4 Things To Rock Your International Business in 2017

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These are some things I did myself in 2016 that really rocked the way I work – and I hope you can implement them, or at least think about them, in 2017!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Project Dashboard

  • Survey Customers

  • Setup Daily Systems (even if just working yourself)

  • Spin Off Non-Core Assets, find strategic partners

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 12:05

Enjoy these points? Well, this year I am excited to announce a new course, new program, all about these things. We are branching out here on Global From Asia with some more global content, growing out of Hong Kong and China – and want to share some knowledge bombs we have been developing over the years.

I have a special offer in the month of January for the new “Global From Asia Course” – yes, keeping the name right after this very podcast – check it out and the special offer at www.globalfromasia.com/course and I look forward to working together with you on these developments.

Next week, we’ll be back on track with our normal interviews – but I do hope you take me up on this offer, or at least check it out and give me some feedback – again its globalfromasia.com/course

Let’s rock 2017

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Podcast Transcription

Mike: My son Miles happy new year everybody he’s two and a half years old going to be three in May and my daughter Maggie is going to be one years old this month of January later in January snow princess and they’re both younger than his podcast it’s been great going along with you guys and as far as what we did for Christmas last week we mentioned I was maybe on a zoo and as you did happen and I have video blog did they have logged it so if you’re curious seeing all the elephants and monkeys in Chinese New You can check it out on our show notes or Mike’s Blog dot com slash blog zero six nine for the short your oh

so today’s just me no interviews I do have great interviews comment on future episodes as always and a lot of people lining up and it’s been great having people come and get want to be on the show so thanks for that and getting amazing e-mails from people from last week’s show about over shared her career path change coming over to Hong Kong and trying to do my best to keep up over the holiday season but today is going to be a shorter episode was just me talking about some of the things I’ve learned in two thousand and sixteen that really changed the way I work that made him who was more effective and I hope these little tidbits can help you out in two thousand and seventeen and I love your feedback either way

