Staying Calm & Thriving in a Post Coronavirus World with Qing Zhou

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Today’s show is all about transformation. Our guest for today is someone who has transformed herself and is helping people in transforming themselves. We will talk about the mindfulness mindset, taking care of yourself and those around you and just being in the space of gratitude. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • QY’s Background

    she started selling on Amazon in 2016 while in Hong Kong. Now currently between Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia.

  • Mindset

    Making the most of it.

  • Dealing with mindset challenges and COVID-19 issues

  • Soul Awakening time

    Use this pandemic to wake up your soul.

  • How to feel power without certainty

    We are a computer program.

  • Self awareness is 2 parts

    Conscious mind, but also more importantly, and more significantly, subconscious mind.

  • Why people do something

    What is the real reason for taking actions.

  • Monkey mind and body clues

  • Momentum and the start and stop

  • Writing out instances

    Common theme things happen, to look within.

  • Emotional home

    World is all energy and frequency.

  • Thoughts are real

    Subconscious programming.

  • Consciousness map

    Enlightenment and joy at the top, shame and guilt at the bottom.

  • Are you grateful?

    Or are you looking for what is wrong? Take stock. Takes 2 to 3 weeks to remove the old/bad, and 2-3 weeks to re-program yourself with a daily ritual.

  • Masculine and feminine side

    COVID19 is an opportunity to live in an emotional home.

  • Decision comes first, and the how will follow

    Cannot be done just for money.

  • Decide

    The biggest cost of your business is the money you are leaving on the table trying to figure it out on your own.

  • 3 traits

    3 traits QY looks for – vision, coach ability, and decisiveness.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Thank you, QY for sharing. This is actually a perfect opportunity with the pandemic and people just staying at home. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect. Thank you everybody for listening.

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Show Transcript


[00:00:00] Episode 303 of Global From Asia. Still in corona-, post coronavirus world talking about transformation and I transformed. We’ll talk about that at the end. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast where a daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:25] And now your host, Michael Michelini. Thank you so much for listening. You know, I don’t like to. You know, content marketing is pushing, pushing, pushing. But you know, my amazing wife, Wendy’s always like you gotta, we work so hard making this podcast, we got to share it. We got to get it out there. And she like, pushes in all of our, like various WeChat groups and, uh, moments on WeChat.

[00:00:47] I mean, she is in China. She doesn’t really even, I don’t even think she has a magic VPN or something to get into Facebook. So she’s. Actually, I feel embarrassed cause just like we have a lot of content, we’re just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like three, four, five posts in our little group. And uh, but Andre, Andre is in New Zealand, Andre’s awesome supporter for communities.

[00:01:08] Like, Oh thanks. You listen to the Hugh Bell show last week and he’s like, got some ideas about APEC card and 60 days. When he, uh, can enter into China without having to apply for visa. So he, he got that tidbit right away. So, you know, I should be less, quote unquote shy, and I’m starting to transform.

[00:01:25] Today’s show is about transformation. So I, uh, I, I need to stop asking for permission and stop being a, like Chris Davey. Also FBA for you. A supporter and friend and a community doing amazing things he’s also always said, I don’t toot my own horn enough. And, uh, you know, I think limiting beliefs, maybe he would say that, but it’s maybe me or others, you know, limiting, limiting myself.

[00:01:50] So I think all of us need to use this horrible nightmare pandemic to, um, you know, we’re stuck, maybe stuck at home, stuck, stuck, uh, away from our, our loved ones. And, uh, maybe some unloved and loved ones or other things. Maybe people we don’t want to be with, but wherever we are, we’re stuck. We’re lovers just stuck right now.

[00:02:11] So it’s a good time to really think about your life, your business. Um, so we’re gonna have a little bit, quote unquote woo topic today. Qing, Qing is great. I’ve known her originally as QY. Why? But she’s also transformed herself. She was on Amazon for many years. Some of you might have met her at events in Hong Kong or Shenzhen and South China and previous years, but she made a whole transformation.

[00:02:35] And, and uh, doing what she loves, transforming, people transformed. She transformed herself. She’s going to share about how we can, um, you know, maybe take an opportunity now where maybe our businesses might not be out working as well as we wanted our, our life might not be what we wanted. And, uh, to take that, to propel ourselves to change.

[00:02:57] And, uh, after this podcast interview, she’s like, Mike, you sound really and no, not happy, or you sound really tired or not, not satisfied. Can we, maybe we can talk some more. And we talked for another hour. This show is like an hour. So it was like a two hour call total, a one hour interview today. So hopefully you guys like it.

[00:03:16] I mean, she goes, she gives a lot of value and then, you know. Uh, she sold me . She got me into her, uh, her program. So we had a, even just a few days after the podcast interview before the show goes online, and we did a two hour session, uh, all on, on zoom, um, which I guess with the privacy concerns, concerns of zoom.

[00:03:40] Maybe other people could get into that, but I’m going to share what she made for me after the show. Uh, it made me really emotional. Like I cried, man. I, you know, I’m a man. I don’t, I’m not afraid to say I cried. And when I listen to that, so if you want to hear, that’ll be after the blah, blah, blah. I was also on BBC again for a third time, just like a two or three minute clip that’ll be in a blah, blah, blah.

[00:04:03] So basically today’s show is going to be, of course, her amazing. Uh. Session where she shares about mindfulness mindset, taking care of yourself and those around you being more, keeping more gratitude. Um, maybe changing your business, maybe Amazon or maybe your trading or maybe whatever you’re doing right now is not what you really like to do.

[00:04:22] And maybe this is a great time to change. After that, we’ll, uh, I’ll do my outro, blah, blah, blah, a little bit. I’ll, uh, I’ll put that clip at the third BBC section in there, and then I’ll put her 13 minute video or not video audio to me, which I don’t know if she’s, I guess she’s cool with it. I mean, I guess I, I bought it.

[00:04:41] I paid her, uh, you know, she has a decent rate, um, price, you know, for her services. And, uh, so that was part of the package I bought. So I think why not share it with everybody? I dunno if it might not be weird to you to hear that, but that’s at the very end, so you can just skip it after getting her amazing, valuable interview, which is happening right now.

[00:05:02] we’ve been talking about this since last November. We’re bringing it to Thailand and I have to say at this point, I’m, I’m researching running an online summit. What do you guys think? We still got plenty of time. We got speakers on a hold course and a, attendees just can’t wait to go, but we might make online or it wasn’t going to be until November anyway, it will be our fifth annual.

[00:05:31] Still thinking about that, but actually there’s a lot of things happening. I’m talking to a lot of people, so we don’t know what’s going to happen at this point, but potentially it will be online or, or try to have some more online element to it. Cross border save the date. Thank you everybody for tuning in to another Global From Asia podcast.

[00:05:53] And we have one, actually, I think we had been talking about this for while, at least in some form or fashion to get you on the show. Qing Zhou from Divine Wealth School. Uh, thanks for coming Qing. Thank you for the opportunity, mate. Like I’m no youthful. Quite a few years now, right? Yeah. We met when we were, when we were both in the Hong Kong, uh, scene, or I was technically on the Shenzhen side, but in Hong Kong often.

[00:06:19] And, and, uh, it’s been great to, to, for both of us as we’ve grown and, uh, faced many different, uh, I guess today’s show, it’s like transitions, ourselves and, and growth, personal growth. It’s, it’s been great to, uh, to watch you, uh doing what you love to do. And I am excited for today’s episode on sharing that maybe, hopefully some listeners will get some inspiration and, and maybe today could be their, uh, their, what would you call it?

