Coronavirus Shut Out & Stuck Between China & Thailand with Zack Franklin

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There is so much happening in the world at the moment that has affected everyone not only in the Cross Border e-commerce industry that it is almost a hassle deciding what topic to talk about. But this one today will keep you on the edge of your seat as we listen to Zack Franklin – a regular on the show and a really good friend of mine share his horrible experience with the whole Coronavirus nightmare and how he ended up stuck outside of China. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Background on how Zack bounced from China to Bangkok last month

    Seeing everyone in masks, he took the next flight to BKK

  • Why he had to go back to China

    His apartment lease was ending March 15, 2020 – and he had all his stuff in there to move out.

  • Picking up Bangkok Taco Bell First

    Had to grab some Tacos before going to China (China I don’t think has Taco Bell?)

  • Experience Landing in China

    Being scanned for temperature 15+ times in the airport alone

  • Taxi Ride from the Airport

    Can’t even see the driver as he is in a big plastic bubble.

  • Issue Entering his apartment Complex

    The guards have a strict policy

  • Not being able to go to a hotel

    Or else also getting a 14 day quarantine there.

  • Realizing: China is at WAR with the Coronavirus

    They will not make any exceptions, it is them vs this virus spreading.

  • The hard decision

    Stay, go, get locked in an apartment for 14 days when the lease ends less than that.

  • Directing his girlfriend to help find his important stuff

    Since he can’t enter the apartment – he asks Cherish to go inside and grab his most valuable possessions.

  • Ripped off Flying Back to Bangkok

    Flight prices sky high going back to Thailand

  • Issues re-entering Thailand immigration

    Visa issues, China entry issues, nightmare.

  • Recommendations for those going into China now

    Basically – don’t. He says they are not clear on foreign policy entering the country and it is not standardized and no English documentation or mobile Mini apps , etc

  • Reaching Zack

    How to connect with Zack.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 38:57

Thanks for sharing your Zack, on the ground, real time experience and we got to follow along. He always puts global information high on his list and we appreciate it with his lack of sleep and everything. This is what our podcast is all about, helping share these updates.

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