Celebrating 100 Podcasts

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Pretty excited to be typing this up – we have reached 100 shows now in Global From Asia! Remember having no clue how to do a podcast when first starting in October 2013.

6 Top Industries for Hong Kong Companies

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Many people approach me about relocating to Hong Kong, China, (or Asia in general) to start or grow their business. I encourage all of them to come and try – life is short! But I do think it makes more sense to come if you’re interested in some of the following industries. I don’t want you to scan the below industries … Read More

Selling a Hong Kong Company

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Hot off the press (and more press) my startup Social Agent has just been acquired by Unchained Apps Ltd. You can read all about those details in the press release, today I want to use this as a chance to explain the various ways a company can be sold, specifically for a Hong Kong company.