[00:06:47] Moment of awakening. Yeah. Awakening or just uncovering the blind spot. Like, so, so I met like, just a quick self intro. So I met Mike when coming 2016, I’d say like, when around then, I was doing Amazon. And, uh, like I, at that time I was living in Hong Kong. I was, sourcing was very easy for me.

[00:07:07] I think I got my first product, uh, my first idea of a product cause my colleague at the time, Chris, like he was mentioning about Amazon  so like, my ears like perked up. I was like, okay,.. let’s do it. Right. So I think I was listening to Brian Morass podcasts like. On the way to work and commute and then this idea to, to the first product in Amazon make my first 10 grand sales was like.

[00:07:34] Took like two months. It was like really fast. And then, um, from then on, like I think I that maybe next 18, two years, 18 months, two years doing Amazon. But it was never really my thing. I was like, cashflow was like quite challenging, right? Managing cashflow and all of these things, even though I invested in all these strategy, mentors, tactics, all this stuff.

[00:07:56] And, um. Now knowing what I know. Cause since then I’ve gone on I guess this spiritual or personal growth journey and I’ve now noticed so much what I, the limiting blocks that blocked me or like entrepreneurs out there. So whether they are, you know, you are at six figures or even seven figures sales, a year or eight figures a year, like the, there are probably challenges around your cashflow or mindset.

[00:08:23] And I wanted to kind of come on the show and share that with people today, especially in life of probates, because it could seem like, you know, I haven’t known from an artist way out here, but they beat me out maybe. Okay. But there’s some that’s listening to the  show. So, so let’s say like, you know, chaos is hitting the fan and everything seems so impossible in those crazy times of uncertainty.

[00:08:47] Like, what do we do? What’s the number one thing entrepreneurs going to do to sail through? It’s you just throw in the towel. Do you pivot. What do you do? Who do you listen to? Those kinds of things. So, so that’s my intention, my intention for the episode. Yeah. Thanks for, thanks for helping me out and explaining what we’re talking about today is awesome.

[00:09:05] Okay. And, and so you’re in Australia now, right? Right now I’m in Taiwan, so my family is in Australia and I kind of go between Taiwan and Australia. A fair bit. Just like the weather, cause I just want to avoid winter

[00:09:23] freezing right now in North China. So I wish I could. I wish we followed the same with the family here, but yeah, it’s kind of like, design the life you want. So it’s sort of about like, just like intention and designing. So yeah. So it’s, um, I mean Taiwan right now and, uh, the government is actually pretty good in terms of rationing masks and there’s no panic. People who can still go out, but obviously you wear a mask and just take the caution.

[00:09:48] Yeah, that’s good to hear. And so let’s, uh, let’s, let’s, I’m trying to think how to start, but of course there’s this Covid stuff, but maybe even before that, I’d like to hear your-, if you’re open to share your journey. You know, I, you know, like you said, you were an Amazon seller and you were following, you are listening to podcasts, you know, go into the meetups.

[00:10:11] I appreciate you also supported, came to some of our, our events, cross-border events, which is awesome. And, but I guess there was some time you decided. Do you want to share your, like your own, uh. Sure. Um, I don’t know if your listeners can relate because I’m actually, actually, they may be able to, because I think a couple of weeks ago, somebody DC dive in my circle, we met at that event, I think you were at DCBKK, right?

[00:10:37] 2016. Yeah, I was there. I met some like really cool people out there and one of the women that met one of the guys I met at that event, like we haven’t kept in touch, but we all Facebook connected. But he reached out to me and he goes, Um, you seem to be doing some really cool stuff cause I always post about gratitude or mindset in different Facebook groups just in the spirit of sharing.

[00:10:59] So he reached out, we had a talk, and it is not something I expected from him or somebody like, you know, in their 30s or forties running a successful multi six or seven figure business. Right? But what we chatted about was like. Like where, you know, your business hits a certain level somehow. Like, you know, the money’s come me, especially even a D C people.

[00:11:21] And other than that, I. Successful.  I’m all good. You know, like after a few years of, I guess figuring things out, they go the system and things in place, but somehow things feel a bit empty, like inside. And we’ve been chasing for all these goals or dreams. Like we accomplished these milestones, our milestones.

[00:11:38] It’s like, yep, now you’ve got a team that I’ve got cash flow coming, passive income, we’ve all of that set up. So then what’s next? Right? So we had that chat and what I realized is more and more people, uh, I guess waking up to that. For me it was the same. I think at the end of 2016 somebody I was leaving Hong Kong because I want to just tie him out of that small apartment.

[00:12:00] I wanted to kind of explore the world, so I started with Australia, but somebody sent me a PDF brochure going, Oh, there’s this spiritual workshop. Do you want to go check it out? And I’m a very logical person. I, my background was the investment banking. Uh, like I, I sold my $500 million, so it’s like equity before I was 26.

[00:12:19] So it’s a very logical, rational, like go, go, go, hustle, hustle, kind of kind of person. Right? So, but, but that moment was a different thing where I just trusted my gut because I’m, I was looking at that PDF picture of that teacher. I was like. Logically, it doesn’t make sense. I had two weeks left in Hong Kong.

[00:12:37] I had my whole apartment of stuff to get rid of…possessions. I don’t have time for this. This was like a five day workshop, but I looked at that guy’s picture. I was like, I need to be there. So at that workshop, like something opened up for me, like it’s got DNA activation, but you can call it like a soul awakening where I truly re remember what was my purpose?

[00:12:59] I think too, even things 2012 or 2011 I want it to be like a motivational speaker or a transformational coach. Like I wanted to help people like live their most alive version. Whereby we’re not bound or controlled or impacted by the external circumstances, like the perfect example of which is  right now.

[00:13:21] How do we feel powerful? How do we feel unstoppable. Self-belief, even in the light of the greatest possible recession since the 1920s or thirties right? How do we feel that level of power and certainty without fear? Without, you know, shaking. Because before that, when I was in Amazon, even when I was in this successful corporate job, even though on the outside I had it all. On the inside, I was shaking at Nights.

[00:13:49] Then you know, some nights I’m like, pretend that I do. Do I really have what it takes, like the self doubt, the self-worth, and there is so much of that I wanted to share on this today because everything externally, Mike, in our business, whether it is your cash growth, your sales, your, your, your supplier, you know, being a nasty.

[00:14:10] You know, like whatever, like older, all of these things, right? Like I’m sure I like  e-comm sale that you can relate to that. All of these things you can go okay. That it’s that guy. It’s because of Courbet. It is because Amazon’s like, you know, very challenging, difficult fee policies that I’ve got nothing in my bank account at the end of, even though, you know, you might make six figures or seven figure sales every month.

[00:14:36] At the end of the year or at the end, and the, at the end of the quarter, you’re like, wait, where’s all my money gone? Right? Like I can tell you that is because there is something inside of your subconscious to these or your mindsets that is actually calling those things forward, calling those situations, calling those covids, you know, situations.

[00:14:54] So, so once you can change, once you get to the bottom of your. See it like a computer program, right? Like we are all even powerful bio machines. We have those beliefs installed into us about, you know, maybe you could go, it’s always, it’s always a struggle for me to make money, right? If you inherited that from your parents.

[00:15:17] That could be one. Right? So when we have those beliefs, when we have those scenes, they run us, they run out how we behave, they run our, I guess, energy frequency. And then what happens is because everything is energy, everything is frequency, then we will attract the circumstances that exactly confirms and corroborates with those beliefs.

