Breaking Comfort Zones, Journey To Full Time Entrepreneur with Tommy Griffith

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We got on the show an old time listener Tommy Griffith, founder of ClickMinded.

We had a discussion about moving full-time entrepreneurship when you’re actually enjoying what you do in your day job and moving your lifestyle and the adjustments and some of the the ups and downs and rollercoaster. Tommy is going full-time and growing his business. Hopefully this motivates some of you to maybe get out of your comfort zone.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Tommy’s first failed venture and leading to San Francisco

    Working as SEO dude in Paypal and then Airbnb.

  • Starting newest venture - ClickMinded

    How he got into the latest venture while “recovering” from his first.

  • Offline courses to online

    From his first client (birthday / St Patrick’s Day / Saturday) to building his online course empire

  • Side Hustle and Full Time Career

    Tommy had a nice side hustle (ClickMinded) and able to still have the day job.

  • Being Too Comfortable

    How many people today may not start a venture as they are too comfortable.

  • Taking ClickMinded Full time

    Thought process, the longer than normal delay from quitting the day job.

  • Moving To Asia / Becoming a Digital Nomad

    How was the first few months leaving San Francisco and being a backpacker in Asia (funny stories)

  • Scaling the business, Co-Founder

    Tommy brought a co-founder later in the venture, and also took things more serious

  • What’s Next In the Venture?

    So where are we going at ClickMinded Now?

  • Discussion about the Shakeup in Education

    Tommy and I discuss about the future of college degrees (I rant a bit)

  • How Listeners Can Adapt to the Nomad Lifestyle

    This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • How people can connect with Tommy

    Ways to find Tommy online.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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It’s been great. Thanks for your time, Tommy. Really appreciate

