerce. But in Western e-commerce you can get paid before you deliver, so people can do this high volume sales and then disappear. So, yeah, it’s a crazy, crazy time for eBay.

[00:17:34] They also have limits too for the seller account. Or they’re like a listing limits and they have their own limits. They, everyone has their, is getting better and better at catching fraudulent sellers and stuff like that. So, you know, nobody likes to talk about the negative. And one of the good things about being diversified is having, you know, you see a lot of different categories, but you know, with my Alpha Rock hat on is still a shareholder.

[00:17:59] I can’t say too much, but some of the categories, some of the brands has gotten destroyed because they’re, they’re like travel or their outdoor stuff, you know, but some of them were like indoor, house. The sales are like record high, like never before. So I don’t know if you want to talk about some of the negative.

[00:18:18] The ones that got really just crushed right there. Just in like the wrong category. It’s nothing like their fault. They were just in the wrong category. I don’t know if you want to share about some of, some of the pain that some of them might be going through or is everybody doing okay now or maybe everybody came back now.

[00:18:35] I don’t think everyone came back yet. I was like, still like a lot of the after effect. So when you have like things, like if you’re in like car accessories or travel, things of that nature, you’ll, you’ll notice that you aren’t able to sell those items. As a as well, because you have the inventory or you can’t even have your inventory go into Amazon for such a long time that your ranking will drop.

[00:19:06] And when your ranking drop for a certain amount of time, you’re not going to, it’s going to be almost really hard to bringing it back up, you know, you’d lost all the velocity upsells, and you kinda like made it to where you have to kind of almost have to start all over, you know?

[00:19:27] Is there any tips for those kinds of people? I mean, if it’s been like this for a few months already, or you might be in trouble already, but is there anything that you tell you to advise them? I guess you could probably help them if they work with you. What I mean is sending kind of like tips. You could give them now from people in that situation or.

[00:19:47] There are ways there, there are ways to do it. In my, in my mastermind that we’re going to have on the end of this month, the 30th, we actually have a case study just like that, where a product has been like non selling for a long time where we kind of, we, we, I guess they call it like revived it, so that it’s starts selling again from a product I would say.

[00:20:16] So then if you guys want to learn that that’s going to be, we’re talking about it actually during the mastermind, I think Joshua is the one that is going to be talking about his case study with me, where I helped revived his listing for over a period of I’d like to do three weeks or something or a month something.

[00:20:39] I don’t remember exactly. We did this all like in January or December where we revive his listing. Nice. Yeah. Okay. We’ll talk more about the PPE event in a bit. Let’s let’s talk a little bit more about what do you see as the, you know, your crystal ball, I guess. It was for, let’s talk about it for a few different people.

[00:21:02] There’s current sellers, you know, like established sellers, new sellers, and then maybe the people still want to get in the game. Maybe. What do you, so for the established big sellers, you know, I guess they’re in a good position, right? They’re out there already got their seller account. They’re doing what they got their listings.

[00:21:16] Good. They’re probably doing really good on their sales right now. I think the big will get bigger. That’s pretty clear. I would say the big will get bigger. The small will get smaller. And because of this, the skill level in getting into Amazon is getting harder and harder. If you are not learning from the correct places.

[00:21:40] Because what I’ve seen is right now, I always tell people like, you always get people, you got like four things to worry about before posting pre 2015 or something or 16 or something, you just have to post up a product.

[00:22:00] But then when it nowadays, now you’ve got to have money to buy products to give away. Then you have to have skill level. And then you have to know how to defend yourself from attacks. People are hacking you putting adult flags or, or changing keywords to get knocked down and get COVID COVID knockdowns.

[00:22:23] You get like things like all these pesticide knocked down, you know, a lot of things that people are doing nowadays that is still going on in Amazon. And then you can, and then you know how to defend yourself from these attacks, you know, More variables that you need to know and learn. And Amazon is getting much, much more sophisticated in how people are.

[00:22:45] How they recommend using their system to rank. So ranking is getting more and more harder. It’s not just that everyone is doing search, find, buy and stuff like that. So now what’s the next thing. What’s, what’s the next, next thing that people can do to rank the product? So

[00:23:06] well, it’s a little savvy for the new people. You know, I noticed some people. Getting started. They have some chances for the, for the new people don’t get me wrong. I, I think Amazon is really a good place to where you can actually make big amount of money. Even new people are able to do it really fast.

[00:23:27] There’s people that does, like, what am I planning right now is doing like one year they did up to $5 million to themselves, or, you know, that’s really fast, you know? So, so like, it is possible that you can do it. It’s just that you need to know and learn and be able to be guided and have a, be able to walk you learn, you know, be aggressive enough to really go out there to these events, not just my events, but I mean, like go and events and network with mentors that actually can point to right direction.

