A New Way To Sell Goods Into China And Abroad with Happy Tom and VK

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I’m excited to share today’s podcast, it was a fun one to make! VK and his team have been in the GFA member’s community for over a year now and I have seen this new startup, Micromart, develop from the ground up.

One of their top distributors, and a highly motivated and positive person, known as Happy Tom, was in Shenzhen visiting from Beijing – so the 3 of us get together around the mic in my studio and discuss the business, living in China, and being motivated.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Happy Tom & VK

    Get to know these 2. A bit of background.

  • How did MicroMart get started.

    Where did the idea come from

  • How does it work?

    Let’s learn about the Multi-level distributors model

  • How has growth been going?

    What are some numbers

  • Happy Tom has a China Green Card

    A bit of a story on how he received a green card from Mainland China

  • Staying motivated and positive

    Happy Tom shares insights on staying positive and the rewards

  • Connecting with MicroMart and the team

    Thanks for sharing how can people connect

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

GFA’s blog on Micromart (we wrote a blog overview on it)

Episode Length 40:29

Thank you VK and Happy Tom! After the recording we went out for a fun dinner and discussed their future expansion. I look forward to seeing the company grow inside the GFA community – we are discussing some ways to do private events for GFA and Micromart together in China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

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