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Show Transcript


[00:00:00] Global from Asia episode 260 we’re going to take an adventure from San Francisco to Bali something like that. Welcome to the global from Asia podcast for the daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight-up actionable advice and now your host Michael Michilini . [00:00:22] Thank you everybody for choosing to download this. Was talking to some people and they some unsubscribe now, they re subscribing different reasons or you know, we did take that break for a few months. So I’m excited to hear that you’re hearing or excited to virtually feel you’re listening to this that’s talking to friends think Zach Franklin says, how do you. [00:00:50] How do you just talk to yourself on these microphones or do an interview with him on a bus and thinking about people listening? I mean, I guess it’s like Target Avatar. I know I’ve met some listeners, you know that said they listen to it and they’re walking their dog in the morning driving the car riding a bike. [00:01:08] I think most of the time we’re on the move and this week’s show is on the move. Old time listener Tommy Griffith, ClickMinded. Get him on the show. He was listening to this when he’s in San Francisco working for the man he but he did he seem like he had a pretty cool gig and we talked about his…. [00:01:31] It’s a fun like kind of like, hey study discussion about moving full-time entrepreneurship when he actually enjoy what you do in your day job and moving your lifestyle and the adjustments and some of the the ups and downs and rollercoaster. It was it was really fun conversation. And we we had quite a fun time and hopefully this motivates some of you to maybe get out of your comfort zone. [00:01:58] I think that’s one of the bigger takeaways will have the blah blah blah. After the interview some of you say you enjoy that I hope you guys do too and you know GlobalFromAsia we’re mixing things up. We were talking about the protest last week. We talked about Amazon sometimes of course Asia business and this one’s maybe you know, leaving your comfortable San Francisco gig and moving to Bali. [00:02:22] We actually talked about Tommy on a really old show. With Bree Moreau about a CEO and and Bali and was that co-working space seemed co-working space. So we’re kind of Connecting the Dots here. Well 260 shows quite a bit if you add an e-commerce Gladiator and I’ve also been a been a co-host at the China Business Cast and I did Forbes China for a while. [00:02:47] And some other shows social agent. I mean over 300 some shows for sure counter at all. But even on a on this feed is definitely more than 260. So, of course we’re going to have some connecting of dots of [00:03:00] previous guests. So if you remember the Brie Murrow show about him doing build an SEO company in Bali, we have Tommy G here Tommy Griffith also connecting that dot when he got there to do his SEO training course. [00:03:18] Building and growth. So thank you again for listening and let’s get into the show. And if you want to hear maybe my my first time some of my maybe people always like to Juicy stuff will talk about some of my hardships of living overseas after the show. I’ll put some uh, try to not repeat myself. [00:03:40] Maybe I said it somewhere in some of these shows but I’ll put some of these kind of more tragic things that have happened to me. How about this? I’ll talk about my bike getting robbed twice in China and my laptop getting stolen in China. I’ll put that in a blah blah blah, but let’s take it away good into the interview with Tommy Griffith click minded and his journey from starting his an online training. [00:04:03] Business. (Get me all choked up here)  Tommy going full-time and growing his business putting a co-founder and late and other juicy story tidbits here and it was a fun conversation and is also a listener. So let’s let’s dive. Are you coming out to China? And this October for the trade show seasoned want to meet up with amazing guests and experts in cross-border e-commerce Amazon FBA and more go from ages fourth annual cross-border Summit finally made its own website for many years. [00:04:37] It was a subpage on We’re separating it out also got amazing. Co-organizer Mark Ramos helping out on the ground in Guangzhou. We’ve been hiring new people. It’s the team to help out amazing volunteers. Www dot cross border China border [00:05:00] Bo AR D are some Say Bo AR D. Are we got both so you can misspell it if whichever spelling you like cross-border [00:05:11] Hope to see you there sports the show and is amazing people there cross-border some of that combo back. Right. Thank you everybody for to ancillary Global from Asia podcast. We are in what category four hour workweek escaped escape the Rat Race episode as story and a friend and a longtime listener Tommy Griffiths from click minded. [00:05:35] Thanks for being here Tommy. Mr. MacLean e what’s going on? My man? That’s good. It’s good man. We’ve catch up a little bit before the. Recording, but it’s it’s great to have you on the show. I remember you reaching out back in the day listening to some of the earlier episodes here and it’s a it’s great to get you on the show. [00:05:58] Yeah, man. [00:06:00] Now that now that you’re big and famous, you got to remember the little guys that listen to you when you were small. Okay, so you gotta you gotta get I gotta give me some credit. I was listening. I’m an OG man. I was listening in the early days, you know. Yeah. No, I appreciate it. I mean we’ve Diversified foot. [00:06:16] Yeah, originally was hyper focused and in Hong Kong, you know all the Hong Kong business banking and stuff which is fun and and we’re expanding but Today’s Show is yeah, like like I said earlier your. I read your blog posts definitely link it up in the show notes the whole I you know keep you know, I think everybody likes those raw ones where you just kind of lay out your experiences the ups and downs and the Downs of Entrepreneurship and and getting out of the grind. [00:06:47] But seriously, you’re the founder CEO of Click minded. Is that is that what the best title for you now or. Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s right. It’s being a CEO [00:07:00] of like a 4444 person company. I mean like it was scratching it, right. I love you. Like you got these networking events and everybody’s a CEO half the time but it’s you know, but it screaming even doing good. [00:07:15] So click minded e is the it’s like an SEO training online training company is. Correct way or yeah. Yeah. So click mind. It is a digital marketing training course for entrepreneurs and marketers we started off as an SEO training course. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for about 10 years. [00:07:35] I started with a very do you know like a lot of people read 4-Hour workweek wrote a dorky ebook try to get it ranking in Google taught myself SEO. First business failed. I ended up moving out to a kind of came back. I was traveling and first business failed and I came back to the US with my tail between my legs and had brought on a bunch of debt from family and friends that I take on [00:08:00] taking on and ended up finding a job at PayPal. [00:08:04] So I moved over to the Bay Area. And manage search engine optimization to PayPal for two years then eventually moved over to Airbnb and manage search engine optimization at Airbnb for 4 years and started click minded on the side while I was working at both of those so started as a physical in-person training course, I was teaching startups SEO on the weekends in co-working spaces. [00:08:27] And it was just sort of right place right time with this online learning online course Renaissance. We’re in now is 2012. I had a physical in person class and I ended up creating an online course for you to me you familiar with you to me, you know them. Yeah, I yeah, I have I don’t actually know if anyone see it on the show, but I have one one of my one of my courses on there. [00:08:50] I still get a small drip of money once in a while once I’m on tonight. Yeah. Yes, I started there and that sort of kicked it [00:09:00] off ended up using my search engine optimization training course at Airbnb who trained up, you know, designers and engineers and data scientists that joined the growth team to work on SEO who take them through the course it grew and grew and grew and ended. [00:09:15] Eclipsing my salary after a few years and then two years ago. I went full time on its the left. Are we going to go full time on click minded since then? I’ve yeah I left to travel man traveling for the last few years and we’ve grown it from an SEO course to. Much more comprehensive. So it’s seven course has now paid ads content marketing email marketing social media sales funnels Google analytics and our model is we try and find world-class people that do this every day, right? [00:09:44] So the social media course is taught by the former head of social at Airbnb the content marketing course is taught by the former content strategist from lift, and we try and have instructors that kind of