[00:15:38] So I’ve just given you a whole dump of information, like, so I’m taking some notes and I’m thinking where we, we can dig into each of these. Um, so I’m thinking here the, how do you feel power with when you don’t have certainty or what with uncertainty? Um, sure. I think, I think the first, the first thing to, to really understand the first thing, if you were to ask me what is the one thing right though, the one takeaway I want people to get from this, um, from this episode is self-awareness.

[00:16:14] Self-awareness and there’s two levels to it. Okay? So I want to give as much value as possible. So I’m going to give you guys a lot of permission. I hope you guys keep up. There’s two parts to it. The assessing is the mindset. Okay? I know it’s a very, you know, cliched word now, but like every entrepreneur podcast talks about mindset.

[00:16:33] But what am I really talking about is the mind has two parts to it. There’s the conscious mind, which is, if you imagine the iceberg, okay. Parked up above the seawater, you can see a tip of it that is the conscious mind, but beneath the water, right, is I would say 95 99% is the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind taking everything.

[00:16:56] It’s almost like a DVD recorder that is always recording. Everything that has happened in your life from the moment you were born, and she’ll probably the age of seven or eight, you just take an eight and what then happens is if something happens between the age of zero to seven in your life where somebody told you.

[00:17:16] You know, um, you’re not worthy or you’re stupid or, or life is a challenge or money is always a struggle to make. What happens is we, as that child, we don’t know how to distinguish what’s the right thing to take in? What’s not the right thing. So what then happens is our subconscious mind takes that in and say that is the truth.

[00:17:38] And that if you imagine it’s like a windows system or a Mac operating system, it’s installed in our deep, deep psychic psyche, and it actually governs how we operate out of everything. Your decisions, you know, your sense of, you know, powerlessness. It’s like it’s in our, in our body. Okay. Let me give you some examples.

[00:18:00] You might go, okay this sounds so, give me, right I’ll give you an example. If you have a belief. And I don’t know if Mike can, if you can resonate with that, but if you have a belief that money is difficult to make, like life is a battle. It’s always a struggle. You have to pass those through that, and I’ve worked with many clients, like all over the world, right?

[00:18:20] Men, women, we all have these, today’s, it didn’t come from us. It came from our parents, or even our grandparents. Cause I was born in China. And like growing up was a freaking struggle. Like, you know, a working class had to make money. I was constantly conditioned, money is a struggle to make. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

[00:18:39] It’s tough, right? So then what happens is I have that belief or people have that belief and then what happens is. You behave in your business like that, and then what would happen is you might have a situation where your sales gets to, you know, let’s say six  six or seven figures a month, but then the money comes in and leaves your business as quickly as it comes in.

[00:19:03] Like you may, it, Oh, you may even grow your business, you know, expand your product wise, new brands. And I, you do some launches or get, get like really great reviews back in the old days. At least understand people can get great reviews, right? And then you get all these traction. Maybe you get to 20 thirty, 50 units a day.

[00:19:20] You’re like, boom, yes, I got cash from me. Right? And this, for some reason, the money just. At the end of the month at the end of the quarter, you’re like, I pay my supplier, I pay Amazon, I paid these PPC, I pay all these needs. Where’s my share of the money? You know, if that happens, that’s probably because you have some like, um, terrible, you know, blocks in your subconscious beliefs around money, around, you know, wealth, that kind of thing.

[00:19:49] So, so that’s why like having that self awareness, like it’s almost like opening up that blind spot. Knowing what is in your programming that is driving your subconscious belief that is driving your behavior, that is driving the situations that’s now coming up is the number one thing that’s most important.

[00:20:09] I like it. Yeah. I mean, I think also people are just. Like you said, they’re like, they’re just doing something cause that’s what maybe they heard somebody else’s doing and their network that’s making money. So they do it. But then like, especially as an Amazon seller, e-commerce seller, you’re a lot of times you feel like you’re paying all these fees, right?

[00:20:28] You’re, you’re buying the stock, you’re paying Amazon, you’re paying this guy, paying that guy. And then it’s true. I think a lot of people realize they’re a, maybe their bottom line isn’t, isn’t what they thought it would be or it should be. So that’s, that’s really. At the core, you would say like some conscious, maybe they’re just working to do just doing something for the action of doing it.

[00:20:50] Yeah. Okay, so that’s a really, really great pressure. I’m very glad you brought it up, Mike. Like I think the number one, especially right now, because. Even when I was doing Amazon, I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of information, right? I got full of two or three different coaching programs from people like at like four feet multifold figure program.

[00:21:08] It wasn’t cheap, right? But if for some reason I just like it, it was just like I felt overwhelmed from all these strategies and taxes and all of these things, because I tell you, why am I, it doesn’t work for a lot of people in my work. For some, you might go, why does it not work for me? Like what’s wrong with me?

[00:21:24] Right? The reason why is the strategy and the tactics is only like 5% of what’s really important. If the 95% of it is your beliefs around yourself or around the money or like around to whatever, like 95% of it is your beliefs. Because once you align your beliefs, once you know what is the programming that has been running your life, right?

[00:21:52] What is the programming that’s been brought to your life. What you do is you just pull that out and reprogram yourself because when you reprogram yourself for, I have these beliefs, I know I’ve got what it takes, and this is way more than just some like, you know, affirmation, positive affirmation or meditation.

[00:22:13] Like it needs to be a bit more than that because what happens is once you pull those out, once you actually install those new beliefs, what happens is your, your, your mind will actually, your subconscious mind is so powerful that it’s going to get to work even when you’re sleeping, even while you’re sleeping, right?

[00:22:31] When you’re, your subconscious mind will go to work to go, okay, let’s say Mike knows he’s worthy. He’s worthy. You have like this seven or eight figure platform. Um, I forgot the name of the platform you’re trying to build . yeah. Yeah. Like so let’s say, Mike, you’ve got this belief, okay, I am absolutely worthy.

[00:22:50] I know in my body, my subconscious that this thing is going to go off the roof goes through the roof, you know, small T seven, eight figures, right? What happens is even during your sleep, your subconscious mind is going to go to work to go and think, okay, what are the things I can do? And then what happens is.

[00:23:09] Sometimes when you wake up or sometimes when you go for a walk or sometimes you know you’re doing some push ups or or weight lifting and things like that, like ideas will create those, what you call it, like sparks or creativity. I’m sure we’ve all had those when we are in flow, right? But, but the challenge is when we have like a muddled up belief system that’s running our minds, our minds, you can call it a monkey mind.

[00:23:35] Yeah. You on Facebook, you’ve got, you go onto Facebook, you go onto all these different groups. This guru is saying, this strategy, that guru is saying that tactic. Which one do I even follow? Right? So, so when our mind is so busy we don’t have that clarity. We can’t hear. Like the did the creativity sparks from within us because when you had that level of self awareness, when you were talking about the power, the power comes from the clarity Mike, when, we are no longer like what?

[00:24:04] We’re impervious to all the noises out there. We are actually sharing and tuning with your ourselves, with your in a, I guess you can call it inner guru or universal, whoever you want to believe right. When you can hear that in a voice. It’s that feeling in your gut where you’re like, yes, this is it. Right?

[00:24:24] Cause our bodies give us clues and that was the second part of what I wanted to talk about. So before I ramble on, because I get so excited, I’m so passionate about that. I feel that it’s great. Somebody gives us clues and the monkey mind. Yeah. So, so you were talking about you were taught, so there’s two parts to our, you were talking about, okay, how do I reprogram my mind?

[00:24:45] How do I even know? Like what’s my belief, right? One exercise people can do is like. Really take a moment like turn off your distractions, Facebook, music, whatever. Just for a moment. East silence. If you can sit down and write out those. Let’s say there’s a particular area in your life you want to work on.

