Finding Business Models To Make Real Money (Genuine not Scams) with Ally Mona

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In today’s episode we will be talking about Multi-Level Marketing Schemes or MLM – debunking the myths and talking about different business opportunities. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Ally Mona

    Great to have you on the Global From Asia show, finally! Can you introduce yourself to our listeners today.

  • The stigma of MLM

    I have to admit, it does have a bad rap – in my mind I hear it and I think of scams. Care to share your perspectives.

  • Any business model can be a scam

    Whether it is MLM or not, I had a rough experience lately with a guest who got caught up in the scam course seller category.

  • Ways for people to know a business model is legit or not?

    What should people look for?

  • Not every business model is for everyone - depends on your strength and time

    Many people call out scams but actually a lot of times the person doing them didn’t put in the time / effort to make it happen.

  • Chat about various business ventures and models

    Let’s talk biz!

  • What you are working on these days and opportunity for listeners to get involved

  • How people can find you online

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 24:48

Thank you Ally Mona. It’s been a real pleasure. Thank you for your time and your listening ear and I loved hearing your stories.

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