do this stuff every day. Nice. Yeah course quality is everything especially [00:10:00] people, you know, it’s more than just the money of the course is the, you know, the time people need to invest and you know to enjoy and take action and learn from it. [00:10:12] So I there’s so much I you know, I’ve read your blog and you know see me speak about this and we’ve talked a lot and I always like your jokes about your first customer. The you handling pictures of his name. I think it’s.  it’s pretty funny orally and maybe your first online or was here first offline customer for your course. [00:10:35] I think it was offline, right you were doing these like meetups or like me for ya into so you’re working at you’re working at Airbnb and you know, you started click minded and then you.  eat. I remember this is a cool story. I don’t know if I’m missing it up or going out of order here, but I like this I like this. [00:10:58] Yeah. Yeah. So [00:11:00] so I had you know, I moved to San Francisco after the first failed business attempt and I was one of these people were you know, I was incredibly blessed my parents had paid for. My University but I ended up putting myself into debt after University. I tried this business. It didn’t work. [00:11:17] I borrowed money from family and friends. And so I you know, it ended up ultimately working out. I failed into a job. I you know taught myself a CEO in the meantime and ended up managing search engine opposition to PayPal, but I was I still had all this debt. I was trying to pay down and so wanted to start this side project and ended up physically teaching this SEO course on the. [00:11:40] And you know, it was an all all day Saturday, you know 925 kind of all you can SEO and we were charging. I was charging $500 per user. I did a revenue share with the co-working space. So would share Revenue with them because I didn’t have the money to book a space and then be really stressed about filling it. [00:11:58] Right. So just did a revenue [00:12:00] share whenever I booked 425 person classes ended up being great, but one person classes were terrible and the moment. I knew I had to change the thing was I had this. A moment in time where I had someone emailed me and said hey, I’d love to come in and do a course but I’m only in town this one day and I can only do this Saturday. [00:12:23] Can you do it and it was it was a Saturday? It was March 17th St. Patrick’s Day, which is also my birthday. And it was this guy he was like a 50-something year-old Chinese guy named Philip and he just emailed me saying can you make an exception and make a do a teach a course on the Saturday is sitting there or reading his email so miserable and I’m thinking about the debt I had and I was like, okay. [00:12:54] Let’s do it. And then he said do you have a promo code and a Cod? Okay fine, [00:13:00] and then you know when I did out the math it was awful, you know, it was a 50-50 Revenue share with the co-working space. I bought I’m a creep printed materials for the guy. You know that cost some money. I would buy the guy to lunch, right? [00:13:12] Yeah. Hey pal, he’s Eventbrite fees and then I spent four or five hours preparing for it. And then, you know, sick five or six hours teaching and I did out the math and I was making about $12 an hour. And San Francisco minimum wage was $13 an hour. So it was not click minded was the worst company to work for in San Francisco. [00:13:37] I mean, yes, of course a funny story, but I still I still think listeners should. You’re hustling, you know you I think I still think I would take that it’s your first customer your experience. You’re getting some I think of course, maybe the short term and remember your charts and your blog post. [00:13:56] Of course, you know, I think any any startup or any what [00:14:00] tech business or business, you know, you’re not making Max profit beginning but you’re validating your business. Your learning is working. I mean. Of course, you could have maybe said no to this guy and still may be where you are today, but at the same time, I think you know, I think would you I may be a good question for you. [00:14:19] Would you do that again or would you just do you think that that helped you saying? Yes to this dude and working on camera. Do you think is there any breakthrough of maybe maybe it was a maybe you should have just gone and partied on your birthday. And st. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know. I wonder I wonder if there’s any. [00:14:38] You know, there’s a whole Lean Startup movement. I don’t know if that’s just because you used to be but you know just to it’s experimenting and learning right? Is that is there any or is it just like was that just a big mistake you think?  Yeah, I mean you can’t you can’t run the simulation twice, right? [00:14:57] And so there I [00:15:00] think the biggest the biggest thing and a lot of people. Undervalued this is being miserable. And in debt is one of the most powerful forces of nature there is and you don’t it’s just funny because that you know, you could argue that that was the Catalyst that ultimately ended up being the reason why I pivoted to one of the big reasons why I pivoted to creating an online course was because the business was so stupid. [00:15:28] I loved I loved what I did. I love the SEO. I love teaching SEO but. Business was fundamentally dumb and the end, you know that the motivation to do that on that Saturday for my birthday when we came about because I was miserable and in debt and it’s really funny because you might have a lot of people in your audience that are listening and they’re comfortable and they have a good paying job and maybe they’re thinking about an Amazon FBA business or maybe they’re thinking about, you know, jumping to the next side project but in a really strange and [00:16:00] interesting and counterintuitive way, I think the. [00:16:03] More comfortable they are the more dangerous it is I think the less likely they’re going to jump right and it kind of the more you the more you have to lose the less likely you are to put it on the line, right and and I was just in this position where I felt a little bit cornered a little bit trapped and I had to make it work and so I ended up accepting everything taking everything and I just said yes to a million things until it eventually worked. [00:16:30] Yeah, I like that. May you made me think of my days on Wall Street and I. I honestly hated working there. So that was my motivation. And I did it for the purely for making as much money as I could to start my own thing. But I remember a lot of people that I work with were like you said comfortable and they would you know, there’s a course to happy hours and I was just starting to eBay and you know selling on my website and stuff like that and [00:17:00] they’re like wait you make it how do you do that or what you know, and then they’re always like and then I quit and I remember they’re just like. [00:17:07] I want to quit one day.  But I don’t know when because they’re making good salary it gets to direct deposit to your bank account every two weeks and it’s true. I think I mean if you’re comfortable that might be a problem to start your own business. I think if you’re backed into a corner where you got to make this work and you got to take this this shitty offer from some dude asking for a discount code for off, you know a single course. [00:17:36] Single person and you know, I think that’s just forces you to work your ass off until you make this work and do whatever it Whatever It Takes, I think that’s.  some of the issues that some people are just comfortable and I agree with you. I think I think then that might be a negative I think in or that horrible word like entitlement or people think that I deserve this [00:18:00] job or this, you know, which is an issue. [00:18:02] I think in the world today a lot of people feel like. They have to get you know, there’s a certain level of living standards and things like that. But but yeah, it’s a it’s interesting the and I agree with you, but I think the more kind of the more comfortable you are in the further along you are the less likely you are to jump in though. [00:18:24] The higher risk you are to sort of stay the status quo, right? So I think. The in a weird way being super miserable was the driving force that that took me to the next level. Another thing is there was there was a wee chat group, you know, I try to not get to the track with these groups. There are some fight in a group and some guys like dude, you know, Google my name you don’t know who I am or you know, and and some guy said he linked to a movie with Brad Pitt that says [00:19:00] that is why no one will remember your name because there’s some kid that passes on the sword and he says are you really going to fight that huge? [00:19:08] Army, or death huge enemy on your own. I’m so scared, aren’t you scared? And he says that is why no one will remember your name like you just gotta go out there and just just put yourself out there. Right? I think that’s that’s what I think one of these stories of people just because yeah, I get that same question. [00:19:26] Like, how did you why did you quit or how did you. So you and so what you were doing good and I remember we had met in person and you know, you know, we often meet at DC bak and and you know, amazing guys there and you were still working. I think when I met you there and you were still had this was still your side hustle, right? [00:19:46] And so now you have you are in a pretty good position you were able to work your you get your decent, you know. Income as an employee and also have a pretty awesome side hustle that was [00:20:00] profitable and doing really well right. I mean, but you were still wanted to travel the world get out of you know, is that the story I mean, maybe we’ll just fast-forward a little bit. [00:20:10] But of course, you hustled you learned you you built an online course you grew it but you were still able to I think they even were supporting you right? I mean, they knew it’s like it was a secret and. What was the motivator to do that?  