to start the first one which was my favorite one is a project dashboard some of my friends have been looking over my shoulder when I work it’s basically like almost bookmarked on my screen and I use it to see all of different projects I’m working on I know a lot who have so much stuff I’m doing and how do I do other things like for this podcast it’s a. Google drawing and I basically just put a picture of the podcast logo on a Google drawing and a hyperlink it to a Google doc and then that way it’s colleague I can jump adapt project whatever I need and I map out to different agency work different consulting products I’m doing right now and a different all different businesses and different projects that I’m doing and it just helps me when I lot of people might I think about what you want to what to do next or what should be working on so in the morning I have breakfast usually I’ll pop it open bookmarked and I’ll see all the different logos is very visual too so I can see pictures of what it is and I can click the link and it can open and I have my organization chart there and have the people in the team there with their picture and I can click on their picture and open up what they’re working on it just kind of centralizes everything I’m doing into one page and has really helped to stress a lot and also to kind of even think about some of the things I was working on that might not be be worth it so my second one would be serving customers or talking to your customers or talking to your users so I talk to a lot of people on the show I get them easy e-mails and social media messages from people which is great and people ask me how we chat and how I don’t really match my wechat but it’s just my last name Michelinie if you want to add my personal one research global for me for our official account and we chat but I always try to ask questions how to find one of the I like about it just trying to understand what what was to what people want to know and in emails always a great way so I know it’s annoying but to make a survey and keep it short and sweet so I just use Google Forms I’m a Google fan boys you can see and I just send out directly I use to try to get he’ll go to my website and fill out a foreman things like put I just learned a key thing simple and also just keep the questions simple and quick and I tease a little bit in the emails so that he will know what to expect when they go into the email service he’s me so this is just in some ways and keeping people engaged I was happening so don’t just do a one time survey but maybe follow up later say what kind of results you’re getting give people another chance to fill out the survey and you know just keep keep keep going along like that so I was this seemed as very very valuable actually help me on this very blog break up my content to three different major categories because there’s something I learned. Was my my continence so much it’s very hard to find things now which is cool because we have almost five hundred pieces of content uncle from Asia now between the blogs the podcasts the pages all different events we’re doing all different form postpaid content we have paid courses and everything over five hundred posts no more pages total so it’s pretty amazing and these are pretty deep pages so basically broke it down into three categories corporate which is all that incorporation of banking in merchant accounts and government stuff and tax stuff all that boring stuff we started out the show a lot about and they’re going to business we’re talking e-commerce course F.B.A. is all the rage everywhere in the world now so few episodes on F.B.A. So basically you know and then the last one’s lifestyle they talk about immigration I got a little teary eyed on talk about renouncing US citizenship and lifestyle where to live so let’s call it the three major categories there’s a whole bunch of subcategories but that really came from the surveying on people or it is tell me what they liked and it’s help me break up break up the content get some ideas so I really think you should do that a lot of times there’s developers or even me a lot of Niven developer My wife called me a programmer now because I’m always writing and I wear headphones on. We are just creating content so you know creating is great but you still got to be engaging you be listening be talking so you know I have my mornings goes into my third point here which is setting up daily systems so my morning I’ve told people I just talked to Matt from China channel about an hour ago he’s been down here Shenzhen a few times and get to know each other pretty well and he asked me how make so much content and it’s about making systems so. This year I Really develop my my work system. My mornings and I tell my family tell my friends the teller who I am working with my mornings is my writing my creating time that’s my maker time so that’s when I’m making stuff I don’t want to try to be bothered I try to check emails I check slack in between work sets I use Pomodoro but I really I’m just trying to focus on creating or making or building or solving a problem or focusing on something and I usually get eight Pomodoro as done before one pm and I just feel great I got so much work done all morning I Actually got headaches I think it’s because I’m just working so hard but I just really recommend I mean I don’t people don’t like mornings I like nights I think even Tim Ferriss writes at night but for me I’m lucky I like being a morning person afternoons I’m dead that’s when I kind of do more my afternoon phone calls management time catching up on emails take a walk outside Actually I had been doing meditation in the afternoons as well just kind of trying to break up my day but I really say set up systems and even if you’re working by yourself you know you want your team to know your customers do you know your friends know your system your schedule and it’s been really helpful I’m just trying to be transparent with everybody now you guys will know and this is going to help you be much more effective. So that’s my point three and then my fourth one will help me a lot this year is spinning off my non core assets or finding partners or strategic partners for those so one big move I believe I’ve mentioned a couple times on the show is I took on a fifty percent partner for the business agency services for the incorporation the audit the taxes reigning from you know pro We are a fifty fifty partners now you can read about the global from Asia dot com slash you know pro which is a you know pro consulting limited as a company name of the game on the show we’re pretty happy we we have a combined forces and it’s helped me save a lot of my border hopping I think he has now I’m constantly between Shenzhen in Hong Kong we’ve aligned a lot of our assets and a lot of our synergies and he’s he’s a local Hong Kong C.P.A. So Sister really great that I Can’t stamp things you know I’m not a slice and C.P.A. So he’s a greaser She’s a partner he’s very detail oriented he knows all the ins and outs I mean I’ve been learning I’ve been sharing with you guys we have courses and books and podcasts all about it but I think that’s important in business and in life is to find your strategic partners to find where you’re good at and where you need help and so that was effective October first and since then I’ve been able to really focus more on creating amazing content which is what I love to do honestly for me meant I started blogging start my first business in two thousand and four was working at a Wall Street bank and I was a selling stuff on eBay and figure how to make e-commerce shopping cart in inventory like crazy stuff and I mean I enjoy networking creating content and marketing online so this is one focusing on helping with you know pro on the marketing who create more content here called me to see more events more podcast more blogs more amazing stuff coming out. And this is just stuff I love to do so it’s leading into the end of the show and one cool announcement is making a completely new course a course have whole cool supercharged or some China business workshops and others and events one I’m very excited about work on a branching off in global from Asia in two thousand seven hundred or more global we’ve done a lot of Hong Kong in China stuff in our own global from Asia which is actually what the name of the Course is so I’m naming the course global from Asia course so this program is going to be all about how to kind of optimizing grow your global business a lot of listeners have been saying that this shows are more advanced than others and they enjoy it because they already have their businesses going so we’re really working out he will already have a business kind of goal I’m not going into the basics because I’m going to do stuff like I’ve been discussing here like critiques systems and dashboards and work with international teams and stuff around the world and also stuff I love I love share about so there’s a real special for January two thousand and seventeen and if you want to get that specialoffer it check it out at global Frasier dot com slash course and it least check it out you know that it’s going to help support this podcast even more it can be my main focus going forward and we have contents about global from Asia it’s course still Hong Kong people and business stuff in China is the stuff which is next week shows about Chinese e-commerce I’m really excited about but I mean I enjoy talking about I do a lot of international business still and that’s what we’re going to talk about going forward and if you want to check out the course you know we’ll work with me through it be very interactive in amazing and support last couple heinies has happened in so global from Asia dot com slash course and I will see you guys next week have a great one

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