[00:24:03] There’s no one real time now to piddle around and try to learn yourself. You really need to be more aggressive and proactive in getting to the next level. Nice. So. Yeah, let’s talk about the events you’re doing. You’re doing the PPE events at the end of the month on the 30th. So we got a little bit of time for people listening.

[00:24:25] Do you want to, do you want to give us some insights? This, this PPE event is something that a lot of people have been asking me throughout the whole entire two years. I’ve been doing this mastermind that, Hey, why. To do an online event. Why don’t you go? And, you know, cause I’m in this location, you know, or I can’t go into this country because of my citizenship.

[00:24:52] No, a lot of, a lot of reasons, you know? So I wanted add it’s a perfect time because it’s just knowing that out there, attend to my event. I had, I had to schedule my event from the last event I had was in February, which is Mexico. We had like 30 biggest sellers up to a half, a billion dollars in sales in that room.

[00:25:11] Then we were going to have it in May of eighth or ninth. But the problem with that is because of this pandemic now where everyone was stuck at home or stuck in within their, their city or not able to come out without getting suspected or something, you know? So that’s where we decided to me and Liz, my partner and the mastermind decided to like, why don’t we just do a online virtual mastermind and that’s, and then I was kind of hesitant because I don’t really.

[00:25:45] Like to have my stuff out there too. Cause people can maybe kind of video and copied in so like that, but we kind of built in a lot of encrypted things where it’s hard for you to kind of copy and do a lot of giveaways that we can give to the, to the people that come like. They’re going to be a members of the ESS group.

[00:26:06] They’re going to have like a PFR report purchasing relevant report. They’re going to be able to have. That’s only for them. So a lot of the, these things are kind of locked down. I’m trying to find ways to lock down the. The people that are coming in. So, so far it’s okay. And I think, I think it’s good to have, let other, everyone have the opportunity to be on, to come to the virtual mastermind.

[00:26:37] So it’s going to be the first one. So I want to see how it, how it works out. You know, there’s a lot, a lot of possibility. That I believe it’s coming out pretty well because already it’s. So we’ve got a lot of signing up already, even though it’s like a 2000, $1,995, we call it lot of signed up and we have like really big names.

[00:27:01] I think we have 15. 15 speakers during the event, all the speakers is the theme of our, of our PPE is actually how it’s outside traffic mainly. How do you throw different signals onto Amazon to get your product ranked? So mainly the evolution of outside traffic into Amazon. That’s what I mean, concept of are of this event, which is why we had like, you know, press release.

[00:27:32] We have, we have like a viral, we have a viral stuff. We have social traffic. We have like a lot of big sellers talking about other revenue in ways that they’re getting it, that they’re doing their Amazon ranking. I think I believe there’s two. There’s two $40 million sellers in the speaker there and another $50 million seller.

[00:27:57] That’s going to be speaking at the event and you never really see these sellers come out because they really don’t. They’re not like they’re not speaker, right. They just go into the corner of their office and start making money. So they don’t really want to come out and talk about what they do because that’s like giving away their secrets.

[00:28:19] Yeah, I got no hat. I really had to like push them to come out. So this is a treat for everyone that’s going to come in because they’re going to actually see what these real big sellers are doing and that they’re, they’re doing, and they’re doing it really well. How they crushing it on Amazon? Yeah. It’s going to be great.

[00:28:38] I’m really excited that you finally, I know it’s scary to make these online things because yeah, like you said, people might try to. You think they can copy them or they’ll be copies, but you also have a lot of great bonuses and other other value in there. And you also have the podcast, you know, you started a little podcast and we’ll kind of check out some of the sellers and speakers that you already have that you’ll have there at, at your website.

[00:29:02] We’re also an affiliate for you. So we have a coupon code. We’ll link that in the show notes. So if people want to take advantage of that, definitely they can check out that info, right? Yeah. All right. So I think that was, that was great. Basically. I think sellers should be really, you know, obviously it’s a horrible time right now with the pandemic, but I mean, that’s forcing these, it’s accelerating an Amazon and eCommerce world.

[00:29:32] Take over, right? I mean, it’s just going to accelerate the eCommerce. It’s already been accelerating. You know, like even though during the pandemic, there was like a lockdown of non-essential goods aren’t gonna be able to come in, but with just the central goods that Amazon, how do you hire a hundred new employees, another 50 new employees, 150 K and more, you know, and trying to keep them.

[00:29:57] They’re, they’re not getting the fire them afterwards. They could actually keep them for after the whole, whole months and stuff too. Even I believe even past Christmas, you know, because the velocity of these new cells, whereas that was never buyers. I’m sorry. I lost you have new buyers coming onto the platform are so huge.