Yeah, so the business ended up eclipsing my salary in the third year I was working on it, but I didn’t end up leaving until the fifth year and part of the big reason. [00:20:41] Why was I just this might be a little. Different than a lot of the audience but I just really liked my job. Right and just and I also just kind of wasn’t done in my job. Right? It was a lot of personal stuff. You know, I joined an amazing company. I fully drank the Kool-Aid [00:21:00] on Airbnb, but it really but it really was it really wasn’t credible and PayPal. [00:21:04] Was extremely boring much more like a bank customers really don’t like it alot of people alot it a lot of hate towards paper II really hate him. Seriously. I rank in Google for tons of kids variations of PayPal I get painful people that think I’m somehow PayPal and they want to kill me just because I have a Blog about them like it’s seriously like yeah, there’s not a lot of Goodwill out there on for PayPal but there’s a lot of Goodwill for Airbnb and I joined it just a crazy. [00:21:33] Time like. You know, the business was was really skyrocketing when I joined. There’s a hundred something employees when I joined a 2000 something when I left the business doubled every year for four years in a row the first year I did week. I joined we were subpoenaed by the state of New York for our data and the last week. [00:21:51] I left I worked on a Super Bowl ad and like Beyonce stayed in an air B&B right? So it’s just like a massive. You know the CEO said this [00:22:00] all the time and it’s the rah-rah stuff. It’s the propaganda but I really believe it. He said he thinks it’s a Once in a generation company and I really do believe it. [00:22:07] I think it’s it’s fundamentally change how we travel it’s a it’s just going to be one of these things that created a new category. Our grandkids are going to use it right? It’s not going to go away. It’s not it’s not it’s not like a dumb app. It’s a it’s an actual thing. And so I got to be a part of it, right and so. [00:22:24] It wasn’t this calculation. Like I’m working my mindless job. I hate and I want to get out as soon as possible. It was you know, I’m working on this business. It’s it’s great. But I actually want to accomplish a lot at this company and these are the smartest people I’ve ever worked with and you know, like I just sort of wasn’t done, you know, I was dating someone there was just all sort of all kinds of stuff. [00:22:46] So I just sort of wasn’t done and kept working on the. On the business and sort of kept working on all my job as well. Nice. Yeah, I mean.  [00:23:00] I can say it was different for me. I lay or I kind of hinted towards that but I worked, you know, I worked at Deutsche Bank make a Germany and wall Street’s and distressed debt. [00:23:09] And I mean obviously I’ll be honest though. There was some fun times. I mean Pizza on I was on a internal training for I wasn’t on the actual trading floor, but I was. In the banks trading floor and and you know, we had pizza we would get you know, a drink together every almost every night or nights and there was coffees which into soda, you know crazy stuff going on like I drink a bottle of Tabasco sauce on the floor as it as a dare that’s crazy stuff. [00:23:39] But you know, I was more wanted to build build something. You know, I think. Financial companies don’t really build much. But but I would I would love to see Mike Michelini pounding Tabasco sauce. That’s on my don’t recommend. I don’t recommend. I don’t think that that’s your talk about every if you once in a lifetime, I think [00:24:00] that was a once-in-a-lifetime. [00:24:01] I don’t recommend I don’t recommend that it’s not good for your internal makes this may be the next. Maybe the next DC Behavior brother. It wasn’t a biggest bottle but it was not the small ones. You see in the past. It was like a medium-sized Tabasco one, man. I was. Pretty nuts so you know, I’m looking we have your blog posts. [00:24:22] I’m using as a guide actually another book on recommend it you just is the upstarts. I read this. I don’t know if you’ve read that we lived it you were in Air B&B, but it’s a good book about how Uber and Airbnb and a killer companies a new Silicon Valley or changing the world best. Some title, but I remember reading about the subpoena New York and it’s a good book if somebody’s interested to read it’s a good story of these sharing economy businesses as well, but it’s cool. [00:24:54] Yeah, I’ve seen that book actually haven’t read it. Yeah, but by branch of my co-workers and friends [00:25:00] are all in it. So yeah, we’re cool. So let’s move forward and. You know you listening to the club with me to show you listening T MBA and Powerful persons among others and you know, you’re trying to make some moves, you know reaching out which is great was so Asian was on the list or is that part of the goal? [00:25:21] Was that a factor and you know leaving or is the adventure the travel? I mean, what was it that finally your you Eclipse your salary, you know? Was that what you know jumped on a plane? I actually I’m looking forward to this story. I want to joke about like Mom and co-working space webinar. It definitely want to have this in the show, but I think we’ll get that later. [00:25:44] But I think there’s the you know, the the attraction of The Nomad the 4-Hour workweek is that part of the reason that you’d made the jumpers? Yeah, so I think I really started to my big problem was I loved my [00:26:00] job and I sort of felt on accomplished at work and wanted to show a bunch of there, but I was really sick of San Francisco. [00:26:06] I mean really over it. San Francisco is such a terrible place to build a lifestyle business. It really just makes no sense. If you’re working on a lifestyle business you go there for funding and then you get out really? I have all kinds of opinions on it I can save for another day, but I did myself a huge disservice by you know, I was getting really excited to leave and I kind of gave myself too long to plan my Escape. [00:26:36] And I spent a lot of Saturday’s. Yeah, like you said I was listening to Tropical MBA Empire flippers your podcast over Majors emailing you questions about, you know, whether or not I should set up a company in Hong Kong and you know, it’s kind of stuff and it was cool to hear your episodes from the early days. [00:26:52] But yeah you were at you were in my ears when I was planning my Escape man ice but uh, but yeah, so I think I did myself a [00:27:00] real big disservice when. I was getting ready to bail because I sort of set my expectations crazy high and I just Envision this life that was so absurdly unattainable. You know what I mean? [00:27:18] You know, she’s too many you see too many people on Instagram with a laptop out and it’ll it’ll drive you nuts. You know what I mean? Like I could imagine. Yeah, and so so I was planning the biggest gape. I finally, you know, put it in my notice wound it all down. I did my four years at Airbnb said bye to everyone, you know, shoulders donated all my stuff got rid of everything got rid of the apartment and just everything I owned was in a backpack and you know, I left I went home and hug the family and all that but I left one way ticket. [00:27:56] Film this new version of the course the basic plan was expand the course [00:28:00] from an SEO course 27 New courses when I’m with the and film everything and finally arrived in Bali and the minute I got there. It was a disaster like my first day there. I got robbed by the police. I got food poisoning and I was throwing up everywhere, you know the course we’d filmed. [00:28:23] Was we had spent $15,000 on filming his new version of the course and like it was raining really hard in the warehouse we had rented all day. And so the audio is was super messed up. And so I’m sitting there in Bali. Not even a weekend. I just been robbed by the police and throwing up everywhere and I’m clutching this external hard drive with $15,000 worth of footage on it. [00:28:45] And I’m just looking up at the sky and I’m thinking back to like, you know, Airbnb is like breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s all included. It’s like the classic Silicon Valley, you know kind of all-inclusive resort. It’s like the MacBooks and the bean bag chairs and you [00:29:00] know, the smartest people I’ve ever worked with and Airbnb credit at a. [00:29:04] Sting they’re like, wow. What am I doing? You know, why did I leave and just very serious seriously debating what I was doing with my life. You know what I mean? I kind of imagine. I mean, you know, I came out here a bit earlier and I didn’t get that whole fomo feeling from Instagram and social media. [00:29:29] When I first came but but yeah, I think that they always overhype and have those people are selling some kind of a light. Changing course or some kind of some kind of MLM scheme or something. I think a lot of times on those social media pictures, but but yeah, I mean the internet I mean the internet in Asia is most places here in like Hong Kong or Singapore. [00:29:53] I mean maybe in some places like he’s getting better. But even back when you would come out here that the internet was always a big issue [00:30:00] especially and we’re working online and I think you know, you crack me up I. I think is Bria he was even on this show a while ago and we were joking about you with the Savior and Isis like webinar and at that a co-working space in Bali or doing like a live webinar and he’s like a screenshot and you’re showing like you’re showing like you you like with the not welded and it’s like black background and his weapon are from this co-working space like bad internet and I feel like I’m Isis. [00:30:35] Isis captured, you know just dreaming a like a live streaming or something like this. But yeah. Yeah, it was one of the many many problems we ended up, you know, finally getting my everything together and we decided to launch the course and prepared for this big webinar and it just went terribly, you know, emailed the whole list for this whole [00:31:00] webinar. [00:31:00] And I was doing it from the co-working space in Bali at like 2:00 in the morning the air conditioner in the the booth went out. I was just sweating super hard. The connection was really bad and the audio is really bad and someone literally emailed in and saying we said, were you captured by ISIS question mark. [00:31:23] And that just that’s just a small summary of basically how the first three months of leaving my job to go full time on this thing was yeah. So I think you know, I guess the recap first. For listeners. I mean, I think every year even more it gets I don’t see easier or it gets easier and better. I mean everything B is help tons for people to be able to travel anywhere and even boober while Uber has more sisters in Asia with grabs or dedes, but you know, I think. [00:31:53] These services and technology and infrastructures have been steadily increasing I think so, I think it’s [00:32:00] getting quote-unquote easier and better for for people to travel the world and you know with co-working spaces getting better and all these everything’s getting I think better and easier, but of course, that’s something people should should take into account. [00:32:14] I think for me I’ve definitely had to meditate there’s been days like you are I still have where. You know, I mean, I’m in Chiang Mai and I’m a little bit further out from downtown and the power blew out like last Friday like weren’t 2019 and then the whole complex and they’re like, oh, you know go to the security Gardner like yeah. [00:32:35] We’ll be back in four o’clock. I’m like it’s 10 a.m. You know, like is 10 am like so I think it’s something people should realize is it’s there’s going to be times. He just got to end in my wife. Kansai still get annoyed honestly, and she’s like you’re not in America anymore. You got are like I know I’ve been American like 11 years. [00:32:56] I know but that’s definitely something I think people [00:33:00] should should. Prepare for but I think it’s also part of the adventure. Of course, if it really interferes with your ability to get work done. There’s something people consider. So three months in a webinar where you’re you’re looking like Isis hostage. [00:33:17] What will happen What Happens what happens next? Yes, the next phase of it that’s sort of where we took all that money and reinvest it in launching the next phase of the business. I ended up bringing on a co-founder actually really late into the business which is sort of controversial but yet brought him on he was a former apprentice and we took all the money and Pat it back into launching all the other courses and it was very up and down again from there. [00:33:44] We pre-sold the seven courses before we launch them and end up doing really really really well and. The next kind of six months after that. We’re absolutely miserable. The the priest I want really great. We had a ton of problems and actually getting the products up and live [00:34:00] and and going we ultimately recovered from that. [00:34:03] We ended up recovering from it in the most boring way possible. We just sort of laid out all the all the projects and what we thought the biggest impact would be and we worked on them slowly over time. Just kind of chipping away at at each one of them. And we’re in a much better spot now. We’re excited to see what happens. [00:34:20] Next digital marketing training is just kind of one of these things. We don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon businesses are are continuing to invest in a way of a bunch of bigger named clients now, which is cool and we’re trying to figure out what’s next. Is it going to be you know, the big corporations that want to train up a thousand people. [00:34:38] Or is it going to be oh more smaller companies right now. We focus mostly on entrepreneurs marketers and agencies and Consultants. It’s a do we do more of that? Right? Do we go the university angle right now? There’s 50 universities in the United States that offer a master’s degree in digital marketing and these degrees are completely [00:35:00] pointless. [00:35:01] They are completely overpriced absolutely ridiculous. They cost 42 $100,000 and their. Third they offer no value to the users. They’re taught with physical textbooks by 70 year old instructors. They often don’t eat don’t do job placements, right and you know as a hiring manager, I’ve hired people to PayPal and Airbnb, you know, people have hired me at these jobs and no one would ever look at these degrees with any seriousness, right? [00:35:30] But but young kids are being convinced that they need them. And so the next phase of it will see we could take it a lot of different. But it’s definitely turned from kind of the dorky, you know broken business where I was sitting in Bali crying clutching my external hard drive to something where we’re solving serious business has problems now and it when it’s starting to grow which has been great. [00:35:55] Yeah. I think it’s exciting times and. [00:36:00] We should also Target Chinese man Chinese are like the biggest buyers of I think you know, that’s a big problem is trade war. Is there stop making me Chinese parents will just pay anything for school like the top school because the degree and you want to have the stupid stupid degree on your stupid resume to get a stupid job. [00:36:20] Like, you know, my wife is already talking about like which Harvard or Yale for our kids. I’m like man, they’re like three and five years old like, you know, I think. Especially Chinese want this face and this this stupid degree. I don’t know. I don’t know if my kids love us in these podcasts, but I hope they don’t go to college to be honest, especially in 15-20 years. [00:36:40] I just can’t imagine I can’t imagine it being a requirement. I heard like is it Google? And some other Facebook, I think they’re not requiring degrees anymore for for working their stuff like this. Yeah that there’s starting to be a movement and I was actually at Airbnb. I was just I’m just passionate about the subject. [00:36:59] I was [00:37:00] formerly a formerly taught at a graduate school. I’m attacking this market now, but I was also just passionate about it and I would talk to recruiters about this all the time and it often didn’t matter whether or not it was formal policy, you know, the recruiter has a job to hire a particular person, but it never came up. [00:37:17] Having the degree and this is very content actually dependent right? You probably need a degree for brain surgery brain surgery and pediatric care right or rocket science, but you know, there’s just so many useless ones out there that need to go away exactly.  