[00:25:05] Let’s say it’s about the business right now. Write out like incidences, instances, or incidents that have a very similar pattern. Okay, so let’s say like, okay, I just got. Like my sales went through the roof. Like if you’ve experienced things that I used to experience, which is like you go boom, bust, boom, bust cycle like sales happen, great.

[00:25:27] I guess some cash, cash goes out and then, you know, say that what’s happened, great sales cap happened. I’m, I’m not at the next level. I’m increasing my spending, I’m hiring more, I want to scale. But then somehow it crashed again. Right? So if you have those days, just list out a, this of those instances, whether it is in your business or personal life, where you get the breakthrough and they stop, so you get the breakthrough.

[00:25:50] The momentum somehow stops. It always feels like something is tying you down. It is so frustrating. It is so infuriating and inside you probably saying, I fricken am worthy. Like I am fricking capable. Right? Why is it that I see other people who are less capable, who probably have a more terrible product in their mind who probably don’t even care about their customers, but I care about my customers

[00:26:14] Why is it that they make more money or they get more attractions than me? It’s so infuriating, right? If you feel that, if that resonates, like sit down, write out some instances and see if there is a pattern. Right? See if there is a pattern. Maybe either like see if there is a pattern and then what is the pattern?

[00:26:35] The pattern is the same thing happens over and over and over again until, until we stop looking strong before the tactic and look inside and go, Whoa, Whoa, who, what’s this? What’s the common thing here? The common thing is me. Okay, so it may be one time it was a supplier scripture, maybe one time it’s Amazon PPC scripture.

[00:26:56] Maybe one time it’s a launch failed and you know you had an inventory got stolen. Whatever it is. What is the common thing? Is that the universe or that this planet will keep on sending you the, the same pattern of situations. It’s going to keep on prodding you on the heads until you finally get it and wake up and go, okay, now let me look with it.

[00:27:18] What is it about me? What is it that is inside of my psyche, my programming that is kind of. Not in alignment for my highest version of me, which is what my level of wealths or abundance or you know, success that I want. Right? So, so that’s what I want people to do. And I sit, stop chasing stuff, getting distracted by all these noise, and actually take the moment, take the moment to take stock of what happened in your life or ego, business, and then decides, Oh, Holy crap, I’m the person.

[00:27:49] That’s the commonality. Okay. So this is great. I’ve been taking some notes too, and so yeah, I’m, I’m like, I’m thinking about the listener, I’m thinking about myself. So we’re writing down all these instances of why we’re not getting where we want to get or where we think we should be, and then we’re looking at ourselves, where’s the steps?

[00:28:11] So say they have identified, okay, I’m in the wrong, I’m doing the wrong thing, or this is not really for me. Maybe it’s my friends, maybe. Maybe it’s helped me get where I am now. How does somebody get to that start that transition? Is it like a rapid thing? Is it a gradual thing? Does it, is it depending on, sure.

[00:28:30] On the situation, the way I look at it, the first thing in this account. I want to introduce you guys, his concept of your emotional home. Okay. Your emotional home. This is a very important concept. So write this down guys, and girls. Um, so emotional home, and the, the first class I want to tell you is this, okay?

[00:28:49] So everything in the world, in the universe is energy and frequency. Okay? So I’m not a scientist, but you can look up any quote by Einstein. It is that you, you might think I have a physical body. This table, this chair, my laptop. They are all physical, but everything is energy. It’s just vibrating at such a fast rate that our eyeballs do not also, they’re not fast enough to see it.

[00:29:10] So why is that relevant? Your thoughts, right? Your thoughts, uh, real your thoughts and not something that just kind of, that just kind of comes and goes. But what happens is your subconscious program, it’s the reason why your subconscious programming I was talking about that comes from your childhood experiences is so important, is because they dictate what source you have.

[00:29:32] Okay? And your fluids insurance dictate what your emotional home is. So let’s take a moment. Take stock, right guys who are listening or even Mike like I can, I can profess when I was doing Amazon or even like straight four years ago, my emotional home was pissed off. Feeling like anxious and pissed off, nervous going, how many sales do I have these models, like the first thing I do is check my app or check my set up.

[00:29:59] central accounts, right? Like how would they spit up a shooter? So where is your emotional home? There is something called the consciousness map, right? You guys can look it up. It’s, you can Google a, make a consciousness. There is a scale or like the highest scale is like enlightenment, you know, they get there, but then the next one down is joy.

[00:30:18] Okay, so the number of joy is about 650 so it’s just like a numerical number they assign to it, but the lowest on the other spectrum of this map, emotional home you could be at is shame and guilt, which is literally only 20 okay, so why is this relevant? What I’m saying is if you wake up every day, just check within yourself.

[00:30:39] Are you living in the emotional home of joy and gratitude? I am grateful for the electricity, with water. Maybe you have face mask at home, or maybe you’re in quarantine, but it’s like you’ve got running water, you’ve got electricity, you’ve got food in your fridge. Are you grateful for that? Well, or you looking at what is wrong?

[00:30:57] Because when you are looking at what is wrong, you are living in the emotional home of like maybe anger or shame or guilt or fear, right? All of those are lower. If you look at those that scale with the consciousness map, you will find that the lowest one I think is a shame. It’s, it’s 20 the next one up is guilt, which is 30 so if you feel like if you’re a man who’s providing for your family, if you feel guilt, Oh my gosh, I.

[00:31:25] Should be, my business should be at this level, but I’m not, I’m such a failure. What’s wrong with me? I’m not good enough. Right? Like all of those worthiness things, they will keep you trapped in shame and guilt and every day the more and more you think of that, the more and more you live in that energy and frequency, the more and more you’re going to attract a situation and the circumstances that agree with that emotional home and that belief.

[00:31:51] Wow. Yeah, this is, this is great. So, so then the first thing people to do is take stock. Like, where is my emotional home? Am I living in gratitude? Am I living in shame or fear? Right? So, so, so that’s the first thing, but in terms of how you remove that, Mike, you’re asking me? Okay. Does that take, does that take years or months?

[00:32:14] Does that, can that happen very quickly? Yeah, it can happen very quickly. Like I, I’ve like it, it took me six, seven years to figure out, quote unquote, what is wrong with me? Cause I was lifting this like anger or nervousness or anxiety even though on the outside people go like oh she’s got it altogether.

[00:32:32] But so, so, but, but it can happen very quickly that as soon as you figure out what is the subconscious belief, the program that’s been running, you remove it and literally takes maybe two, three weeks. That’s what I do, was pick with my clients. I choose three weeks, boom. We remove it another two or three weeks.

[00:32:51] If we install this new program, you go practice it, put it into a daily ritual and like did the entire process. Imagine you have 30 40 years of feeling like I’m not enough of all these crappy situations that you agree with, and that’s tapping your earning potential. That’s capping your identity of the man or the woman you could be.

[00:33:11] What you know, that sense of fulfillment that can be ripped away. And have the best level of your, you know, success in like less than two months. And that’s what happened. I actually have service, some of them, Amazon sellers. I remember there was one guy, I wouldn’t name his name right, but I think this was end of 2017 also somebody I met at the global sources events, I think so it would become friends.

[00:33:37] And then when he came to me, he was literally on the verge of running out of money. He’s like Qing, I’m running out of money. My girlfriend’s about to leave me. Um, I go, stuff’s coming. But it’s like, I don’t know, like this sense of like nervousness everyday was just trapping him, right? I said, dude, like we’re going to get you out of this fear anxiety into, you know, that you feel worthy.