[00:30:17] You can see the ripple effect of it even going towards Walmart. You know, Walmart got like five times the sales, you know, the, I believe I read somewhere that right now, the growth was so big that in Amazon, that is actually there. It was there like 2000, 26 predict production, prediction of growth.

[00:30:44] So there’s, they’re like five years ahead of schedule growth right now. So it’s like pretty crazy now. And then, and then like Walmart sees now they see the money, they see the potential. Now they’re going to, they’re connecting with Shopify, trying to

[00:31:02] say, shoot, I want one, I want more of the pie. I tasted a blood. I’m not going to Walmart. Well, a shark in the, in a pool And then, and then all of a sudden it hits the blood. I feel it and, know there’s so much opportunity now. They’re going to just jump in with him, into the ocean, with the orange bed, with the Shopify and see what they can come up with, which I believe it’s interesting thing.

[00:31:29] It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Yeah, it’s great for sellers, right? Obviously all of this is good news, more, more channels. The admin admins see more people talking about Walmarts and finally seems to be somewhat of a significant also Shopify. But I think I was sneaking over a question before we go, but the last one is.

[00:31:49] Some people have been seeing that Shopify or shopping. We always say Shopify, sexy shopping carts, you know, like non-Amazon are people buying off their own website has been also increasing as, as a total percentage of sales. Would you say that? I heard that from a few people. Is that normal? Are people getting more off Amazon sales now on their own websites or is it.

[00:32:11] You know, this, this, this epidemic actually amplifies everyone up. You know, it’s not just, it’s not just Amazon or Walmart. It’s also the other, other like websites out there. You know, it’s not, it’s gonna amplify everyone. Not just those high top tier marketplaces. Okay, great. All right. I think that’s the whole Howard, Thank you so much as always we’ll link up on the show notes.

[00:32:36] Of course, is your, your main website or in your PPE, which is Professor’s Pandemic Event, 30th, 29th and 30th of this month. So people listening, if you just listen to the show, you should have a chance to grab that. And there’s a coupon code on the GFA, the show notes. So you can get advantage of that, take advantage of that and any other places or things people should.

[00:33:00] Go to find you or participate with you, have your podcast on, right? So, so you don’t need to actually get a coupon code. It’s just a link that you, that we gave you as long as they get to get the click on it. And then they’ll get that to go in directly to the event. And our events are normally twelve thousand dollars, but it’s right now, it’s at a more like a pandemic price of 1,995 or something like that.

[00:33:33] Awesome. All right. Well, thanks again for your time. Thank you very much, Michael. Are you looking for some products to sell on your eCommerce stores or maybe even in your local communities, check out, LOA D P I P E for our community by sites. So we are working with people in the B2B and wholesale side to get you at factory direct prices, make deals and working in a secure environment from finding product to getting the sample, to getting the shipping setup customs and after sales support, I’d love to work with you.

[00:34:09] Check it out. Thank you. Miles are you going to help me make websites. Yes. What do I, what do you want? If you make a website, what do I need to give you? Toy toy toy is two websites. Okay. Candy is if it’s one. Thanks Howard for sharing again, everybody, if you want to join his online virtual mastermind, first time he’s doing that, usually like he says $12,000 for his in-person ones is a much better price for online.

[00:34:46] And he’s got a bunch of goodies and bonuses. Plus we are a, you know official partner and you know, affiliates. So if you do want to check that out and subscribe or purchase his, you know, we would appreciate to following a link in our show and We’ll get a little, thank you for that. So thank you everybody for tuning in and listening to our show, we have always something interesting coming up and, uh, I leave with my kids and Maggie said, hello.

[00:35:18] All right. You like Shenyang? Yes. You have your bunny rabbit and the bird and chicken. What happened to the chicken? Did chicken die, maggie? That is hard life here in Shenyang chickens ded, but the rabbit and the birds are alive, right? Yes,

[00:35:47] they’re alive. All right, everybody, I’m keeping this one short, the kids are bouncing off the walls. I also have some acupuncture here. Miles, you saw the pins in my back and you saw that. Hmm. Remember your grandma put the mat, the medicine and the pins in my back. He, yes. Like those metal pina poking in my back.

[00:36:13] I remembered it. All right, these guys it’s just normal for them. So thanks everybody for, for listening again. the show notes is always, is that, or click on the link in the iTunes or whatever player you’re listening to, to take part in the post pandemic and PPE event with Howard.

[00:36:42] And I hope you all are doing well. I hope everybody’s making more money with, if you’re in an eCommerce online, it seems like things are really doing well. And I hope you’re on the good side of that. I really do. I’ve been talking to some great people and I really appreciate everybody listening and all the way through to the end of this show. Miles

[00:37:01] Say goodbye. Goodbye. To get more info on running an international business, please visit our website at That’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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