That’s interesting that you you know gun to your head. [00:37:37] We you if asked today you actually wouldn’t want your kids to go to college. That’s I find that fascinating toe. What why is that? Well, like, you know, my kids are really really young. So me and my son’s 5 he’s in kindergarten K2, and he wanted to draw Hulk so I I don’t know how to draw Hulk man, and he’s like, I don’t know how to [00:38:00] draw Hulk and I’m like, okay YouTube. [00:38:02] How to draw a heart whole cartoon and there’s this like four minute video with like a father or an old and like I’m an adult and a child and are sitting next to each other and they all you know, they’re showing you for free in a four minute video and he drew it and my wife’s like he’s not going to learn because he’s gonna he’s gonna just learn to search YouTube to get answers on. [00:38:24] I don’t believe that man. I think he’ll get confidence and he’ll be able to draw a better Hulk by himself without the video in two years. You know now he wants me to show him how to draw Spider-Man and I got a I got annoyed on WeChat, you know, I kind of get annoyed at direct messages because I am try to answer as much as I possibly can on my blog for free or a podcast for free like and people still want to like directly ask me a question, you know as I’m a little bit of a nut. [00:38:51] You know, she’s asking someone’s asking me questions about coming Thailand or ask me questions that I believe you can find in Google and the top five search results in like 10 minutes, you know, maybe [00:39:00] it’s blocked in China, maybe people just search and ask their friends for answers, but I said to my son I’m like miles, please. [00:39:08] Don’t be this girl on my WeChat and asking someone for answers. You can search on the internet for almost any answer now and Learn by yourself and he’s five. So he’s like Mike my dad. What do you mean? I’m like just promise me miles before you ask someone a question. You will at least spend 5 minutes to try to get the answer and most likely you’ll be able to get that answer in 5 minutes and I think that I’m training him, so he’s waiting for me to show him next cartoon. [00:39:40] Drawing tutorial of how to make Spider-Man but I think that will you know, I think that that’s the skill right to be able to learn how to learn right? And then of course they’ll need a course is like your course is for a very extensive intent in depth training but to get answers on some shorter things. [00:39:56] Like don’t be don’t be late. Don’t be lazy and try to like wait [00:40:00] for somebody to tell you how to do something like in school like, you know, I think. I think that the future is people can learn I mean look look at all this amazing knowledge. This is at our fingertips, you know, so I at least hope my kids. [00:40:15] I’m going to try my best to force them but, you know, encourage them to learn by themselves not Way for their teacher to give them an assignment so they learn how to do this but actually like. You know take initiative and learn and I think that will be the future, you know, like we have you know, I have our team that’s going to make this show. [00:40:35] It’s an amazing team mostly in the Philippines and I try to I try to encourage everyone to if you want to work hard you can you can you can you can learn there’s no excuses anymore where you can’t go to you can maybe can’t get the degree from an expensive college because you can’t pay to 42 a hundred thousand dollars or whatever but. [00:40:55] If you want to learn something now, I think there’s very little things blocking you from doing [00:41:00] that and accomplishing that and I hope I have some whether it’s my kids are listeners or people in my team might hope that I, you know can have some difference for that. That’s my rant completely hundred percent. [00:41:14] Yeah, actually at the University I was I was teaching at before anyone. I did it for four years in a row four summers in a row and the first summer was miserable because I set it up very poorly and any time anyone had a question, they would email me and I would just answer it and a 90% of all the questions I got with just like you were very google-able exact year. [00:41:36] If the very first day I set up are you familiar with the site? Let me Google that for you, huh? There’s some other variations where you can eat it. You can hyperlink it and then you give them the link they click it exerts to spits out a search result page like this. Yeah the basic idea. It’s a Jerk It’s a jerk move. [00:41:54] But basically, you know to let me Google that for you doc. And then you Google the thing and then it [00:42:00] gives you a link where it it. It gives it to the user and it just goes to Google for them and Googled it and it’s just it’s just it’s just a kind of a jerk way to tell people to stop being lazy, but but actually did this actually did this with all my students. [00:42:16] So I just had so many Google questions and I said at the very first day you can ask me anything you want. But if you ask me a very google-able question all. To do is send you to let me Google that for and it’s going to be really embarrassing and that drop the emails to me by half. Yeah, which was great because people they did it on their own they search for themselves and and and all that so it ended up being really valuable. [00:42:43] But if we view the I view it exactly like you. Mike like the the model we take is similar to you. You’re always pushing out all the free content where the exact same way. We’re actually very inspired by ramit say t you know the shooter I’ll teach you [00:43:00] to be rich. Yeah. We do the same thing like 98% of everything we do is free. [00:43:06] But if you want the results faster and you want the the, you know, the unlimited lifetime updates and all that then it’s then you go for the paid course or if you’re trying to train up a whole team where you go after hate course, but 98% of what we do is is free and you can access it and search for it and that’s just sort of how it works. [00:43:22] So it’s been really helpful for us so far sure. Of course, I mean, I hope I’m of course. It’s encouraging courses and programs is just like this. Blow in these universities of you know, like you said 42 a hundred thousand and then I keep reading these articles like, you know, the student loan debt and then you come out of college. [00:43:41] You can’t even get a job because you learn how to like you learn something that’s not even really relevant or useful and society today and then, you know, I’ve kind of and then there’s the entitlement and it might even lead back to this hole. You know Donald Trump walls and immigrations and but not even [00:44:00] happening in the US is happening in Europe. [00:44:01] It’s happening in China everywhere. Now these countries are. You know, it’s protectionism because we have to give our people the jobs because they pay for the school or they were born here. They have a passport from here. It’s just kind of really annoying to me and I don’t know how much longer governments can protect its people from the reality that just because you were born here and had you know have this college degree that you should get more opportunities than other people. [00:44:27] I don’t know how much longer that’s going to be and I think when if ever does go away, you know, There’s a lot of hungry hard-working, you know, quote-unquote third world people that are pretty amazing that will you know, that will hustle so, you know, I think that people got to realize that.  Yeah, well, we’ll see where it goes. [00:44:46] But this has been great Tommy. I think I think we’ve motive hopefully motivated some comfortable people to maybe get uncomfortable or you know, maybe don’t purposely go into debts to to start their own business. [00:45:00] But what do you normally recommend somebody to wants to do. What you’ve done or what you know what many people listening might want to do is, you know, get out of the Rat Race get a live dream, you know sipping coconuts and and Isis compound in Bali or [00:45:19] yeah, so I think the big. The big thing that I actually kind of accidentally stumbled upon this but Dan Andrews the guy from the TMI Circle our yeah TMA our mutual friend. He coined this term in a blog post recently that I really liked and he called it exit velocity. And this ended up being incredibly helpful for me and and the point him and his co-host on the podcast Ian talk about is they say they’re kind of too many people. [00:45:50] Maybe they’re a lawyer during the day and they end up doing a side project that’s completely unrelated to what they’ve spent, you know, 20 years working on in there other life [00:46:00] rights, like they’ve been a lawyer for 20 years, but then they go and they start to sell like, you know, CrossFit jump ropes on the side or something like that, right? [00:46:09] It doesn’t mean you. Can’t do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Of course, there’s examples of people doing something completely unrelated and that’s fine. There’s also examples where maybe they don’t like their current job and they want to go do something. They’re really passionate about and that’s totally unrelated. [00:46:22] That’s fine too. But I think something that increases your likelihood of success is this concept that Dan coined called exit velocity and I had accidentally done this he I have the definition right here. I’m just pulling it up now. He calls exit velocity. The amount of professional and entrepreneurial momentum you have when quitting your job and starting a new Venture momentum can