[00:34:01] You choose power for the confidence, what we talked about earlier, Mike, and literally three months later. The dude’s running like a multi six figure business. Like he, his monthly revenue at multi-six figures, and then like the relationship was at the best, best level ever. He literally doubled his revenue, like in, um, yeah, I think three, three months.

[00:34:21] So that’s what’s possible. And, and, and that is so important because it doesn’t come from, Oh, of course he’s implemented some strategy and tactics in the or that are those things that, that followed. But the number one thing, Mike, I want you and your listeners to understand is it comes from within. We’re going to align you first so that your, your programming.

[00:34:43] The, the, the programming that’s being run to you, that doesn’t serve you, that’s been sabotaging you gets ripped out. We install a new one, and then when that, Oh, that garbage is cleared out, then there is no resistance. You can just, you know, it just runs smoothly. Okay. Yeah. That’s one example, but yeah. I hope that answered your question.

[00:35:04] It answers, it’s answers. It’ll, uh, I think there’s another part maybe. I think that’s maybe, I guess, I guess the actual part of changing someone’s business or, or, or, uh. Maybe they’re realizing they’re doing the wrong thing. They’re not like in the career path or the life path that they, they should be. So I wonder is that something like an overnight thing, like I just wake up and decide to just change everything or, or I think it’s probably more realistic to make it a transition, right?

[00:35:35] Like maybe like at the same time they’re changing your mindset and are thinking like maybe they decide just. What they’ve been doing the last year, years or longer is not right for them. Yeah, so that’s a really good question. This is exactly what happened to me because, um, I think around 2017 I just felt like I’m not passionate about selling.

[00:35:59] in Amazon, like I was doing maybe 30 units a day, which is pretty good. I think it was maybe like 20 K a month revenue or something like that for the, for the couple of products I was selling, but it just felt like. It’s not me. Cause I honestly, I did not give it the selling like coffee makers or whatever.

[00:36:17] Right. I so, so, so, but, but it’s the same process to what I was saying is firstly is you have to now start listening, start listening to that, in the voice inside of you. And I’m not talking about the voice in your head’s going, you’re not good enough. Who are you to do this together? It’s never going to work.

[00:36:38] I’m not talking about that voice. That’s the mind. I’m talking about, That ability to, the ability to come from within the intuition. That spark, that divine spark when you’re in flow, I’m talking about that. You know that feeling in your gut. Sometimes that comes that you go, yes, this is the thing. Right?

[00:36:56] Have you ever had that moment, Mike, where it’s like, yep, this is the thing I’m thinking of parts of my life, or, yeah, you just feel like you’re enough. I don’t know if I’ll use the word flow, close date or something, but yeah. You feel like this is your natural direction or path or, or action you should be doing, right?

[00:37:14] Yes. And that is exactly what we told them about, that the issue, Mike, for most people, and especially right now in the current environment, the reason why people are in limbo is because there is all these uncertainty and humans, we have been programmed, like we as a species, we, we were like condition over, you know, hundreds of thousands of years for survival.

[00:37:39] Right. That’s why we want certainty. We want control. And that is why like the people right now, like this is your opportunity. Actually Covid 19 is an opportunity. Like, I’m so excited to talk about this cause this is a nice segue to be talking about, right? So Covid 19 I’ll tell you guys. There is something called , your masculine side versus your feminine side.

[00:38:03] Even if you’re a man, you have a masculine side and a feminine side, and the feminine side is that ability to feel your intuition to trust your gut. And that is the feminine side that most people, we have all been conditioned to forget. We have all been conditioned to go out for some crazy strategy because some guru told us, and that’s when we give up our power.

[00:38:28] Right? But Covid 19 I can tell you like even in terms of energy frequency, I can tell you like I get all these messages and I know this is a breaking point in history. This is a breaking point in the history of this planet where people are called to now stop doing things the old way. What do I mean by that?

[00:38:49] I’ll give you some examples. If you know in your heart there has been a voice in your hearts or this inkling in your heart. It’s like there is this thing you have got to do. Okay, maybe it is to not do Amazon, but started doing something else. That’s your true calling, but you were trapped by this fear.

[00:39:08] How am I going to do this? Okay. Because the question we often ask ourselves is how, how, how, how, how. Well, we don’t know the how. We don’t do it. We’re in limbo. We procrastinate and, and then what happens is, what we are already doing is also going, going down the, down the toilet. Because why? Because we’re attracting failure.

[00:39:28] So what happens is Covid 19 instead of seeing it perceiving it as the, you know, how I just broke loose or what do I do? Oh my God. Instead of doing these, freak out, if you can actually live in that emotional home of what we talked about, the higher vibrations of, um, of gratitude, of joy, even in spite of everything that’s going on.

[00:39:52] And you know how to condition ourselves. So then you have that unstoppable self belief. What happens is the clarity will come and you will hear and trust and more and more of that. It’s that, that trusting surrendering process, and then as you take some actions in more and more actions, you start building this credibility with yourself of, Oh, I can trust myself, right?

[00:40:14] This is, this then starts this positive momentum, positive spiral up for you. So in my, if for some people it might happen very quickly because when you take massive action, like things might happen very quickly. Like I didn’t tell you, Two and a half years ago when I started my coaching program, it went from seven years in my head going, how am I going to do it?

[00:40:34] Cause that how well these beliefs of like, who am I to do this? I’m not trying to be Robbins. You know, I’m not experienced enough. I don’t have enough certifications to do that. Went from seven years of that going, how do I do I, how do I do it? How do do it all these crazy monkeys? So it’s right to launching a beta program.

[00:40:51] Literally having my first group of 10 clients to them having a massive outcome like literally 10 days. It was crazy. The kind of action, the kind of clarity I got just by deciding and living in that emotional heart. So, so the progress, like either the, to answer your question, the process will everybody, it might be different.

[00:41:11] Some people might be very quick, some people might be gradual. But the key thing is you have to make a decision today. You have to make a decision and you don’t know have to know the what because this is another golden opportunity today. Okay? Write it down there the decision comes first and the how will follow it.

[00:41:31] So I’ll say that again. The decision comes first and though how will follow, and because decision means in Latin to cut off. To cut off in Latin. So first you have to decide because energetically when you are making a decision, you said you never asked, I don’t know how, right. You send out these imagery thoughts to the universe with strong intention, with strong love or passion about it, strong conviction about it.

[00:41:59] Universe, I don’t know how. Show me the way, show me the way I like it. Yeah. And then what happens is. And then you, you all subconscious mind is now being put to, put to work. So like, okay, so, okay, let’s say, Mike, you have this new new thing for this platform, right? Maybe, I don’t know what’s the stress? I’m making things up, but let’s say you don’t know what’s it, what’s it will say that strategy?

[00:42:24] How do I take it to the next level? How do I bring all these suppliers or these customers to this platform? You set very strong intention, right? And that intention, this is the other thing about Covid 19. Because Covid 19 the the post Covid 19 age or even right now, that the scene you are doing right now, you can not be driven by just a desire for money.

[00:42:49] Let me say that again and there is nothing wrongful for wanting to make money out of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly okay for you to get paid. In lieu of the value you provide to the world, that’s perfectly fine. But what I’m saying is you have to be doing something though, out of fear, not because you have to make money, but it has to come from a passion and the calling out of your soul, out of your heart.

[00:43:13] Right? So, so it’s like, it’s that quoting is so important that you can’t not do it. So, for example, maybe your platform is like, because I want to, you know, eliminate inefficiencies in the, in the process. I want to help more suppliers or PPE, you know, like the medical, whatever. Right? Now, in light of this, that could be your, your wife, right?

