Chinese Factory Inspections, Tips, Tricks and Insights with John Niggl

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It is hot and humid, feels great to be back in the South of China in mid-July. The two weeks in Europe was a much needed “China break” but I am ready more than ever to rock for the rest of the year here in China and Asia.

Which brings me to an interesting announcement – I have mentioned on some previous episodes I am now a partner at the Enter China community, a members community of product manufacturers in China – and we are hosting a live webinar on August 4th giving tips and tricks on finding the right factory for your crowdfunding campaign – to learn more and signup go to

And, if you are here in the south of China on Friday July 29 and want to do a full and in person event – we are going to visit the Qianhai Free trade zone here in Shenzhen – government will be there, workshops, and a roundtable. Lunch and dinner included, limited spots – check it out at

Alright – and now for this week’s show, episode 132~ – we have John Niggl from Intouch Quality, a full service QC company – and he is sharing with us some common things you should look for when doing factory inspections – if you are even doing them at all!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro John from Intouch Quality

  • China story

    A little bit of your story and how you came to China

  • Qc vs inspection

  • Cost of third party inspection

  • Mistakes people make

  • QC Checklist

  • Tell the factory they are coming

  • Audit vs inspection

  • When you may not tell the supplier you are coming

  • What happens if you show up to the factory unannounced

  • Letting factory staff control equipment

  • Checking raw materials

  • Inspecting tablet pc

  • Sample size inspectors should make

  • Aql , what it is and how it affects inspection

  • Ways to contact you

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 30:21

Thank you John! Finding the factory is one part – but oftentimes we rush things and skip having someone check the factory when doing our manufacturing run. I know a ton of you aren’t based here in China – but that is why there are these QC specialists who have your back!

And that’s it this week – if you want to get on this webinar for finding the right factory – check it out at !

See you guys soon, time to get outside into the heat and humidity!

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