Starting Up and Developing a SaaS business with Renaud Anjoran

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Interested in starting a SaaS business, then today you are in for a treat! Renaud from Syncontrol, a QC inspection software is on the show and we are talking customers: ‘rabbits’, ‘deers’, ‘elephants’ and the 4 stages: ‘build’, ‘nail’, ‘grow’, ‘milk’, and the slow growth of revenue and the need for financing

This week we welcome back Renaud Anjoran – another blogger and an expert in the manufacturing industry. On today’s show we are talking about something different – SaaS – Software as a Service. Renaud has been working quite some time on building up a SaaS service here for the market and is spilling the beans! We discuss ways to grow and scale your SaaS business, some of the challenges, and tactics to succeed.

This episode was also recorded live for our GFAVIP members, and they have had early access to this episode. Another fun fact, I recorded this in my Shenzhen home office with Beijing TV also recording it and featuring a clip in their show! So this has gotten quite a few different distribution channels, enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Renaud from Syncontrol

  • Amazon vs Saas business model

  • B2B vs. B2C

  • Picking the right beta users

  • Differences in China/Asia for SaaS

  • Don't forget marketing, work on it from the start

  • Roles on revenue side:

    marketing, sales (specialized roles), customer success, support…

  • Driving growth:

    Marketing vs. Selling

  • How to deal with feature requests

  • Customers:

    ‘rabbits’, ‘deers’, ‘elephants’

  • 4 stages:

    ‘build’, ‘nail’, ‘grow’, ‘milk’

  • The slow growth of revenue and the need for financing

  • Leveraging your audience to build a SaaS business

  • Connecting with Renaud and Syncontrol

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 49:24

Thanks Renaud for coming on and sharing your knowledge. Always amazed at how these experts are so kind and generous to share insights and knowledge. My favorite part of all of it is that we are breaking down gatekeepers! I am able to record the intro and outro in Chiang Mai, Thailand on a Friday night and Tuesday morning it will be live for anyone in the world to tap into this amazing knowledge.

So much more to come, thanks for listening to Global From Asia

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