[00:43:33] So you, what I’m saying is in the Covid 19 people have to be following their hearts, not following their ego or the heads of like, yeah, I want to get to seven figures because I want to buy my next mission. No, it comes from your heart because of this passion and when you come from this passion. What happens is your subconscious is also going to be lit up.

[00:43:55] Your, your mindset, your, your psyche is going to be lit up because your ambition’s feeding off fire, this clarity is going to come and you’re going to jump out of bed every day with that purpose. Even if you’re like, I don’t know the how yet, but wow, I’m so excited. I’m like a kid again. Like I feel that passion ignited inside of me when I first started this business or when I first started this entrepreneurship journey, but you feel alive again.

[00:44:18] And then what happens is your emotional home, your ego’s, start innovating from, maybe you weren’t in accuracy before. Maybe you were often almost feeling a bit depressed before because you don’t know the how. But now you’re animating yourself through that consciousness map from, from apathy to fear, to anger, to like neutral to this, you know, a bit more happy to, more confident, to joyful, like you finding these home qualities and momentum spiral.

[00:44:43] Because when you’re sitting duck right. The energy is stagnant. When, when you’re in this fear where you’re looping these thoughts over, over about how am I going to do it? Oh my God, shit’s going to go hit fan. I’m going to go out of business. All my staff is going to be, you know, I’m going to go onto the street.

[00:44:59] I’m going to be homeless. Or when you’re living in that fear, the energy is stagnant. Youlre just go around in circles, but what you truly got to do is first make a decision. And then send out the intentions to the universe or to to, to whoever you pray to. Right. Have those faith and like, show me the way.

[00:45:17] And then the third part of what I want to talk about, Mike, is this, sir, I think this, there’s two ways people can do it. And this comes honestly from my heart, right? It literally took me six, seven years, and I spent probably 200 grand US on all these different coaches or mentors, retreats, therapists, like all these things.

[00:45:37] There’s two ways can do it right now. We have a lot of information out there on YouTube. If you just go Google human law of attraction or subconscious. It leaves or you probably get a ton of videos and all these things. All of these are great. The soundbites said that bites of information, even even this episode is by the information.

[00:45:56] Those are for information, right? You can consume it. It’ll probably make that I start making marginal changes if you even do what I talked about today, but then there’s a fast way, which is for people who are very driven, like myself, right? Like where I’m just like, I’m at this point. You know, I was at this point where like I’m just sick and tired of feeding stuff, of going around in groups or go or feeling like I am worthy of so much more, but I don’t know what’s stopping me.

[00:46:21] Talk to somebody who knows what the F is going on, who can’t help you because information only gets you so far. What you truly need is transformation. What you truly need is transformation of, you know, whether it’s a mentor, it doesn’t have to be me. It could be somebody else out there. But what I’m saying is you guys gotta decide once you decide, go talk to somebody who knows what they’re doing so that they think what gets you on that rocket pass?

[00:46:47] Because the way I look at it is if you try to figure things out on your own, that the biggest costing in your business. This is another writer downer, another golden quarter from cheek today. Okay, so another one is the biggest costs in your business is the money you’re leaving on the table because you’re trying to figure things out on your own.

[00:47:07] I’ll say that again. Right? So the biggest costs in your business is the money you’re leaving on the table every month because you’re trying to figure things out on your own. Okay. Most people think it’s just a strategy is to tap it. It’s the newest marketing. Maybe it’s like Facebook messenger to sell.

[00:47:25] Uh, chatbots to, to sell more reviews, like whatever it is. Maybe people think it’s the strategy, but I can tell you, if you don’t get to the bottom of your subconscious beliefs, nothing else will work. It might work initially for a little bit, but your, your psyche will have a freak out. It’s never going to be able to hold that level of money, this multi six or seven or eight figure or even life figures that you want because it’s just going to have a freak out.

[00:47:50] That’s why what you gotta do is find somebody or a system or a path that can get you to, how do you hold that level of belief in programming? How do you install that new program so that you can get to that level. So that whatever you’re doing, then like the tactics or the strategies, the system, the processes, they can work in your favor so that you don’t self-sabotage.

[00:48:14] That’s, you know, I think that what people got to do that’s not a prognostic, but that’s like a private jet where they just want to get onto the fast path. This is great. Okay. I mean, I, I’m really, I really personally been benefiting from this, so thank you so much, Qing for this. And, uh, I think. We have.

[00:48:35] Maybe we can get you on again for a second, second part in the future. But for now, I think we’ve kind of got a start to wrap up a little bit. But what is always, I always tried to say like, what’s one action point? I mean, I have a few, even myself, but you know, for listeners now, and they’re in this Covid 19 or maybe it’s even after this pandemic is past us, you know what, what is.

[00:48:56] I think I can make some guesses from what I’ve learned from your talk, but what are, what are some action points they should do? Like immediately? Okay, so the first thing what I talked about is the emotional home. Like really have a checking like, except the one thing I would talk about is use. Okay? Is I’m not paying attention to negative stuff because I want you guys to understand everything is programming.

[00:49:20] Everything is information. Every time you listen to a news or a feed or looking at how many deaths or how many people, uh, you know, diagnosed, confirm, covid, or all these negative news, you’re yet again, programming yourself for fear and anxiety. So the first thing I would do is actually do a detox of that.

[00:49:38] If you must keep track because you’re in that business or you’re in something where you have to get out of the news, keep it to a small amount of time. Because, because the way I want you to start seeing yourself is you are a blank canvas, right? You are a blank canvas and you only let information on that in people or let in frequency that pushes you up, knocked down.

[00:50:01] So for anybody who. Yeah. And this is a common thing I see about women other than those men have as much, but like with givers, like whipped, all that, just keep on giving information, giving value to other people, and we’re going, wait, where is my share? I’m like, it’s not reciprocating. So if there are people, energy vampires, ego, life, energy vampires who just take away, takes and take that always takers, you have to decide that you’re worthy enough to cut them out.

[00:50:25] So that’s the second thing, right? Okay. The next thing is you start living your emotional home of gratitude. Like, how, how do you do that? You know, pay attention to stuff you’re grateful for. Maybe have a journal, start writing back gratitude. Um, those are big things. Fourth one is what I talked about earlier, the Pogo stick versus the private jet.

[00:50:45] Like I think even what I just talked about, those three things, if you guys do it, it’ll be massive increases. But the, if people want some more clarity, they, they watch, they, they want to talk to somebody who may be able to. Oh, maybe they just want to pinpoint what is it exactly that stopping, stopping you in whatever it is.

[00:51:03] You know, business like, I’m, I’m happy to serve. I’m, I’m happy. So what I do is I do these complimentary clarity calls. There’s 60 minutes. People can book a call, book a call with me, but there’s no charge for it. We’ll help you get clarity, will help you get a step by step strategy pen in terms of how do you actually get from where you are to the outcome that you want.

[00:51:22] Whether it is a eight figure exit in your Amazon business or you just want more cash for whatever it is. I mean, that should clarity in the imaging. So, so those will be my CTAs for this episode. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that’s great. Yup. And then so one final thing is if people want to book that call, um, the link is so.

[00:51:46] Divine. So D I, V I, N E w E a L T H S C H O O That’s it. Okay. Slash apply. Okay. We’ll put it in the show notes too. This is what great Q, I thank you really, and a pleasure to sort of perfect timing too for all these people. I know a lot of people are reflecting on everything and under a lot of stress, so thanks again for sharing.

[00:52:12] Yeah, it’s actually the perfect opportunity because the quarantine we get to do with ourselves and checking. Right. It’s perfect for that. Thank you for the opportunity, Mike, and thank you for what you’re doing for, for your tribe. Yes. Thank you, Tim. Thank you. Thank you everybody for listening to this show.