come from a variety of sources investment Capital experience anchor clients industry knowledge and connections AKA unfair advantage. [00:46:56] Right. So for me it was like, okay. I’m working for [00:47:00] these two Big Brand companies PayPal and Airbnb a managing search engine optimization there but on the side, I was teaching SEO and sort of, you know was getting paid by someone else to do this stuff but was also compounding all that into my side project and then by the time I was ready to go, I had a lot of momentum on the ground, right? [00:47:18] I leveraged everything I had. And so I think that’s helpful that we might one piece of advice is to think about exit velocity. It’s not the end-all be-all. But look if you’re a dentist or a lawyer or you know, a teacher whatever you do if you like that and you’re not necessarily trying to escape everything you do day to day I think leveraging whatever you’re doing now. [00:47:45] Into your side project is incredibly beneficial because look at the end of the day, you know, this is just a classic hilarious. It’s a cliche at this point in the valley, but startups are hard and most startups fail and you know it like but all in all [00:48:00] likelihood whatever you’re planning is going to fail. [00:48:02] That’s math. That’s just how math Works anything you can do. To increase your likelihood of success is valuable and one of those things is exit velocity. So it’s just compounding any of the advantages you have now and what you’re currently doing and then leveraging those into your side project. [00:48:18] Yeah, I like it. I mean, I think so something else in the startup world is unfair competitive unfair Advantage something like this or you know, some kind of unique selling at USP is a very common one. I learned in school, but. I think you have to have something that you’re really good at what in an awesome. [00:48:36] Dan says is you know a thousand a rule. I think something else he’s talked about, you know, it takes 3-4 years for you to actually have a skill that’s valuable or different enough than the general population that’s worth somebody else paying for so sure if you are working in your 925 building up a skill and take that and. [00:48:55] Leverage leverage as much as you can when you are scrapping young Hustler that’s [00:49:00] willing to try to make a dollar out of 15 cents. You know, you just got to leverage every Advantage you you possibly have so thanks so much tell me this has been amazing. And of course, we’ll link up to the websites. [00:49:13] Click Where are you also have the blog post. We are referencing to Coal burning the boats. What are some other ways people could could reach out or connect or is this the best place? You can find us a click Twitter. I’m at Tommy Griffith and we actually have a bunch of free SEO checklist and SEO strategy guides and digital marketing strategy guides for you bike. [00:49:39] If that’s cool. If we could throw those in the sure, that would be great. A lot of up man. SEO is all about backlinks. We know didn’t get into my necklace. You got your backlinks for sure, man. It’s been great. I think is very valuable show and thanks for your time, and and luckily we had pretty stable internet. [00:49:59] No power [00:50:00] outages. No, no drop calls has been very lucky here. Thanks. Thanks, Tommy. Yeah, Mike. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate. Are you working on your SEO game? You know, Tommy complimented me on this content machine here at Global from Asia and we’ve separated out or taking some of our team in our resources and create a Content [00:50:25] It’s a pretty extensive services and packages. I had a great call with a client Bob Simpson. Thanks for that Bob. We can help you with blog post. We can help you with podcast creation listing creation. Photo video all kinds of amazing stuff. So if you’re impressed by our content here are our team, it’s just me on this microphone. [00:50:48] Now. I have amazing amazing people that helped us so much and we’ve extended that to you as listeners or people that want this service. Www dot [00:51:00] content Thank you so much. All right. I said I would throw in some of my tragedies. He’s a really charismatic. He’s a he’s a great guy. [00:51:10] He’s green webinars. I got to learn from him to be honest, but we had some fun stories where he’s talking about Vienna Isis victim doing a webinar in Bali. I mean, I’ve had horrible webinar experiences where I’ve had bad internet and China and other times, but I’m not going to talk about that. Now, I’m going to talk about some of the other crazy stupid things that maybe I’ve talked about here. [00:51:32] I usually put on Mike’s And I’m not trying to offend China. But of course, there’s a lot of fun stuff. You can talk about living in China are living outside your home country living another culture and living outside of your element talking about Comfort zones. I hope some of you realized I had an amazing comfort zone. [00:51:52] I worked on Wall Street. I worked at Deutsche Bank. I mean, honestly, I turned down Goldman Sachs. I picked gold Deutsche Bank over. [00:52:00] That’s a whole story itself, but I got to go to London for training and stayed in New York City almost five years, but it was pretty comfortable two weeks. Every two weeks get that money hid in your bank account decent definitely pay pretty well over there. [00:52:15] And you know, I leverage all that I could into my own Amazon or no Amazon Dan even e-commerce eBay and websites and it’s learning a CEO but enough of that but when I came out to China, There are some smaller stupid things. I remember I tried to order food by myself, and I had the phone number and. [00:52:37] I don’t hear this story. Actually. I feel like it was my doorbell rang when I was just in China and ended 2007. Melissa was my assistant. She still my good friend. I didn’t know what to do. But my doorbell rang and they had some fast-food delivery and I didn’t didn’t know how to even order fast food and they gave me the bag and asked me for like ten R&B or eight R&B and I gave it to [00:53:00] them because I just didn’t know how to get rid of them. [00:53:02] And I just got somebody else’s fast food. I was like, you know, it’s like a dollar. It was like a dollar at a time. I think seriously is like seven or eight R&B and it was a huge fish seriously was like a fish inside of a styrofoam Bowl in a soup. It was like some kind. Fish soup. That was one small story. [00:53:22] You know, I usually tell these over dinner tables is some people that want to hear these stories. So the the always the fun stories is getting not fun. But entertaining is getting robbed. Nobody likes getting robbed. I was investing in decent bikes. I mean, I would bike, you know on weekends for fun and Shenzhen and so I bought you know about $200 u.s. [00:53:44] Cost mountain bike because you know, I could have gotten a street bike but want to get a nicer one right are convinced by a couple of friends and you couldn’t really leave it outside because we get stolen nowadays, there’s cameras everywhere and there’s a the police [00:54:00] state but I think before it was it wasn’t like that so. [00:54:04] I will always bring my bike into the restaurant or bring it into the business or bring it into the company had carried upstairs sometimes because I just didn’t trust putting in that bike lock outside. So one time I. Just couldn’t convince the stupid restaurant to let me take my bike my mountain bike into the restaurant and put it next to my table. [00:54:25] I’m going to do I was so many times and I was just my time is wasn’t so good anyway, but it was always like I don’t know what you’re saying. I can’t speak Chinese and just just even if I can understand what they’re saying. I didn’t know what I would just act like, I don’t know what you’re saying. [00:54:37] Usually just let me go. So this time they didn’t let up and I was a business meeting meeting. I had it was like a lunch. There’s it wasn’t new shekel Walmart. One of the that Garden Mall. I can’t remember the name. So she they forced me to put it outside and they said don’t worry. It’s safe here. [00:54:54] It’s safe here. And it was like noon on Tuesday or Wednesday Thursday. It was definitely a midweek [00:55:00] kind of thing. And I’m talking to this Chinese businessman about some kind of like product manufacturing things something. This is like 2008 2009. And as I said, sorry, I forget his name as I sorry T mind. [00:55:15] I just go check my bike. Like seriously. I just want to check my bike.  