Thailand Company Incorporation Dos & Don’ts With Karsten Aichholz

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Welcome to Global From Asia, episode 134 – I’m recording after an amazing “Cross Border Trip” – first of its kind this past Friday with a bit over 20 amazing business people based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and more! Amazing people like Chris Davey and Benjamin May attended and it was a full day of touring Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen, seminars, and networking. We will do more of these day trips on the regular – so check out for upcoming ones.

And now for this week’s show – we are continuing our excursion out of Hong Kong and China – this time in Thailand – let’s dig in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Karsten

    Karsten, you are the guy to know in Bangkok! I met you at DCBKK last year and you had a great welcoming party for all of us. Thanks for coming on the show Karsten

  • Personal History

    Care to give us a bit of history on how you ended up in Thailand?

  • Company Setup

    So company setup, you have a great blog post that covers tons of it – should you do it if you are living in Thailand, or hiring there?

  • Benefits

    What are some of the benefits of setting up there?

  • Work Permit? Investor permit?

  • Cost

    How much does it cost to open?

  • Banking, how is that?

  • Terms

    You should have a parent company overseas, like HK or Singapore?

  • How about the ongoing upkeep costs?

  • Any government incentives?

  • Per Area

    Is it the same in every city/region of thailand, or are different areas different?

  • Example of Operation

    How have you been operating your Thailand company? To give us an example.

  • Other Thailand Structure

    How about others – care to share how they are using a Thailand structure?

  • Contact

    How can people find out more about you and what you do? Thanks man!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Thailand Starter Kit: In-depth guides for people looking to work and live in Thailand. For investors and entrepreneurs I specifically recommend the guide to lawyers in Thailand and the guide to cross-cultural management in Thailand .
Brewed in Bangkok A podcast about the stories of the people you meet in Bangkok. First 7 episodes are done. People can sign up to be notified when the first season goes live.
√ I’m actually happy to answer questions by e-mail if any of your listeners want to know more about Thailand. They can also contact me anytime at
√ Mike’s of the Qianhai Free Trade Zone trip (moved to link below)
Cross Border Trips

Episode Length 35:33

Booyah – there’s our first episode on Thailand company setup and business – thanks for that Karsten. So what are you guys thinking? Last week was Philippines, this week Thailand. Maybe India in the future! That is Asia too right!

Next week actually it even crazier off topic, we are talking about people in Holland losing their citizenship for being outside of their country too long – so stay tuned for that – and watch out about losing yours and being stuck in limbo land! cheers

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