[00:52:32] If you enjoy and you want to engage with me and others in our cool power community, we just had our monthly mastermind call and it was amazing. You know, I shared openly about what I’m working on. I try to give opportunities that I can’t share openly in this podcast to people. We have our three or four, five, 600.

[00:52:51] It depends on what you count as courses, but I have so much online content, basically sharing everything from internet marketing, then to Amazon stuff I’ve done too. To the mindsets of businesses and productivity. You can all get it definitely supports continuing this show. We’re past 300 shows, and if you want to give back and can engage with some of the players in this community, it’d be a great place to consider applying and we will review your application.

[00:53:19] Thank you. Thank you so much for, for sharing. Uh, so openly with your. Your definitely take her up on that offer. Like I said in my intro, I am her student now. I can’t believe that I didn’t, you know, I don’t know. I think I’m a quote unquote ma masculine male person that thinks this stuff is maybe sometime, maybe that’s why I needed it, but.

[00:53:47] Like I said in the intro, I got a little bit emotional, but let’s first hear this BBC, I promised you could hear the third clip and the BBC. I recorded it. Give you guys a little bit of update, what I shared with BBC radio live in the UK, uh, earlier last week. And then we’ll talk about my session and then we will, uh, put in what she recorded for me, which she might not expect others to hear.

[00:54:10] Well, let’s go on to BBC next. If you’re listening to use the bucket in February, you’ll recall husband and wife. Wendy and Michael Michelini, when you were stuck in quarantine in China? If there are two children, sister alongside her mother was in the middle of cancer treatment as well as her father who has heart issues by causing Isla for time and a bunch.

[00:54:33] I spoke to Michael, you may recall I had made it back to China. Well, one of the last flights out of Manila and he was put in quarantine in Shenyang. Well, Mike has now completed his quarantine and he’s getting released at the us on the line from . What’s the feeling, Michael? Yeah, thanks for having me. Uh, it’s, it’s a little bit chilly here compared to Manila still, even in April, but, uh, it’s been about a week now out of quarantine and re readjusting is.

[00:55:03] It’s been very, very strange, I guess, to be honest, just a . Yeah. So, so where are we speaking to you from where you are at the moment? I’m in my in-laws, a house in a spare, spare room I’m using as a makeshift office. Right. And, uh, I know, you know, what was it like seeing your family again, or have you seen them yet?

[00:55:26] Yeah, I saw them. I got out Monday night, last Monday, so about exactly a week now. And I, uh. My wife picked me up with some of her, our other distant relatives, and, uh, I got my paperwork, some certificate with the, you know, the formal stamp of approval that I pass in my 14 days. So I could present that to the, uh, building management or others that might need it or ask for it.

[00:55:52] And, uh, yeah, we drove together to my, um. My inlaws where my, as we mentioned, my mother-in-law and father-in-law and my two children, Miles and Maggie are, were here. And, uh, the funny thing was they tried to embrace me right away, but I was quickly, uh, pushed into a shower and, uh, all my clothes were changed and there was sanitizer and spray.

[00:56:15] It was like a whole coordinated effort of everyone in the household taking different parts of my, uh, clothes and bags and, uh, making sure I’m co decontaminated before I could, uh, embrace my children. So it was a really weird feeling, but it felt great, of course, to finally get out of the shower and fresh clothes and to see my children and, and my, my, my wife’s family.

[00:56:42] I know you have been very concerned in our last conversation, we talked about the fact that your mother in law has been battling cancer for a while now, your father in law has heart issues, how are they doing. They’ve been improving. It’s a, you know, there was my aunt’s birthday yesterday and we, um, we also had a delayed birthday cake for, for me when I got out of quarantine and to.

[00:57:05] They are, they’re much, much healthier. It seems they’ve been able to go to the hospital, get their different checkups as well. So they seem much better, even when I saw them in, in January, last, last, early January when it was last year. Aha. And, uh, the reaction of the family impacted probably, especially the kids, they must be very happy to see their father back.

[00:57:26] Yeah. Of course. This, uh, there’s been a lot of these video calls through Wechat. And, uh, but of course, nothing the same as in person. And they’ve been constantly, like, you know, when I get out of my work work, uh, environments. And so the family environment, they are very happy to play with me. Uh, you know, uh, I, I’m also the one with the English videos on my phone and, uh, books, English books, they to read that they like.

[00:57:52] And, uh, so they, they look to meet for those, those things they haven’t had in quite a long time. So it’s, it’s been really, really great. [00:58:00] Have you had a moment to think about what sort of impact the isolation has had on you? Um, you know, as it’s facts, it’s finally get a little bit better. But last week I was having definitely some disturbing nights of sleep.

[00:58:15] Um, just wondering, you know, I didn’t know if I’ll come back to this part of China. I mean, the plan was we would get all back together soon, but still does not share that. Our future even. Do we, you know, we’re in in-laws, they’re very kind to let us stay here. But do we, how long do we plan to stay here? Or, you know, now that I’m out almost, it’s made me more, more, more, more nervous, cause I just don’t know what’s the next, what’s next for the family and, and, and, and the life, you know.

[00:58:46] Um, but it’s definitely been re readjusting still, but last week was especially a little bit stressful for me, just especially at night, you know, the. To think, you know, the mind is thinking a lot, so it’s very nerve wracking. So do you have a sense of where you’re going next and you’ve just said that you’re still struggling to figure that out?

[00:59:08] Well, I mean, the original plan was we had been in Thailand for a year and a half in Chiang Mai for our children’s, uh, you know, they have really good international schools with English and, and, uh, Thai and Chinese language. But we’ve, I just heard somebody, they said, Thailand is under, you know, as everywhere is under lockdown and a lot of things are, the economics are really not looking good and the plan was to go back there in the summer.

[00:59:34] That’s the original plan. But we both have a feeling, my wife and I talked yesterday, we don’t think we’ll be going back there. I’ve started to

[00:59:47] return. I know it is. That’s the other stressful thing. I have a lot of my friends saying that, but for me, I mean, I have to put my children and wife first and my wife wouldn’t be willing to leave her, her parents and other relatives here. But yeah, I had a, I had a call for Easter with my parents, and they’re, they’re also on lockdown.

[01:00:08] They had to miss it. They’re, they’re really shocked. I had to miss their church, but yeah, I was really, I feel like we’ll be here for awhile. Okay. Michael, really good to talk to you. Thank you for keeping us updated on do. We should have therapists for the future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much, Michael.

[01:00:23] Okay. Thank you. Thank you for having me. All right, cool. So I hope BBC be seeing me republish this stuff, right? I record it on my phone. You know, I’ve learned that from Tim Ferriss. You know, if you’re going to be on these media sites, you should record it just to back yourself up even, or just a court document.

[01:00:39] It’s sort of all about or learning from the God, Tim Ferris. But, uh, all right. So I said I would share, it’s a 13 minute audio clip of her. Her work for me, one of her, uh, deliverables is, uh, as her, as a coach of me, and I’m a student, we’re all students in one way or another. So I, uh, like I said, I cried when I heard this the first time.

[01:01:06] And I’m listening to this two times a day. And I also have this on repeat when I sleep, so it’s still. Only been a week since I started this, you know, like literally podcast interviews have just been week. You know, I’ve got a couple of weeks and buffer, but, uh. I dunno, I was, you know, maybe I’m crazy or stupid to share this, but this would be something I guess you would make for you [ guys if a, if you use for a service, you know, it was after a two hour  I’ve been talking to her a lot.