And he’s kind of like chuckling this is okay and I go look do you think the bike was there? No. I don’t think it was more than a half an hour and the bike was gone. I’m like so mad because this may be the restaurant was intended. [00:55:38] Maybe it’s their stare plan was a Rob my bike, but I freaked out I freaked out, you know, I I go back and I asked the Chinese businessmen. I was in my meeting to help me. Talk to them and of course there it’s not their liability is my liability because I left my bike out there and I said you made me leave the bike out there, [00:56:00] but I call the police or I tell the guy he’s like nobody calls a police but I called the police and the police came and there was a camera pointing at that bike area. [00:56:11] But of course the bike did that camera was not working or not installed or some BS. So I want to file a police report and they thought I was crazy generally filing a police report, but I went in the police truck with the guy to the police station and it wasn’t shekel inch engine and they can even speak some English and they said. [00:56:37] You know, they’re just trying to get the description to the bike. And then I said, so do you? Do you have like a loner bike? You can lend me that you’ve claimed? I don’t know. I don’t can’t say I’ve done this in the US, but I swear there’s like a room in a police station in America where they’ve reclaim stolen goods and they’re trying to find the person that belongs to they’re like, what do you mean [00:57:00] I’m like, you know any of The Stolen Bikes that you found and they’re just looking at me like blank and I’m like, so basically you’d never find stolen bike. [00:57:10] And he said so wait. I’m a business owner. I’m a I’m an entrepreneur. I’m I’m I’m trying to figure out a good business opportunity to always so if I steal bikes or I have other people steal bikes and then maybe I don’t steal it myself, but I tell other people to steal bikes and I give them half of what I can sell it for I and I only have to pay them when I sell it and then if I get in any trouble I can. [00:57:36] You some of my profits to pay people off and then my Chinese friends like shut up. Shut up. I’m like, but this is seriously what’s happening like probably exactly what’s happening. But I I got the police reports on my personal blog. I documented this like a weirdo and I I said I will call you or they’re like, no you don’t call us. [00:57:59] If we [00:58:00] have any updates on this case we call you so poor Amy for a me on my team at the Thai gu I I asked her like a week later. Can you call the police and ask him an update man? You could hear them yelling to her on the phone when she called like this is like a traditional like office landline phone and her. [00:58:21] Internally we said don’t call us we call you when we have an update and then I got a week or two later again. I asked her and she’s like begging me, please my God. I want to call please. I don’t want to call them like all day you were so Furious there just like so Furious because basically they’re not going to find a stolen bike. [00:58:38] So I lost the bike. It’s a bummer. Maybe I’ll link it up on the show notes, but it was a really old blog post. No, I could go for one more. If you’re still with me, you could just cancel if you don’t hear a second story. So the second story is my laptop got stolen. This is a big bummer. Well, I’ll top got [00:59:00] stolen at a restaurant. [00:59:01] I got invited by a friend. She won tickets to a restaurant for opening of a restaurants and that was a head table and the radio show hosted. She listen to is there and the owner or manager of restaurant was there was like a massive table like 15 people and I took my laptop and it’s actually was a new HP and it came in the HP bag. [00:59:25] And I brought it with me stupidly after my work. I left me left my office and I went there and we had dinner and everything and then we get up and everybody’s all happy and then my laptop’s gone. It was an HP laptop bag. So don’t use those laptop bags to give it to me for free, but don’t it’s basically a big sign saying steal me but this is 2009. [00:59:45] I think and I freaked out again. I’m like my laptop. It was actually only like a month old. Maybe not even and. They’re just like oh maybe left at the office of like no. No, I took it for sure. I definitely took it.  And then [01:00:00] the they said oh there’s a camera and there’s another camera broken again these things at least then I think now they’re real but I think then they were just half of them were not really there. [01:00:09] Just hopefully scaring people not steal or do something bad, but I was like, this is BS in the managers all embarrassed the radio show host is all concerned the girl that was with me was like. Nervous and I say call the police people at least then never call the police. And now I didn’t this story is why I learned not to do not to call the police. [01:00:30] So the police came I’ll try shorten this up. But basically I saw some pretty crazy stuff people getting thrown pretty roughly around inside the police station and I went into like some interrogation room or reporting room and felt like isn’t a Hellraiser movie where there’s people in all these rooms like. [01:00:48] Yelling and screaming and being tortured it was felt like that but sitting down and the first part of the form of the police report is about you so. What do you live? Are you register [01:01:00] police? What do you do? What’s your visas? I’m like man. It was grilling me and I was like man, I just got my laptop stolen but they have he’s just says I got to fill this report out. [01:01:08] So you gotta fill tell me all of this information before I can get to your report and it was kind of scary. I was like, hopefully I’m not gonna get in trouble for something with one of these questions. But basically I pass all the questions fill out the report we’re leaving. The manager was with me actually and the girl. [01:01:29] So he felt all relieved. He’s like, okay great. This is over and we’re in a parking lot and he’s like, oh, don’t worry. We’re going to find it will let you know and he’s kind of like where he has a sigh of relief and it’s kind of like smirk and I didn’t speak much Chinese still and I could tell he was kind of like kind of like just like relieved sigh I just said, To the girl I said just tell him he thousand R&B which is about at the time. [01:01:53] I guess like 1,200 u.s. I said just give me just give me the money and you know, don’t worry about it. [01:02:00] No problem. And then she’s like you want me to tell him that I’m like, yeah, tell him that so she. She tells him in Chinese and you can see his his like relieved smirk turns into like an angry face. [01:02:13] Like I wish I could record it and do videos that I was like it just were in a parking lot of a police station in just. That smile went to like frown within like four or five words and then he’s like starts arguing hurting his fault. He has to be careful of his own belongings, not our responsibility for watching our customers goods and I said you don’t put a condom on my chair. [01:02:35] I call it like a chair economy ever seen at a restaurant where they put this like thing on the back of your chair. It’s like a big claw that goes covers your jacket or your bag because I didn’t put out of my chair. And you know and then basically still don’t really care. It has some other reasons even really care. [01:02:52] I had to kind of give I had to kind of give them a treat chance I said, well, you know, I love blogging I share online. I know a lot of English [01:03:00] English newspapers your restaurant just opened. How about I’ve rarely report about what happened in my lap up again stolen there. And and then that’s what got his attention. [01:03:09] That’s what got his attention. So he says, okay. Okay. How about I give you half the money. I’ll give you four thousand you sign a paper that’s promises. You don’t talk about this I guess now. Well that was 10 years ago. So anyway, I don’t say the name of a restaurant. Anyways as a non Sean near the nonchalance Taiga, but basically. [01:03:31] We went back to the restaurant. He gave me an envelope of 4000 I counted it and he gave me some kind of paper he hand wrote in Chinese and I just signed a bottom just going to shut my mouth but that was only the way they got that to work. And then I had Chinese for his mad at me. Like you should have gotten any money. [01:03:45] If I try to use they would ever get shot initial says you’re afforded to give you your money back blah blah blah you but you shouldn’t do anything. I had people like saying I was there they were like angry at me that I got any kind of money because I’m white I’m a foreigner or not. I don’t know whatever. [01:03:59] Take it. [01:04:00] But anyway that’s couple of my stories. But that’s what’s going to happen. You know, like Tommy has some problems, you know, but hopefully you like the adventure and hopefully you keep an open mind and you learn and get out of your comfort zone like we said, so thanks Tommy for coming on the show. [01:04:15] If you’re still listening to this blah blah blah series is a little bit longer than the others, but I snuck into stories. I think those are some of my more favorite ones like to share, so maybe now I can just Greek tell me listen to podcast this episode 260. Thanks so much for listening and have a great day. [01:04:33] Bye. Bye. To get more info about running an international business, please visit our website at triple w dot Global from that triple w dot Global from Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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