Building an SEO Company and Conference From Bali, Indonesia with Brie Moreau

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We are in Bali – well – the guest anyway. Bali, Indonesia a tropical paradise. A destination for tourists – but also digital nomads and internet business owners. Today we have Brie Moreau, an SEO expert, who shares some internet marketing strategies – but more on the lifestyle and adjustments of working online in a remote, tropical paradise like Bali. Enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Brie

    So you’re from Australia – and hang out in Bali, correct? Can you introduce yourself a bit for everyone

  • How / Why Bali?

    What brought you there, I have heard it is awesome but not been there yet myself.

  • Building an SEO company remotely

    What are the steps, what was the journey like when got the internet marketing business rolling

  • A time when you realized - this is the right thing

    Were you sure from the beginning, that this was the place and the business to do?

  • Steps you would give others wanting to follow in your footsteps

    I think a ton of people in their home country, in their grind are listening wondering how they can do the same – is it like they say – working on your laptop in the beach? What steps would you advise people to take?

  • Family Life As Digital Nomad

    Living in Bali sounds great as a bachelor! what about family once you’re a digital nomad? Brie, what is your opinion on this?

  • From Roland Bernath

  • Staying Motivated

    An interesting task about living in a “comfortable place” is that you get lazy! do you? by lazy i mean: you can make a good quality life let’s say from $2000/month. how will you thrive to do more if you are all set with that?

  • Another from Roland Bernath

  • Starting your SEO conference there

    How did your conference come to be ? The day you realized you should do a conference (I know what an undertaking it is, believe me!)

  • The future

    What do you see the future for SEO, remote work, Asia (yes, I know a lot here). But are we in the right place, internet marketing, remote, in South east asia?

  • How people can learn about your and the conference, etc

    Thanks so much for sharing – what can people do to connect. When is the next conference


People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Brie’s Agency
Brie’s SEO Conference in Bali, Oct 6, 2018 – Digital Marketing Skill Share
GFA Review & COupon code for DMS conference
Deutsche Coworking Space in Bali
√ General Assembly
Lead Cookie -Jay’s Linkedin Lead Generation service
Roland from Para Living

Episode Length 36:24

So there you have it! Thank you Brie for coming on the show and we really appreciate the coupon code for your second annual DMSS – Digital Marketing Social Sharing event.

I’m making moves as well, looking to moving to Thailand. This interview was actually funny timing, as it was random but also matching my wife and I’s discussion about leaving China and going to Southeast Asia. Since the recording it is almost a sure thing, and we are focused on Thailand. Why Thailand over Indonesia? I would have to say more about the kid’s school choices – there are more options in my research in Thailand.

Life is an adventure, and what I hope you take from this show is – make moves! Try things out – try new business ideas out, try new locations out, new lifestyles.

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