[01:01:36] So we had one hour podcast and one hour call and we had a two hour session. Then she made this, there were some last couple of weeks, but it’s already kind of gotten rid of some emotional baggage. It doesn’t reveal, I don’t think too much of what I said. It says her result of how to help me, but I think I’m just too hard on myself.

[01:01:52] Maybe it’s the Gary V hustle and the grind of, you know, don’t sleep, work, work, work, get more stuff done. I think she’s trying to unwind me and be more nice to myself. I got to take care of myself more as I think the whole theme of what she’s helping me do. Um, so I hope you guys enjoy, or you could just skip this if you think is too weird.

[01:02:12] Um. Just doing it for you guys and to document. And I, I love to document everything and I might, when I die, hopefully this, hopefully it helps some other people and, and hopefully, um, you know, when, when you’re listening to this, maybe you can help. Hopefully I can help you. It’s not just for me, I think just can help a lot of people, but it’s kind of about taking care of ourself and, uh, and being easier on yourself.

[01:02:33] I mean, we all got to achieve a lot and do a lot, but we got to step back and breathe and take care of what we’re doing with our life. So enjoy. What she has made for me.

[01:02:47] So right now, Mike, you, uh, sitting comfortably or lying down with your feet, either firmly planted on the ground and uncross your legs as you take a deep breath in, you are relaxing your face. Relax your neck, relax, or shoulders or now your chest. And as you take a deep breath in through your nostrils, you can feel the air coming all the way into the pit of your stomach.

[01:03:23] You can feel these deep breathing into your belly and you come plainly. Relax.  maybe even wiggle, your eyes a bit and both of your eyes, you are looking as far back into the back of your head as possible. You’re rolling your eyes back as far back as possible, feeling your eye and it’s a flutter. And as you take one more deep breath in, you close your eyelids and your glues shut.

[01:03:57] CEO’s shut your eyes and you can’t even open them. Even if you try to, it’s like they have been sealed with super glue. As you take another deep breath in, you can see or imagine a flight of 10 stairs descending in front of you. You’re walking, drifting down stairs number 10 and nine. As you take one more deep breath in, you can feel all your nerves, muscles, and tissues expanding, loosening as you walked downstairs.

[01:04:34] Number eight and seven, you can feel the gentle sun on your face. You can feel the gentle breeze in your hair. Everything feels. So cozy and relaxing as you walk down downstairs, number six and five, you can see here, or even feel your footsteps landing on stairs. Number three and ones every sound that you hear, you use it to going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.

[01:05:14] You going deeper and deeper into hypnosis as you now land on stairs number two

[01:05:28] today is today that you realize you are worthy. You are worthy of these feelings that you wake up every day feeling in your body and your mind. This deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. When you wake up next to Wendy, when you wake up with your kids, you feel so happy things run smoothly. You love sitting with your cup of tea in this open creative space and looking at the trees, listening to the water, doing your writing, your journaling.

[01:06:12] You feel this lightness and joy in your heart with joy bursting out of your heart as you feel so happy creating. Creating what you love, the content that makes a big impact on other people’s lives. You know, as you sit there in this open space, at this big table recording, writing that you know, today is a happy day because you are so happy.

[01:06:43] You are absolutely proud of the work that you do. You are proud of your team who is smart and learning every day. You feel this sense of power and energy and purpose in your body and your mind, your psyche every day from the moment you wake up, Mike, you feel these magnificent gratitude before you even open your eyes.

[01:07:08] As you lay in bed with your eyes to close, you put both of your hands on your heart and you think of the people. What you love the most in the world. You see, Wendy’s face, you see Myles and Maggie’s face. You see all these other people’s faces and you feel to your heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all these love and support in my life.

[01:07:34] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this wealth and abundance of joy and love. At ease in my life because I am in tune with the universe. I am insuring with the energy that wants to endow me with everything I deserve. So every day, Mike, as you brush your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face down in front of the mirror, even on a toilet.

[01:08:00] You say to yourself, I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. Every day. When you go about your day, whether it is avoiding the ketchup for the poor team or drawing the name at the back of your mind, you say to yourself, I am powerful. I am powerful. I am powerful. And you feel so relaxed to soul just leaves in your body.

[01:08:32] There are these deep sense of ease and peace in your entire way of being. You have this knowing that everything is going to work out so you feel your entire body or your solar plexus, which is where your stomach is. There’s this sense of lightness, this weightlessness, and you can almost walking around town.

[01:08:57] Seeing your solar plexus, your stomach is just golden, yellow light, and that is where the sense of worthiness comes from because you make yourself feel good every day. You tell yourself everyday, Mike, I choose how I feel. I choose how I feel and I love myself. I love myself, I love myself. I love myself enough to choose only worthy people who deserve my time.

[01:09:31] I only choose opportunities that deserve my attention because I am worthy. I am deserving. So whether it is the book CEOs mandates or are now coming out of the woodworks or investors who want to invest in Loadpipe, Mike, you have that level of discernment. And that level of detachment because you know in your heart, in every single fiber of your being in every single cell at the cellular level, Mike, you know that you are worthy and you bring to the table everything that person wants.

[01:10:11] That is exactly why you only attracting opportunities and investors. Partners who deserve you and your kids are shiny and light and happy because they’re bursting with confidence and joy every day. So everyday Mike, when you go check your emails, communications or discussing with publishers about several book deals, you feel this sense of calm.

[01:10:39] A wash over your body. It’s almost like you’re going forward for your favorite shower or favorite spa treatment. You feel this sense of ease, the sense of happiness, fulfillment coming over you, and all you do is you just surrender everything you surrender. Any thoughts, any feelings that don’t serve you, you just surrender to the universe and you tell yourself, I’ve got this, I’ve got this.

[01:11:08] I’ve got this and it always works out. It always works out. It always works out. So when you’re spending time with Wendy, Miles and Maggie, they can see that happiness in you. They can see that massive shift to transformation. This is glow in your face. This sense of confidence and poise in you might that they are so happy for you as well, and your customers.

[01:11:38] They’re sending you raving reviews left right and center in your emails, in your Weechat chat messages on your website. So much so that people and are coming out of the woodworks to give you more dos to give you more orders. So they, you only choose who you want to serve. You only choose and attract and joy in the opportunities and income that deserve.

[01:12:07] You. So when you look at your bank account, like he feels so much ease and calm because you know all your overheads, your insurance, the school fees and dental living expenses, or even any money you want to give to Wendy or your kids, you’ve got it covered. So you take, you talk to yourself everyday. Mike.

[01:12:27] Say, I’ve got this, I’ve got this, I’ve got this because I am absolutely worthy. I’m absolutely worthy. I am absolutely worthy. So you protect your boundaries, Mike, every day as we protect your boundaries on your time, on your attention, and while you may still choose to help people, but only the people who deserve you so deep, deep inside Mike, you take time.

[01:12:54] To praise yourself every day. You praise yourself. You acknowledge yourself. You say, I am worthy. You’re doing a great job, Mike. You’re doing a great job, Mike. You’re doing a great job, Mike. And every day, Mike, as you go about working or you take a break, or even as you have lunch or dinner, you take time to put hands on your heart and just connect to that little boy inside of you.

[01:13:20] And you tell him, I am a loving parent to you. Now, I take care of you. I love you unconditionally, and I take care of your emotional needs, whatever you want to or needs to express you can tell me because I give myself permission to feel my emotions and processed and released. I gave myself permission to release my emotions, to feel how I want to feel and express any true thoughts I have starting right now.

[01:14:05] To get more info about running an international business, please visit our that’s also, be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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