Product Development to Amazon FBA Lessons Learned with Chris Thomas

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Global From Asia number 137 – we are getting up there. Seems the English teachers are all coming back to China and the summer is over – things are picking up in China. Good news for border hoppers – I just got news from Cameron Walker, that the China side e-Channel is now open for foreigners to apply. Saturday I checked it out, and while 7 out of 8 of the border people told me I couldn’t, my broken Chinese finally found 1 agent who said it is possible – with my US passport and Chinese residence permit. Its processing now, and I can next time pick it up and use my fingerprint to enter and exit China – I’ll write a blog about that one soon

So today’s show is a fun one, Chris Thomas, a listener, client, and friend shares all his story of product development and getting into Amazon FBA and product Hibermate – he’s been through a ton and I’m sure you’ll get some great value from this one, so enjoy.

It’s been great to get to know you – you are a member of Global From Asia club, you came to our office opening party – thanks for all your support. So you are an internet marketer by trade, is that right? Can you introduce yourself to our listeners today, Chris?

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Chris Introduction

  • Hibermate

    So your product, Hibermate – I’m a customer, can you share what this product does?

  • Product History

    I know you’ve been through so many struggles with this product, and you are very open about those – when did you get started with it?

  • Prototyping and Manufacturing Process

    And you had some ups as well as downs – let’s discuss the prototyping and manufacturing process, how did it start?

  • Launching

    How did you launch the product? Did you “build it” first, or “market/sell” it first?

  • Selling

    I know you sell on your website as well as Amazon, are there other channels too?

  • Amazon

    Everyone talks about Amazon – how has it been for you?

  • Issues

    I know there are horror stories with your listing, care to share the scare? ( The checkbox of death and other Amazon issues)

  • Marketing Insights

    I have pre-ordered your next version, how has that been? Care to share some insights on how you have marketed it?

  • Leveraging Asia Business

    Since we are “global from asia” – care to share how you’ve been leveraging Asia business?

  • Advice to Entrepreneurs

    So this interview may have scared some entrepreneurs thinking of doing their own product and design – should they be? What would you tell a listener today wanting to take their own idea to market?

  • How To Do It

    Maybe do it step by step, starting with a more general product, and working up the supply chain?

  • Contact

    How can people find more about your product Hibermate, and you and your business Chris? Thanks so much for coming on, Cheers!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 32:24

Thank you Chris for sharing. I know it’s tough to share the lessons learned – but that is what will help people the most.

I’m a client of Hibermate and working on a video blog showing how I use it to get ZZZZs even when there are crying babies. Feel a bit guilty to my wife Wendy, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Also – I am stepping up the game and my investment in the podcast – got a Zoom h6 recorder now, took some tips from Dan Andrews over at Tropical MBA – this puppy will let me connect up to 4 mics at the same time and record without a laptop – so I’m excited to get some better recording when on the road!

As always, show notes for this episode are on / episode137

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Let me know how to get this China Side e-channel!!! That’s rad

Marshall Wandry
Marshall Wandry

That was an awesome podcast. I love when people reveal their products so you can see how innovative you really have to be in order to create a moat.

Was there any software used? I’ve been thinking about getting Amasuite and Revili for product research. Any experience with it?

Chris T
Chris T

Hey Marshall

Glad you liked the story!

In terms of tools, I have used Amasuite and I really like it. I’m also a huge fan of Jungle Scout – I have both the Chrome extension and the Web App. Unfortunately I haven’t had any experience Revili so I can’t comment on that…

Thanks again!