Fight or Flight During COVID-19 Pandemic with a Family

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Our episode today is a fascinating interview with another expat who also had the same thought process that I went through – as a husband and a father like me whose family is in China. Do I stay, do I go? Should I stay in China or go somewhere else? It’s an interesting thought process he went through and some other things he saw. We keep these shows in real time. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Hugh Bell

    British expat in Chengdu with wife + children (similar to Mike)

  • Experience on Jan 24 in China during Chinese New Year Lunch / Dinner

    What was this feeling and experience when lockdown started? Wuhan was Jan 23, your Chinese New Year lunch was Jan 24

  • The thinking of how to handle it

    What was next, what was going through your mind?

  • Discussing with your family

    What were you, your wife, and family saying / thinking?

  • Fight or Flight Thinking

    What is this you mentioned before- the fight or flight thought process

  • China Visa Handling During Pandemic

    What has been happening during this pandemic, your visa situation

  • Extensions during Pandemic, right?

    I heard foreigners can get a 60 day extension due to this virus, no?

  • Hugh’s plan for visa runs?

    So if you have to leave, what is the plan, where, how to deal with your family? Cambodia, Myanmar, or Hong Kong decision

  • Mike’s thought process and findings

    What Mike plans to do now (after the show interview)

  • Advice for those listening on travel / immigration / family

    I know a few others like us, what do you recommend for them?

  • Connecting with you

    How can people find you online, Hugh

Thanks for sharing!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 52:52

Thank you so much you for sharing Hugh. It was really cool to have you back on and there was much less about business, more about being a foreigner in another country. I am out of quarantine now and I am just enjoying spending time with my family. Thanks everybody for listening.

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